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[Osaka/Osaka Shochikuza] Feel free to watch a theater in between trips! “Night KABUKI in Osaka Dotonbori”, recommended for Kabuki beginners, will be held at Osaka’s tourist destination “Dotonbori”!

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"Night KABUKI in Osaka Dotonbori" is a Kabuki performance held at the "Osaka Shochikuza" theater located in Dotonbori, the center of Osaka tourism. The performance period is from January 22, 2024 (Monday) to January 28, 2024 (Sunday). We will introduce the charm of Japan's representative traditional...

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What is "Night KABUKI in Osaka Dotonbori"?

``Night KABUKI in Osaka Dotonbori'' is a special event that introduces the charm of ``Kabuki'', Japan's representative traditional performing art with a history of over 400 years, in an easy-to-understand manner to both overseas customers and those who are new to Kabuki. It was born as a kabuki performance. The performances start at 6:00 pm every day, and you can feel free to watch them in between trips, after work, or after school!

First of all, we will introduce the charm of Kabuki in an easy-to-understand manner with the title ``Kabuki no kata''. Next, you will see a gorgeous dance performance in ``Passion Sanbaso''.

What is “Kabuki no Mikata”?

Kabuki actor Senju Kataoka serves as a commentator for ``Kabuki no Mikata.'' An English interpreter will also be on stage at the same time, and you will hear commentary in both Japanese and English. In addition to introducing the history of Kabuki and the stage structure of Osaka Shochikuza, we will also explain the basics of Kabuki in an easy-to-understand manner, such as mie, tsuke, and the formation of onnagata. We are also planning a project where customers can actually experience Kabuki on stage.

Osaka Shochikuza 1st floor lobby<br>
Osaka Shochikuza 1st floor lobby
Osaka Shochiku seat<br>
Osaka Shochiku seat

What is “Puppet Sanbaso”? Introducing the cast and highlights

It is one of the celebratory dances called ``Sanbasomono,'' which is based on the Noh play ``Okina.'' In Kabuki, it is performed on auspicious occasions such as New Year's and opening performances. In one act, puppets strung together by strings perform the Sanbaso dance, with Kabuki actor Senjiro Kataoka playing the Sanbaso dancer and Aizaburo Kataoka acting as the guardian. One of the highlights is the harmonious movement between the Sanbaso puppet and the guardian who controls the puppet. Please enjoy the colorful and colorful dance that can be enjoyed beyond the language barrier.


"Puppet Sanbaso" (Left) Chijiro Kataoka (Right) Aisaburo Kataoka "Puppet Sanbaso" Chijiro Kataoka

If you come to Osaka, come here! Dotonbori, Osaka's busiest downtown area

It is no exaggeration to say that Dotonbori is a ``food town'' that tourists visiting Osaka must visit. This is an area where you can enjoy not only Osaka's famous takoyaki and okonomiyaki, but also kushikatsu and trendy gourmet food. In addition, there are giant three-dimensional billboards with crabs, octopuses, and other objects lined up along the way, including the Osaka landmark Glico signboard, giving you a lively and unique sense of Osaka. Osaka Shochikuza, a theater that has remained unchanged for 101 years in such a lively town, allows you to enjoy a variety of content such as kabuki, comedy, musicals, and rakugo. How about experiencing Osaka's culture and entertainment while eating delicious food in Dotonbori, the ``food town''?

Right behind the Glico signboard⁈ How to access Osaka Shochikuza?

The nearest station to Osaka Shochikuza is Namba Station on the Osaka Metro. Exit 15B is the closest to Osaka Shochikuza, and you will arrive at the main entrance of Osaka Shochikuza in about 1 minute on foot . It's close to the Glico signboard, so you can easily watch the theater while you're sightseeing in Osaka.

Osaka Shochikuza exterior<br>
Osaka Shochikuza exterior

Performance details

Performance information

[Schedule] January 22, 2024 (Monday) to January 28, 2024 (Sunday), starting at 18:00

*Two performances at 15:00 and 18:00 on the 23rd (Tuesday)

[Theater] Osaka Shochikuza (1-9-19 Dotonbori, Chuo-ku, Osaka 542-0071)

[Official website (English)]

[Official website (Japanese)]

The nearest station to Osaka Shochikuza is Namba Station on the Osaka Metro. After leaving Exit 15B, walk for about 1 minute and you will be in front of the main entrance of Osaka Shochikuza. It's close to the Dotonbori Icon Glico signboard, the town of Kuidaore, so you can feel free to stop by while you're out eating.

How to purchase tickets

Website Shochiku Multilingual Online Ticket (24h)

Ticket Phone Shochiku (Reception/10AM-17PM)

Phone number +81(0)6-6530-0333

Theater counter

Tickets could be purchased at the Box Office below

・Osaka Shochikuza Theater

・Minamiza Theater (Kyoto)

・Kabukiza Theater (Tokyo)

・Shinbashi Enbujo Theater (Tokyo)

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