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6 Sakura Flavored Snacks Available At Convenience Stores

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During the short period of time when the cherry blossoms are in bloom, there's nothing better that viewing the flowers while enjoying snacks available for a limited time. Check out our selection!

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Spring has arrived! It’s time to put away your winter coats, and break out the floral prints!

Speaking of florals, this is also the season when stores all across Japan begin selling their season-limited sakura flavored delights. Here is our selection of delicious sakura-based treats.

1. Tirol Choco Sakura Mochi


This is a special type of Tirol Choco’s popular Kinako mochi chocolates. The sakura mochi contain cherry leaf powder, which gives these chocolates the realistic and enticing smell and taste of real sakura. Priced very reasonably, these chocolates have a pleasant, slightly chewy texture, just as mochi itself does.

Tirol Choco Sakura Mochi
Price: 100 yen for eight pieces

2. Gogo no Kocha: Spring Blossom Sakura Flavored Peach Tea


The packaging of this tea was designed by the artist, photographer and director Mina Ninagawa, and the glamorous combination of the peach tea and sakura is simply wonderful. What's even better, this tea is calorie free!

Gogo no Kocha: Spring Blossom Sakura Flavored Peach Tea
Price: 100 yen

3. Porte Chocolates: Strawberry with Sakura Flavor


The secret of the great taste of Porte sweets lies in the combinations of crunchy and creamy textures. The strawberry taste mixed with sakura fragrance will remind you that spring is here, while the melt-in-your-mouth chocolate will surely boost anyone’s mood.

Porte Chocolates: Strawberry with Sakura Flavor
Price: 198 yen

4. Mochi Chocolat: Sakura Flavored Mochi


These may be chocolates, but they look and taste surprisingly like real mochi. The chewy coating and its red bean and white chocolate filling make for a refreshing, spring-like taste.

Mochi Chocolat: Sakura Flavored Mochi
Price: 200 yen

5. Sakura Dorayaki


Sweets+ is a confectionery brand developed by the Family Mart convenience store chain. One of their exceptionally popular spring sweets are these sakura dorayaki: a pancake-like bun filled with preserved sakura and red bean paste. They aren’t too sweet, which makes them a great treat for people of all ages, and go very well with a cup of green tea.

Sakura Dorayaki
Price: 126 yen for 1

6. Kochakaden Sakura Flavor Royal Milk Tea


This rich milk tea is made with whipped cream from Hokkaido and has the faint sour-sweetness of cherry blossoms to it. This isn’t a sweet drink, which makes it a perfect accompaniment to many different snacks.

Kochakaden Sakura Flavor Royal Milk Tea
Price: 153 yen

Enjoy the Season-Limited Tastes of Sakura While They Last!

If you are planning on having a hanami, why not take a trip to your nearest convenience store or supermarket and pick up some of the items mentioned here, or any of the other lovely sakura-flavored sweets and foods that are only available in the spring? They’re sure to leave a smile on your face.

** All prices listed in this article are current at time of publication only. Availability of products, prices, designs, etc is all subject to change.

Photos by: Takuro Komatsuzaki

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