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[Tamba City] Enjoy cafe time with sweets and lunch and spend an extraordinary time immersing yourself in contemporary art at the hotel

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Cafe Ma-no, located in Kashiwara-cho, Tanba City, is a cafe attached to a hotel with a large wooden wheel as its symbol. The idea is to ``become a store that is like a hand that connects various things and things.''

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The origin of the cafe is ``I want to see smiles''

Mr. Kita, a barista and pastry chef, chose this job primarily because he wanted to see people smile. When you go to buy a cake, no one makes a scary face when faced with something delicious.

``Delicious food is a given, and I want to offer a place where you can enjoy it, and I want to create a place that gives you an opportunity to feel rich,'' says Kita.

The concept that hasn't changed since opening in 2012 is ``selecting materials that show who made them, and communicating the background behind them.''

We also offer single-origin coffee, which is common these days, from the time we open. We purchase our coffee from "NOZY COFFEE" in Tokyo, where we actually go to the production area to see the farms and select the raw beans.

Coffee beans are the seeds of the fruit that grows into the coffee tree. Fresh, high-quality beans have a refreshing sweetness, but their taste and flavor change as they pass through the hands of many different people before they reach your table.

In order to convince those who shy away from coffee because it's bitter to say it's delicious, we make sure to check who makes it, how it's made, and carefully brew each cup.


"Coffee jelly parfait" (1,200 yen)

We also recommend seasonal parfaits that look gorgeous, such as the summer ``coffee jelly parfait''.

The jelly latte is made using aromatic coffee extracted from Kobe's "TAOCA COFFEE" beans, and the rich milk from Tamba Dairy goes well with it! It has a smooth texture and goes down your throat.

Original Dolce made with carefully selected materials


"Tiramisu" (1,000 yen)

``ma-no'''s dolce is less sweet. The tiramisu, which has many repeat customers, uses mascarpone from Italy's Galvani, espresso syrup from NOZY COFFEE, and eggs from Kannan Farm in Tamba.

When thinking about making the best use of the quality of the ingredients, they decided to subtract ``sweetness'' first. The refreshing taste of the mix of cheese and coffee and the melt-in-your-mouth texture are irresistible.

The showcase is lined with dolce and granola that you can take out. The baked goods are made with the theme of ``going well with coffee and tea.'' Different items are available depending on the season, such as butter sandwiches, canelés, and soufflé sandwiches.


"Butter Sand" (400 yen)

Baked sweets can also be purchased online. It's worth going out of your way to order it! It has an elegant taste, and I am actually ordering it.

You can also order fresh cakes, tarts, and custom-made whole cakes of your choice.

Lunch using vegetables carefully prepared by local farmers


"Daily Plate Lunch" (1,300 yen)

For lunch, we recommend the daily plate lunch, which includes a main dish and plenty of Tamba vegetables. We decide on the cooking method after looking at the freshly harvested vegetables that arrive from the farmers, so we can't wait to see what comes out. Reservations are best for dinner.


"Cappuccino" (660 yen)

After the meal, drink coffee and relax. Immersing yourself in the natural and warm atmosphere of ``ma-no'' will make you feel relaxed.

Delivering the taste of Tamba to Yakushima

The Yakushima store is only open once a month for two days, but it is so popular that people, especially locals, form lines even before it opens. It all started when Kita traveled to Yakushima to visit a friend.

Since 200,000 tourists visit an island with a population of 10,000, it is inevitable that restaurants on the island will offer local specialties to tourists. Residents who do not have the opportunity to leave the island have no opportunity to eat food from outside the island. Then let's have some food from Tamba! So they decided to open a store in Yakushima.

The store was built with great care by Tamba craftsmen, and the kitchen is designed for commercial use so that even Mr. Kita can cook efficiently by himself, and the interior is stylish.

I was surprised at how much effort was put into it, as I had expected it to be a trendy renovation of an old folk house. The spirit of putting one's mind to work on the restaurant is also felt by the people on the island, and the dishes made with Tamba ingredients are said to be very popular.

``Tourists sometimes come here after hearing from the islanders, but basically our store is aimed at locals.We want to continue to deliver things that can't be found on the island,'' says Kita.

The smiles on people's faces when they say, ``Thank you for opening this restaurant and thank you for the delicious food,'' are the driving force behind our continued long-distance travel. Since he travels back and forth between Tanba and Yakushima, he also has the advantage of being able to provide Yakushima ingredients that he has found in Tanba.

A special hotel that feels like staying in a museum

“HUBHOTEL KITAYA” was recently completed on the first floor of “ma-no”.

The concept ``Do a Child'' means ``to have a child.'' It is more than just a lodging facility, it is a means of expressing the worldview of ``ma-no''.

``I wanted to talk to the customers more and convey their message, so I decided to create a hotel. Only one group per day can enjoy their time at a leisurely pace,'' says Kita.

The ``Corridor of Light,'' a tunnel that takes you into the extraordinary, has three lights set up like the torii gates of a shrine. Is one of them unfinished? As you might think, the structure is completed when natural light enters. Apparently it's only available on certain days and times.

This is a hotel where you can move as you feel like a child.

For example, how wonderful it would be to lie down on this bay window and feel the ground and flowers right next to you, while watching the sunlight filtering through the trees and the ripples of rain spreading across the glass ceiling.

The ``Big Tree Wall,'' which you can see right after entering the room, is a combination of various types of natural wood to represent human society. Each individual piece is a human being, and when you look at it from five steps away from the wall, it looks like it all comes together.

It seems to convey visually that ``it's okay for each person to be different.''

``Frame'' [becomes a picture] is a blue space that resembles a picture frame. Sitting here, you feel like you're in a painting, and you feel like you're the main character in your life.

There's a slope behind the wall, and you'll want to climb up and down it, or just poke your head out of the window. It was named ``Smile Window'' because the moment you show your face, a smile naturally spills out.

When passing through the small tunnel on the back side, you cannot move without crawling.

It's the moment when you become a child (baby) again.

Mr. Kita used a scroll saw to make pieces of a wooden map of Japan called the ``Map that Transcends Time,'' where guests can place pins at their addresses. "If you have a pin in your neighborhood, you'll feel closer to that person you've never met," says Kita.

If you're not interested in what Kita-san is explaining at the counter, there are plenty of places to hide and read.

Move the bookshelf to reveal a secret spiral staircase. There are several small spaces in the middle of the stairs where you can lie down and read a book, or even just sleep.

"I imagined a Harry Potter bookshelf and Doraemon's closet. I want people to put down their smartphones and play in their own world," says Kita. During the next construction project, opening the bookshelf at the back of this space will lead to the ``ma-no'' store.

``This is a hotel built by dedicated professional craftsmen who put their all into creating this hotel.I hope people come here and leave feeling motivated and thinking, ``I can do something,'''' says Kita. Both the toilet and bath have a surprising design and are not barrier-free. However, I felt that it was a place where I could spend time managing myself and developing my own image.

If you sit on a chair on the roof and look around you, you might see something different. The hotel, where you can feel like you have contemporary art all to yourself, is a place where you can try to "be a kid" and try to see things a little differently.

It seems that Mr. Kita has a new title: contemporary art producer.

Accommodation is in a rented building with three meals included. Please contact us directly for details.

(Writer Matsuda/West Plan)

*This article is information as of August 2023. Prices include tax. Product contents and prices may change.

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cafe ma-no

Address: 402-1 Motsubo, Kashiwara-cho, Tanba City, Hyogo Prefecture

Phone number: 0795-71-4110

Business hours: 11:00-18:00

Closed: Thursday

Access: ・Approximately 20 minutes on foot from JR Ishibu Station ・Approximately 10 minutes by car from Maizuru-Wakasa Expressway Hikami IC

Parking lot: 18 spaces

HP: https://cafe-ma-no.com/

Online shop: https://teikibin.thebase.in/

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