One of Japan's three most famous hot springs! Enjoy the beauty baths at Gero Onsen, just an hour and a half from Nagoya

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Gero Onsen is one of the three most famous hot springs in Japan, along with Kusatsu and Arima. It is also famous as a "beauty bath" and has been loved for a long time. This time, we will introduce Gero Onsen.

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What is Gero Onsen, one of Japan's three most famous hot springs?

Gero Onsen, located in Gero City, Gifu Prefecture, is widely known as one of Japan's three most famous hot springs, along with Arima Onsen in Hyogo Prefecture and Kusatsu Onsen in Gunma Prefecture. Gero, which thrives in the Hida River basin, is blessed with abundant nature and offers a variety of seasonal views.

The smooth spring water is known as "beauty baths," and the fact that it leaves your skin feeling silky smooth after a bath has led to many repeat visitors from all over the country, who have been loved for a long time.

The History of Gero Onsen

About 4 kilometers away from the current hot spring town is a mountain called Yuga Mine. Gero Onsen is said to have been discovered near the summit of this mountain in the middle of the Heian period. In other words, it is a hot spring with a history of over 1,000 years. In the middle of the Kamakura period, the hot spring that had been gushing out from the summit suddenly stopped flowing, but was later rediscovered on the banks of the Hida River.

The fact that the spring's source had moved to flat land made it much more convenient, and its reputation began to spread. At the end of the Muromachi period, a monk from Kyoto, Banri-Shukyu, who had traveled around the country, praised the hot springs in his poetry collection, ranking them alongside Arima and Kusatsu, and the hot springs became known to this day as one of Japan's three most famous hot springs.

The relationship between Gero and the white heron "The White Heron Legend"

The white heron motif seen throughout Gero comes from the legend of the white heron that is connected to the discovery of Gero Hot Springs.

Gero Onsen, which was gushing out near the summit of Mt. Yugamine, suddenly stopped gushing, leaving the villagers completely at a loss.

The year after the eruption stopped, a villager noticed that a white heron was flying down to the Hida Riverbank every day. Curious, the villager went to check on the spot and found that a hot spring was gushing out. The white heron flew high into the sky and landed on a pine tree halfway up Mt. Nakane. Beneath the pine tree was a shining Buddha of Medicine. The white heron was an incarnation of Medicine Buddha.

Onsenji Temple, a tourist spot in Gero Onsen town that is connected to the legend of the origin of Gero Onsen

Onsenji Temple, located on the middle slope of Mt. Nakane, also known as Gero Fuji, enshrines Yakushi Nyorai, the Buddha who announced the eruption of hot springs in the aforementioned legend, as its principal image. In autumn, you can enjoy beautiful autumn leaves, and at the peak of the season, the temple is lit up at night.

By the way, Onsenji Temple was also used as a filming location for the popular Korean drama "The Red and the Black," and has become a pilgrimage site for fans.

You can read an article summarizing Onsenji Temple here.

The Charm of Gero Onsen

The most attractive feature of Gero Onsen is the quality of its spring water. Gero Onsen, known as the "beauty hot spring," has many repeat visitors from all over the country and has been loved by many people for a long time.

It is colorless, transparent, and smooth to the touch, with a slight scent of hot spring water. It is said to remove old dead skin cells, leaving your skin silky smooth. The natural soap effect can be expected to remove dullness and have a skin-beautifying effect.

As you walk through the hot spring town, you will find foot baths scattered here and there. You can enjoy touring the town of Gero and visiting different foot baths.

Walk around Gero Onsen town, eat and become beautiful! "Beautiful Skin Project"

In the city of Gero, the "Beautiful Skin Project" is running a "Beautiful Skin Sweets" campaign, with local chefs and pastry chefs providing elaborate sweets.

One of these, the Gero Choux Parfait, is sold at the lobby lounge of Evian, a long-established inn near Gero Station. It is a parfait made with five layers of sweet sake and matcha sponge cake, topped with a cookie choux. The custard cream and choux, made with local eggs and milk, are rich in amino acids that help keep your skin radiant, making it a true beauty sweet.

Only 1.5 hours from Nagoya! Access to Gero from Nagoya, Tokyo, and Osaka

Gero Onsen is a conveniently located hot spring tourist destination, just an hour and a half from Nagoya.

Please refer to this article for details on how to get there from each city.

If you want to enjoy Gero Onsen to your heart's content with hot springs and food, head to "Suimeikan"

Conveniently located just a 3-minute walk from Gero Station, Gero Onsen Suimeikan is a long-established inn that is popular for its high-quality spring water. You can enjoy gourmet food made with seasonal ingredients from the Hida region, including Hida beef, at various restaurants or in your room.

If you want to enjoy Hida and Gero to your heart's content, be sure to stay at Suimeikan.

It is also convenient for day trips to enjoy the hot springs and have lunch.

Book Gero Onsen Suimeikan

Please refer to the article introducing Suimeikan for more details.

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[Suimeikan] was established in 1933 as a hot spring inn in [Gero Onsen], one of Japan's top three hot springs. We offer heartfelt hospitality to soothe your daily fatigue. You can enjoy Gero Onsen, which is famous for its skin-beautifying effects, in three large public baths with different tastes. Please enjoy the large observation bath overlooking the hot spring town of Gero and the mountains of Hida, the large bath with a sauna with the scent of cypress, and the open-air bath with an indoor bath as if you were touring the hot springs. As a museum that values ​​Japanese culture, we also have a Japanese garden, an authentic Noh stage, a tea room, and other works of art by famous artists on display. We also have a pool, athletic gym, beauty salon, and bar. For dinner, you can choose from three types: Japanese Kaiseki, French, and Chinese. There is also a plan where you can enjoy Hida's specialty "Hida beef". In addition to staying in Japanese-style rooms where you can feel the Japanese tradition, we also have rooms with beds. Guests visiting from other countries can also feel safe and relaxed. Please spend a blissful time with the heartfelt hospitality of the long-established Japanese inn [Suimeikan].

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