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recommendation! 4 unique gourmet burger shops in Nagoya PART 2

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Among hamburgers, high-quality hamburgers made with particular attention to ingredients and manufacturing methods are called gourmet burgers, and many people are attracted to them. What's appealing about it is that you can enjoy not only gourmet burgers but also its unique logo, interior design, and...

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BBQ in JAPAN, Osu Location (BBQ in Japan Osuten)

Approximately 500m west of Osu Kannon Station. The silver kitchen trailer along the Horikawa River is a landmark.

The hamburgers are made with carefully selected ingredients, and although they may look a little small, they are full of volume! The owner, Ricardo, is from Brazil and says, ``Everything except the cheese is handmade.''

The deliciousness of gourmet burgers is universal. If you think it's delicious, tell Ricardo, "Gostoso!" (*).

*"Gostoso" means "delicious" in Portuguese.

BBQ in JAPAN, Osu Location official Instagram

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Enchanting town “Osu Shopping Street” Food tour and night view strolling course


The specialty is the teriyaki sauce menu, which makes up the majority of the burger menu. Miso from Nagoya is used as a secret ingredient in Japanese-style teriyaki sauce.

The patty is made with 100% of the highest quality Wagyu beef. The patty and special bun are the best combination.

All sweets are also handmade. No ice is used in the milkshake. Enjoy real milkshakes.

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We recommend taking a walk along the street from Kakuozan Station to Nittaiji Temple! There are many sweet shops and restaurants on that street. It is surrounded by a mysterious atmosphere that is both nostalgic and new.

``Kakuozan Model Course'', a tour of the shrine that gives you an exotic feel

Midtown BBQ Nagoya (Midtown BBQ Nagoya)

The restaurant is famous for its famous A5 Japanese black beef brisket, as well as authentic American barbecue and Flame-Grilled Burgers. More than 10 types of original local beer (craft beer).

It is located near Nayabashi Bridge, which is within walking distance from Nagoya Station. The open terrace seats along the Horikawa River are popular. There are two stylish bars in the store, where you can have a fun time with rock music.

Many of the staff are bilingual, and many of the customers are foreign visitors, so it has an international atmosphere.

Midtown BBQ Nagoya official website

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Nayabashi Yoichi (held once a month on the 4th Friday)


The owner was shocked by cheeseburgers in San Francisco, and after training at a hamburger shop in the United States, opened a small shop of about 30 square meters in Fushimi underground shopping center in 2015.

Although it is a restaurant, there is no freezer, and all ingredients are fresh. The meat is minced at the store, and the buns are baked by the bakery every morning. This is the ultimate gourmet burger, all handmade and with the ultimate in fresh taste.

A diverse range of customers visit, from young people to the elderly, business foreign visitors.

Cashless payments, delivery services, and telephone reservations are not available. please note.

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Address: 2-13-24 Nishiki, Naka-ku, Nagoya (Fushimi Underground Mall)

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Don't miss Fushimi Underground Mall, where Handsome Burger is located. It opened in 1957 as an underground shopping mall specializing in textile wholesalers, and is popular for its retro Showa-era atmosphere that retains traces of those days.

The Fushimi area is an office district lined with buildings, but if you go down the stairs leading to the underground mall, you will find a space with a different atmosphere. The current shopping street is full of standing bars and other shops.

Please refer to the URL below.

Fushimi underground shopping center official website

Fushimi Underground Mall Sake Bar “Japanese Sake Standing The Day After Tomorrow”

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Nagoya is located in the Chubu region of Japan, and has a well-developed transportation network including Chubu Centrair International Airport, Shinkansen, and high-speed railways. Located in the center of the Golden Route, which connects Tokyo, Kyoto, and Osaka, and is popular with foreign visitors tourists, it is convenient for access from within Japan and overseas. In the past, many military commanders from this region were active. You can enjoy samurai culture at places such as Nagoya Castle and the Tokugawa Art Museum. You can also enjoy rich traditional culture, such as the heroic float festival, the beautiful Arimatsu Shibori, which has been recognized as a Japanese Heritage Site, and Nagoya's Japanese sweets that correspond to the tea culture. Additionally, industries in various fields have developed in Nagoya. You can learn about the history of manufacturing at places like the Toyota Commemorative Museum of Industry and Technology. In addition, the unique local gourmet dish called ``Nagomeshi'' is popular. During your stay, you can enjoy a wide variety of food culture. Please come and visit Nagoya, where you can enjoy everything from various angles, including history, manufacturing, food, and traditional culture.

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