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The cafe lounge at Hotel Noum OSAKA is open to anyone, not just hotel guests. This time we will introduce recommended menus and drinks for lunch and bars! Please spend a relaxing time in the cafe lounge where soft light shines in.

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A cafe lounge with a pleasant atmosphere

The cafe lounge, with its pleasant breeze and soft light, is a space where you can relax in the middle of the city. Please feel free to stop by before work or while you're out for a walk, or if you just want a late brunch or another drink.

Breakfast 7:00-11:00

Lunch 11:00-15:00

Cafe/Bar 15:00-23:00

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The popular breakfast can be enjoyed even by non-guests. If you want to know more about breakfast, check out the article below.

Vegan sandwiches and drinks made with seasonal ingredients

A new vegan sandwich has been added to the lunch menu this fall. A warm sandwich made with two types of sauce: duxelle sauce made from seasonal mushrooms and béchamel sauce based on soy milk.

Drinks include the monthly Today's Tea and Japanese black tea with the scent of Earl Grey. We recommend the roasted green tea from Onomichi, Hiroshima, which is made without pesticides, and the mandarin orange juice from Setouchi, which is packed with the sweetness of mandarin oranges.

How about pairing it with a sandwich?

Barista-brewed coffee and a wide variety of dessert menus

Under the supervision of BERTH COFFEE, which has a store in Higashi Nihonbashi, Tokyo, we offer coffee that brings out the natural sweetness and aroma of the beans. Enjoy coffee carefully brewed one cup at a time by our baristas.

The popular chocolate donuts have a simple appearance, but they are carefully crafted using the best ingredients. This homemade pudding with a slightly bitter caramel accent goes perfectly with coffee, as well as mellow white wine or whisky.

In addition, simple and delicious sweets made with seasonal fruits are always displayed in the showcase. Please check it by all means.

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A relaxing space illuminated with warmth at night

Bar time where you can enjoy light meals and alcohol. Guests returning from sightseeing for the day can enjoy conversations with hotel staff, interact with each other, and enjoy the lively atmosphere.

At the bar, we offer snack foods such as mixed nuts and jackie, as well as the homemade roast ham we use for breakfast, and a new menu item: marinated smoked salmon. The voluminous Croque Monsieur is also popular.

The recommended drink is MATESSS, a cider with an attractive natural apple aroma. Cider made with ripe Fuji apples from Nagano Prefecture is made with a coarse filter to avoid excessive filtration, allowing you to enjoy the original aroma and flavor of the apples.

The sustainable craft beer “KAMIKATZ” is also recommended. The brewery, based in Kamikatsu-cho, Tokushima Prefecture, aims to use byproducts from the brewing process as fertilizer to grow wheat fields and make beer again. Please try it once.

All of the drinks we offer at the cafe lounge are made from products that empathize with the producers' ideas and manufacturing methods, and that we hope to deliver to our customers. If you have any concerns, please ask the staff.

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Please feel free to come visit us anytime, whether you want to take a breather alone or enjoy a leisurely conversation with friends and family.

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