[Hyogo] Experience the hot spring culture on the “Yumura Onsen Town Walk” led by a local guide!

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On Hyogo's ``Yumura Onsen Town Walk'' tour, you can experience the ``hot spring culture'' of scalp-friendly hot spring hair washing and flavorful boiled eggs and raw caramel, guided by a local guide.

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Walking around Yumura Onsen town

Yumura Onsen is a hot spring located in Shinonsen Town, Mikata District , Shinonsen Town. This source was discovered by Jikaku Daishi about 1,200 years ago, and it gushes out 470 liters of 98 degree hot water every minute, giving it the name ``Arayu''.

Yumura Onsen has a high temperature and a large amount of gushing water, so you can not only cook hot spring eggs and vegetables, but also have plenty of minerals, so much so that it is also called the "hot spring for beautiful skin." It is also used for "hot spring hair washing".

In this way, Yumura Onsen is integrated into the lives of local people and enriches their daily lives!

1. Guided by a local guide familiar with Yumura Onsen

This time, we will be guided by Yasumasa Asano, an official guide coordinator at San'in Kaigan Geopark.

Mr. Asano was guided through the long relationship between nature and people centered around hot springs, including Arayu, Fureai Footbath, Yumechiyokan, Yakushiyu, and the hot spring town, as well as the lifestyle that benefits from the blessings of nature. I received it.

Mr. Asano apparently attended the local Onsen Elementary School and Onsen Junior High School. I have been familiar with the local hot spring culture since I was a child. This time, we were guided not only through the standard routes of Yumura Onsen, but also through back roads, and explained the history and culture of Yumura Onsen in detail!

2. Your scalp becomes softer! Luxury “hot spring hair wash”

At Yumura Onsen, even the everyday scenery has its own story. Mr. Asano gave a detailed explanation. At a haircut shop in a hot spring town, you wash your hair in hot springs! There are 63 hot spring sources, and the total amount of hot water is 2,300 liters per minute, which is because Yumura Onsen has an abundant amount of hot spring water! The price for 1 ton of tap water and hot spring water is 178 yen (tax included)!

Yumura Onsen is also known as the ``hot spring for beautiful skin,'' and its rich mineral content is said to remove dirt from your pores and soften your scalp. The "hot spring hair washing" service seems to have a very good reputation. If you have a chance, please try it!

3. Collect hidden hearts of happiness and get presents!

In fact, there are many hidden hearts scattered around Yumura Onsen. It's surprisingly fun to walk around town and look for heart-shaped things hidden in the hot spring town! If you take pictures of heart-shaped things with your cell phone or camera, collect them, and present them at the tourist office, you'll receive a small gift! Also, if you find a new heart, you will receive "naming rights" just like stars.

I found a lot of nostalgic enamel signboards while walking on the back roads!

There are about 40 pieces on display at the back entrance of the Asano family. It gives a warm feel of the Showa era and entertains people passing by.

4. Experience “hot water bath culture” at “Arayu”

Since I came to Yumura Onsen, I decided to try my hand at boiling eggs. Go to the boiling place and feel the steamy atmosphere.

Slowly insert the hot spring egg set and attach the string to the hook. It's so exciting to put eggs in a warm hot spring! The numbers are carefully numbered so that you don't mistake them for someone else's. It's ready in about 10 minutes!

You can also experience hot spring drinking. It is said that it is safe for adults to drink 240ml in a day. And it's good for your body! It seems to have two effects: ``dieting'' and ``relieving constipation.'' Please, try it!

In addition, you can make caramel. Just soak condensed milk in hot water for about 4 to 6 hours and you'll have "condensed milk-flavored raw caramel"! ! This time, we dipped the cookies with Asano's homemade ``Arayu Nama Caramel.'' The perfect sweetness of caramel is irresistible! !

5. Drummer Yumechiyo’s diary set in “Yumura Onsen” full of Japanese atmosphere

I was able to enjoy a lot of unexpected gourmet food at Yumura Onsen. Next, we will take a slightly detour and head towards the Yumechiyo statue. Do you know Yumechiyo Diary? This is a masterpiece of NHK drama set in Yumura Onsen. A statue of Yumechiyo was also built to commemorate Yumechiyo's diary!

Right next to it are the handprints of the actors Sayuri Yoshinaga and Yoshiko Mita. Let's experience the size according to your hand!

Afterwards, head to Yumechiyokan. Exhibits related to Yumechiyo and the retro Showa era townscape! It felt like I had traveled back in time to the Showa era and was filled with nostalgia. There was also an old tourist poster for Yumura Onsen, which gave me a feel of the atmosphere back then and was very interesting.

A guided tour of Yumura Onsen is recommended!

The town of Yumura Onsen is built within a 400m radius around Arayu, which is said to be the perfect distance for people to walk. With the guidance of a professional guide, you can enjoy many experiences unique to a hot spring town. In addition, 14 guides, mainly from the tourist association, provide tours around the city. I want to experience the local “hot water bathing culture”! I want to enjoy “Walking around Yumura Onsen” even more! If so, please try taking a guided tour of Yumura Onsen.

Yumura Onsen Tourism Association

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