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If you want to go to Kurobe Dam, is it faster to go from Omachi City, Nagano Prefecture? Includes transfer information!

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We will introduce you to the mountain route connecting Toyama and Nagano prefectures, the Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route, the foot of Kurobe Dam, how to get to Omachi City in Nagano Prefecture, the time required, fees, benefits, and how to get to Kurobe Dam.

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Where is Omachi City? Introduction of charm

Omachi City, Nagano Prefecture is located between Hakuba Village, the venue for the Winter Olympics, and Azumino, which has a beautiful rural landscape, and is about an hour away from Matsumoto City, where Matsumoto Castle is located, and Nagano City, where the Shinkansen stops. It is the entrance to the Nagano Prefecture side of the world-famous Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route, and is located at the foot of the 3,000-meter Northern Alps.It has a nostalgic Japanese landscape that retains the townscape of the Showa era, as well as new and stylish cafes. It's a city that feels harmonious. It is also known as Shinano Omachi, where you can enjoy water activities in the summer and skiing in the winter.

For tourist spot information, please see (

From the city, you can see the impressive scenery of the Northern Alps and the changing seasons. With three lakes that store refreshing water and three dams with emerald green lake water, it is a city where you can enjoy many of the blessings of nature, with an abundance of water and nature, and many activities.

The fastest way to get from Tokyo to Omachi City using the Shinkansen (for those looking for comfort)

By using the Hokuriku Shinkansen, you can easily access from Tokyo with few transfers. There are three types of Hokuriku Shinkansen that come to Nagano: Kagayaki, Hakutaka, and Asama. "Kagayaki" has fewer stops and takes 1 hour and 20 minutes, but all seats are reserved, so you need to reserve your seat in advance. ``Hakutaka'' also covers small stations, so the ride time is slightly longer at 1 hour and 30 minutes, and there are non-reserved seats (seats that can be boarded without reservation). "Asama" is a little long at about 1 hour and 40 minutes, but the final stop is Nagano, so you don't have to worry about missing the train. There are also free seats available.

Shinkansen tickets can be purchased at places such as ``Midori no Madoguchi.'' The price for reserved seats in regular cars varies depending on the season, but as of November 2023, it is 8,140 yen per adult one way.

*For Hokuriku Shinkansen reservations, please check here (

After arriving at Nagano Station, transfer to the ``Limited Express Bus Nagano-Omachi/Ogizawa Line'' and arrive at Shinano-Omachi Station in approximately 1 hour and 10 minutes. From this year, cashless payment (touchless) is now available on express buses. Payment methods such as JCB, American Express, Diners Club, and Discover are accepted. Payment by cash is also possible. You can pay on the train without having to reserve a seat. If the bus is full, we will increase the number of flights.

``Limited Express Bus Nagano - Omachi/Ogizawa Line Raicho Liner'' The fare between Nagano Station and Shinano Omachi Station is 2,600 yen per adult, one way.

*For details on the limited express bus Ogizawa Line, please check here (

★We recommend getting off at Shinano-Omachi Station and enjoying a walk around town, but you can also go directly to Ogizawa Station on the Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route.

``Limited Express Bus Nagano - Omachi/Ogizawa Line Raicho Liner'' The one-way fare between Nagano Station and Ogizawa Station is 3,100 yen per adult.

★It is even more convenient to use the express bus/route bus "optional ticket" (

For customers using the "WEB ticket," we will be selling an "optional ticket" that allows you to board the express bus that runs between "Ogizawa and Nagano" and the route bus that runs between "Ogizawa and Shinano Omachi." By purchasing it together with the "WEB ticket", you can smoothly board each vehicle on the day.

If you are coming by train (from Tokyo or Osaka)

From Tokyo,

1.In addition to using the Hokuriku Shinkansen mentioned above, you can also take the Chuo Main Line ``Limited Express Azusa''. There is also a direct train from Shinjuku to Shinano-Omachi Station, although the frequency is small (1-2 trains per day). The journey time is 3 hours and 16 minutes, and the price as of November 2023 is 7,390 yen for an adult one-way. There are no free seats. There are two types of limited express tickets: ``Reserved Seat Limited Express Tickets'' and ``Unreserved Seat Tickets.'' By the way, the price is the same. A ``unreserved seat ticket'' is a ticket that allows you to ride on all trains on the day of boarding, but does not have a reserved seat. People with this ticket can sit on seats where the lamp above the seat is red. There are three colors of lamps above the seats. Red → The seat will be empty for a while, so it's okay to sit. Yellow → Customers will arrive from the next station, so please get ready to leave your seat. Green → You can't sit because it's designated. Please be careful.

Tickets can be purchased at the Midori-no-Madoguchi counter, reserved seat ticket vending machines, or online. (

2. Another option is to use Limited Express Azusa (1) from Shinjuku Station to Matsumoto Station → after arriving at Matsumoto Station, transfer to the JR Oito Line from platform 6 → Shinano-Omachi Station. The limited express Azusa departing from Shinjuku runs approximately once every hour. The journey takes about 4 hours, but the price is slightly cheaper than the direct train from Shinano-Omachi Station (1). Purchase tickets above. The Oito Line is a local train, so there are no reserved seats.

From Osaka,

1. Take the Tokaido Shinkansen to Nagoya Station, take the Chuo Main Line Limited Express Shinano from Nagoya Station to Matsumoto Station, and then take the Oito Line station train from Matsumoto Station to Shinano-Omachi Station.

Shin-Osaka Station - Nagoya Station Tokaido Shinkansen approximately 50 minutes Nozomi/Hikari approximately 6,670-6,880 yen

*For details on the Tokaido Shinkansen, please check here (

*Prices vary depending on vehicle, seat, and season.

Nagoya Station - Matsumoto Station Chuo Main Line Shinano approximately 2 hours Shinano approximately 6340 yen

Matsumoto Station - Shinano Omachi Station Oito Line approximately 1 hour 680 yen

*It will be about 2000 yen cheaper if you purchase the ticket from Shin-Osaka Station to Shinano-Omachi Station in bulk. Tickets can be purchased at ``Midori no Madoguchi'' and other locations. The following rules apply when getting off the train with a ticket purchased in bulk. please note. See JR Tokai (

●About getting off midway

・“Getting off midway” refers to leaving the ticket gate once during the trip (within the section of the ticket).

・If you have a regular ticket with a one-way trip of over 100 km, you can get off the train as many times as you like, as long as you don't backtrack.

・However, you cannot get off the train in the following cases.

1) When using only areas near major cities

2) Regular ticket

3) “Value Tickets” (excluding some)

4) Limited express tickets, express tickets, green tickets, sleeper tickets, reserved seat tickets, boarding tickets

5) If your ticket departs from or arrives at a specific metropolitan area, such as Nagoya City, and you get off at a station in the same zone (the same applies to departures or arrivals on the Yamanote Line) *5), the following exceptions apply: there is.

・Only if you are traveling between Osaka Station and Kitashinchi Station on the same day with a ticket departing from or arriving in Osaka City, you can stop at Osaka Station or Kitashinchi Station.

・With a ticket departing from and arriving in Kobe city, you can stop at Shin-Kobe, Sannomiya, Motomachi, Kobe, and Shin-Nagata stations to use the Tokaido/Sanyo Shinkansen. (However, this is limited to connections on the same day)

How to get from Tokyo or Osaka to Shinano-Omachi Station by express bus (for those who want to save money)

For those who want to travel more cheaply and easily, we recommend the express bus, which is the cheapest means of transportation. There is a direct bus service from Shinjuku Busta Station to Shinano-Omachi Station. Take the Shinjuku-Hakuba Line to Shinano-Omachi Station, which takes approximately 4 hours and 30 minutes, and fares range from 3,400 yen to 6,400 yen (subject to change).

We also recommend taking a bus from major bus terminals such as Busta Shinjuku Station, Osaka Station Hankyu Sanbangai, or Nagoya Meitetsu Bus Center to Matsumoto City, Nagano Prefecture on the way to Omachi City. The average one-way fare per adult is approximately 3,600 yen to 6,700 yen, and some bus companies such as ``Alpico'', ``Bus Comparison Navi'', and ``Willer'' offer even cheaper fares, so you can plan your trip more easily. . The travel time is approximately 3 hours and 20 minutes from Shinjuku, approximately 3 hours and 30 minutes from Nagoya, and approximately 5 hours and 45 minutes from Osaka.

After arriving at Matsumoto Bus Terminal, transfer to the JR Oito Line at Matsumoto Station (platform 6), which is right in front of you, and arrive at Shinano-Omachi Station in about an hour.

directly as is

Expressway buses come in two types: 3-row seats and 4-row seats, with 3-row seats offering more space. Due to the distance, you can also take a trip to the foot of the Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route while taking a nap.

*For highway bus reservations, please check here (

Customers arriving by plane (from Sapporo, Kobe, Osaka, Fukuoka, Sapporo New Chitose Airport)

Domestic flights from Sapporo, Kobe, Osaka, Fukuoka, and Sapporo New Chitose Airport to Shinshu Matsumoto Airport are available on Fuji Dream Airlines.

*For details and reservations, please visit ( For cheap tickets, please visit (

Shuttle bus from Shinshu Matsumoto Airport to Omachi City (reservation required) (

Shinshu Matsumoto Airport ⇔ Shinano Omachi Station, Omachi Onsenkyo Adult/Children 2000 yen one way, approximately 1 hour 30 minutes.

From Shinano-Omachi Station to Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route Kurobe Dam

The Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route, a mountain sightseeing route that connects Toyama and Nagano prefectures, allows you to easily reach an altitude of 2,450 meters by changing vehicles. (

If you want to visit Kurobe Dam, a main spot on the Alpine Route and famous for releasing water for tourists, it is closer and more convenient to go from Nagano Prefecture. Kurobe Dam can be reached in 16 minutes by electric bus from Ogizawa Station on the Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route in Omachi City.

1. Shinano Omachi Station → Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route Ogizawa Station (

It takes about 40 minutes and costs 1,650 yen one way for adults on the Ogizawa Line bus.

・If you exit Shinano-Omachi Station and walk to the left, you will find the Ogizawa Line ticket office. Please purchase your route bus ticket there.

*If the ticket counter is closed, you can purchase tickets on the bus.

2. Ogizawa Station → Kurobe Dam Station (

Purchase a ticket at the Ogizawa ticket office. 16 minutes, 1800 yen one way for adults.

*You can also enjoy the mountain route by changing vehicles towards Toyama beyond Kurobe Dam!

Since you can get to Kurobe Dam in a short time, you can do some sightseeing in the surrounding area.

After visiting Kurobe Dam, please enjoy delicious gourmet food, Japanese sake, hot springs, city walks, activities, lodging, and more in Omachi City, a city steeped in historical culture. I will introduce walking around town in another article, so please take a look!

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Omachi City, Nagano Prefecture, is a mountainous city surrounded by mountains, with an urban area as high as 700 meters above sea level, where you can still feel the culture of the time when it flourished as a post town long ago. Shinano Omachi is characterized by its impressive view of the Northern Alps from the city, proximity to magnificent nature, and the ability to walk around the historic town while feeling nature. It is a small city with a population of just under 30,000, and is often referred to by tourists as ``Shinano Omachi,'' the name of Omachi City's main station. Shinano Omachi is also at the foot of the ``Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route,'' a mountain sightseeing route where you can walk through the world-famous ``Snowy Otani in spring'' and ``Kurobe Dam Sightseeing Water Release'' in summer, and welcomes close to 1 million visitors a year. It is also a city where We also have a large number of visitors visiting the Northern Alps, a series of mountains with an altitude of 3,000m, as well as visitors enjoying water activities, camping, and saunas at Lake Aoki, Lake Nakatsuna, and Lake Kizaki in Shinano Omachi, where the water is beautiful. Masu. Shinano Omachi is located in the northwestern part of Nagano Prefecture, with Nagano City to the east, Toyama Prefecture to the west, Matsumoto City to the south, and Hakuba Village to the north, making it even more convenient to use as a base for your travels. We want people all over the world to know about this city, which has so many charms, such as local foods such as soba, game meat, and wild vegetables that can only be found in areas close to nature, sake, local beer, and coffee made with delicious water, day-trip hot springs, and hot spring inns. I think. We would appreciate it if you could share your attractions with us by using #shinanoomachi. thank you.

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