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Hakone Day Tour From Tokyo: From Mount Fuji to the Gotemba Outlets

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Hakone offers beautiful scenery throughout the four seasons. This bus tour starts from Tokyo's Shinjuku Bus Terminal and takes travelers to places like Lake Ashi Lake for a ride on a pirate ship with Mt. Fuji views and to Owakudani by ropeway.

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Hakone Day Tour From Tokyo: From Mount Fuji to the Gotemba Outlets

When traveling to Tokyo, you’ll definitely want to explore the natural beauty near the city. Hakone, a hot spring resort in the neighboring Kanagawa Prefecture, is an excellent choice.

While it’s possible to get there by public transportation, the multiple transfers might be a bit complicated. For those who prefer a more straightforward option, consider joining a day tour by bus from Tokyo.

This itinerary starts from Shinjuku and takes you to key Hakone attractions, including Lake Ashi for a ride on the Hakone Pirate Ship and Owakudani Valley. Finally, you can choose between visiting the famous Gotemba Premium Outlets or, at your own expense, enjoying the Hakone hot springs with views of Mount Fuji—a perfect way to unwind after a day of exploration.

1. Lake Ashi and the Hakone Pirate Ship Cruise


The first stop is Lake Ashi in Hakone, the largest lake in the area. Take a ride on the Hakone pirate ship cruise, gaze at the torii gates of Hakone Shrine from the lake, and experience the breathtaking harmony between the lake surface and the majestic Mount Fuji – a beauty that would surely captivate anyone.

2. Hakone Ropeway


Next, the bus will take you from Gora Station to ride the Hakone Ropeway, which is currently Japan’s longest aerial cableway, spanning a total length of 4 kilometers.

As the cable car ascends gently, you’ll traverse hills, and the scenic beauty of Lake Ashi and Mount Fuji unfolds before your eyes. Experience the sensation of walking in the air, and in no time, you’ll reach your next destination, Owakudani.

3. Owakudani Valley


Owakudani, the final stop of the ropeway, is one of Hakone’s main volcanic craters and a representative tourist spot. Walking along the trails, you’ll catch the smell of sulfur and witness ceaseless volcanic steam rising from the ground, feeling the Earth’s active pulsations.

If you have time, be sure to taste the locally famous black eggs cooked in the hot springs of Owakudani.

4. Shopping at the Gotemba Premium Outlets


Next, you can choose between visiting the Gotemba Premium Outlets or heading to the hot springs at your own expense.

The Gotemba Premium Outlets is renowned as the largest outlet in Japan with approximately 290 stores. The great advantage of enjoying a shopping spree on this tour is that your purchases can be conveniently transported by bus, so no need to carry them yourself!

Enjoy a Time-Efficient Trip to Hakone

From the serene waters of Lake Ashi to the unique experience of riding the Hakone pirate ship cruise, followed by the spectacular views of the lake and Mount Fuji from the aerial cable car, and concluding with the volcanic wonders of Owakudani before heading to Gotemba for shopping – the itinerary is indeed rich!

Since you move around by bus, you get to explore so many places in one day! It's a great way of experiencing Hakone and creating great memories of your trip.

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