[Hokuriku Toyama] I want to enjoy it together with Kurobe Tateyama! Recommended information special feature on Namekawa City

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I want to enjoy it together with Kurobe Tateyama! Introducing a special feature on recommended information about Namekawa City.

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1. What kind of place is Namekawa City?

One of the port towns representing Hokuriku Toyama

Namekawa City is located in the central part of Toyama Prefecture and is a port town facing Toyama Bay. Namerikawa City is famous for its beautiful sea and mountain scenery, rich nature and culture.

Regarding the history of Namegawa City, Namegawa City used to be a post station town on the Hokuriku Kaido Road, and was known as one of the bases for selling drugs in Toyama since the Edo period. The city's name comes from Hiki Choshu's use of the kanji for Namekawa for Hairi River in the Middle Ages.

For access to Namekawa City and detailed information, please check the website.

Famous for special products such as firefly squid and deep ocean water

Namekawa City has many facilities related to the sea, such as the Firefly Squid Museum, where you can experience the mysterious world of fireflies, and Thalassopia, a health promotion facility that uses deep ocean water. There are also spots where you can enjoy nature and culture, such as Gyoda Park, which overlooks the Tateyama Mountain Range, and the historic Kubuhara Shrine.

The most famous of these is the firefly squid, a small squid that glows blue-white when caught in a net, and is a specialty of Namekawa City. In Namekawa City, you can watch firefly squid fishing from Toyama Bay from a boat from March to May.

You can enjoy valuable scenery that you can't usually see, such as the mysterious light of fireflies, fishermen fishing, and the sunrise over the Tateyama Mountain Range seen from the sea.

The Firefly Squid Sea Tour will operate from April 1st to May 7th, 2023. Departure time is between 3:00 AM and 5:00 AM, and the journey time is approximately 1 hour. The fee is 5,000 yen for adults and 3,000 yen for elementary and junior high school students. Preschool children are not allowed on board.

Advance reservations are required to participate in the firefly squid sea sightseeing. Reservations can be made by phone or online. When making a reservation, please provide your name, number of people, contact information, boarding date, and boarding time. Please come dressed warmly on the day.

Please check the website for details.

Firefly squid marine tourism in Namekawa City is a wonderful experience where you can experience the mystery of Toyama Bay. Please try once!

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[Hokuriku Toyama] 3 recommended spots to enjoy local seafood and sake

2. Making Namekawa City an advanced place for e-sports

Toyama Prefecture is conducting advanced initiatives to utilize e-sports for regional revitalization, tourism promotion, and prevention of elderly care.

In particular, we are promoting e-sports for seniors as an initiative to help them maintain and improve their cognitive and motor functions by having them enjoy games such as Taiko no Tatsujin and Space Invaders.

Trial sessions and tournaments are held regularly throughout Toyama Prefecture, and a project to promote e-sports is currently underway in Namekawa City. Namekawa City is increasing the attractiveness and vitality of the region by applying e-sports for a variety of purposes.

3. Introducing 3 gourmet spots that Namekawa City is proud of!

Namekawa City is a town rich in local specialties such as fresh seafood from Toyama Bay, firefly squid, white shrimp, and deep ocean water. Namekawa City has restaurants where you can enjoy gourmet food of various genres.

We will introduce three gourmet spots that Namekawa City is proud of!

①Michi cafe wave

There is a seaside sightseeing base facing Toyama Bay called ``Roadside Station Wave Park Namerikawa''. This facility is packed with the unique charms of Namekawa, such as firefly squid and deep ocean water.

"Michi Cafe Wave" is a cafe located within the facility that offers convenient local gourmet food and sweets.

Popular items include the firefly squid burger and Tsubetsube salt soft serve ice cream made with deep ocean water.

Please check the website for details.

②Panorama restaurant glow

This restaurant is located at Roadside Station Wave Park Namerikawa and serves dishes made with local ingredients. You can enjoy fresh seafood from Toyama Bay and vegetables from Namerikawa. From the window you can see a spectacular view of the Tateyama Mountain Range and Toyama Bay.

We sell a variety of menus depending on the season, and there is a wide variety from Western to Japanese cuisine.

Please check the website for details.

③Yakiniku Katsuyama

"Yakiniku Katsuyama" is a Yakiniku restaurant located in Namekawa City that takes pride in its fresh and delicious meat.

You can enjoy a wide variety of meat such as lamb and offal grilled over charcoal. Particularly popular are the lamb meat, which pairs perfectly with spices, and the fresh, juicy offal.

The store has a clean and calm atmosphere, and we have a wide selection of drinks such as sake, shochu, wine, and cocktails.

Please check the website for details.

For inquiries regarding Hokuriku Toyama, please contact here.

Email address: info@toyamato.jp

Phone number: 076-471-5030

Website: https://toyamato.jp

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