Recommended by the Locals! Must Visit Cafes in Kusatsu City and Lake Biwa Area

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Kusatsu City, Shiga Prefecture, located about 20 minutes from Kyoto, has many delicious cafes and gourmet spots. In this article, we will introduce recommended cafes and gourmet spots.

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How to get to Kusatsu City

It is about 17 minutes from Kyoto by train (JR Biwako Line) and about 50 minutes from Osaka Station. There is also a highway, so it is also convenient to access by car.

1. Strawberry Factory

"Honey Strawberry Parfait" is available from December to May every year. You can also enjoy a picnic on the lawn in front of the facility. There is a full menu including sandwiches made with homemade bread and coffee.

2. Japanese Confectionery Ototo

In addition to Japanese sweets, they also have a wide variety of Japanese and Western fusion sweets. The limited-edition rice dumplings that incorporate seasonal fruits and motifs are popular. Look for the wooden sign.

3. Light Charon

Enjoy authentic dim sum made by the husband, a chef, and tea selected by the wife, who is a certified tea artist and a national professional qualification in China. Steamed meat buns are made in a large bamboo steamer, and the skin and fillings change depending on the season. Relax with the aroma and flavor of Chinese tea.

4. Kanae Shojuan Kusatsu Branch

Fresh confections and seasonal sweets are sold on the first floor, and there is a cafe on the second floor where you can enjoy freshly made sweets such as anmitsu, matcha, and dorayaki.

5. NICOLAO Coffee and Sandwich

In addition to espresso, there is a full drink menu including tea, frappes, and drinks for kids. There are three types of bread dough for sandwiches, all of which use bread from "Ichi Bakery", and the fruit sandwich is also popular.

6. All Day Dining Liberty

The restaurant is spacious and has 100 seats, including private rooms. You can enjoy authentic French cuisine in a casual setting for lunch. In the evening, they also offer a full-course dinner. They also have a wide selection of wines. The head chef is Executive Chef Tsunogaki, a gold medalist at international competitions who has won numerous awards. And how about dessert? The Mont Blanc made with Japanese chestnuts, squeezed right before your eyes, is something you can only enjoy on the spot! There are also limited edition Mont Blanc menus available each season.

Enjoy Kusatsu! 

How about touring historical sites and cafes in addition to visiting other cafes and gourmet spots? Kusatsu has streets full of history and a shrine famous for its wisteria flowers. Please do visit.

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