Be moved by the spectacular autumn scenery! 5 autumn foliage spots in Hokkaido

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I want to enjoy autumn leaves in Japan. Hokkaido is especially recommended for those who want to see the autumn leaves from September to October. You can see a variety of autumn leaves, including the earliest autumn leaves in Japan, autumn leaves that can be enjoyed in the city, and autumn leaves sp...

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1: Sounkyo/Asahidake area

Sounkyo/Asahidake is located in the Daisetsuzan mountain range, which includes Hokkaido's highest peak, Asahidake, which is known as the earliest place to see autumn leaves in Japan. There is the Sounkyo Ropeway in Sounkyo and the Asahidake Ropeway in Mt. Asahidake, both of which allow you to easily reach famous autumn foliage spots.

Ginsendai and Takagenuma (Takagen Onsen), which are about 30 minutes by car from Sounkyo, are recommended for those who want to enjoy hiking and viewing autumn leaves. The best season for autumn leaves is from mid-September to late September.

You can also enjoy the autumn leaves at Sounkyo Onsen from late September to October.

2: Hakodate/Onuma Park

Hakodate and Onuma Park, located in southern Hokkaido, are also dotted with famous spots for autumn leaves. A representative spot is Kosetsuen, a scenic spot that is Hokkaido's only nationally designated cultural property garden. Trees such as maple, maple, and ginkgo show beautiful autumn leaves, and you can also enjoy the autumn leaves illuminated. Hakodate Park and Goryokaku Park are also popular spots for viewing autumn leaves in Hakodate City. The best time to see them is from late October to early November.

Onuma Park, about 30 minutes from Hakodate by JR express train, is one of Hokkaido's most famous spots for autumn leaves. The contrast between the autumn leaves spreading along the shore of Onuma and the lake is attractive. The best time to see this is from mid-October to late October.

3: Niseko area

Niseko is known for its powder snow and is visited by skiers from all over the world in winter. From mid-October to late October, before the snow begins to accumulate in Niseko, the mountains of Niseko turn red.

Famous spots include Shinsen-numa, a highland wetland located at an altitude of 750 meters, and the Niseko Panorama Line, a road that runs from Niseko to Shinsen-numa and Iwanai Town along the Sea of ​​Japan. The autumn countryside surrounding Niseko can also be seen as unique to Hokkaido at this time of year.

4: Around Sapporo

Sapporo, the central city of Hokkaido. Sapporo has many places with lush greenery, so you can see autumn leaves everywhere.

Among them, the Jozankei Onsen area, located at the foot of Sapporo, is at its best from around mid-October.

In particular, the Jozankei Dam, located further into the Jozankei Onsen area, is home to spectacular fall foliage.

In addition, in Sapporo city, from late October to early November, Nakajima Park and Hokkaido University campus are covered in beautiful autumn leaves, making them perfect for a stroll.

5: East Hokkaido area

East Hokkaido, located on the east side of Hokkaido and surrounded by rich nature, is dotted with many places to see the fall foliage.

Fukuhara Sanso, a famous autumn foliage spot located in Shikaoi Town in the northeast of the Tokachi area, is a fall foliage spot that is open to the public only during the autumn foliage season. Lake Shikaribetsu, located north of Shikaoi town at 810 meters above sea level, is the highest lake in Hokkaido, and you can see the autumn leaves relatively early, from early to mid-October.

Further east of Tokachi, Lake Akan and Lake Kussharo are also famous spots with beautiful autumn leaves. We especially recommend taking a sightseeing boat to Lake Akan, where you can see the spectacular autumn leaves from the boat. You can also see the beautiful autumn leaves of Shiretoko, a World Natural Heritage site. The peak of autumn leaves is usually mid-October.

We have introduced recommended autumn foliage spots in Hokkaido above, but what do you think?

Compared to Honshu's autumn leaves, which are best seen in November, Hokkaido's autumn leaves can be seen as early as September. If you would like to travel to Japan during this period and enjoy the beautiful autumn leaves, please come to Hokkaido!

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