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Experience strawberry picking at Iwatsuru Farm!

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Would you like to enjoy picking seasonal strawberries in Kinokawa City? You can enjoy strawberry picking at Iwatsuru Farm in the fruit town of Kinokawa City. Would you like to try and compare 9 types of strawberries?

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Would you like to enjoy strawberry picking in Kinokawa City?

In the fruit town of Kinokawa City, strawberry harvest season is upon us.

At Iwatsuru Farm, a strawberry picking tourist farm, you can enjoy nine types of delicious strawberries!

Please come to Iwatsuru Farm, a farm where you can fully enjoy strawberries, such as strawberry picking where you can enjoy the deliciousness of freshly picked strawberries, and a direct sales cafe where you can enjoy strawberry parfaits and sweets!

[Strawberry picking course content] *Reservation required for strawberry picking

・Simple course

All-you-can-eat strawberry picking for 30 minutes

Adult 2500 yen

Children (elementary school students) 1800 yen

Infant (3 years old and up) 1200 yen

Infant (1, 2 years old) 500 yen

・Premium course

60 minutes of strawberry picking + all-you-can-eat cafe menu (prices are subject to change)

Adult 4500 yen

Children (elementary school students) 3500 yen

Infant (3 years old and up) 2,700 yen

Infant (1, 2 years old) 1200 yen

*Closed days vary depending on the season, so please check the reservation form. Regular holidays change depending on the growth of strawberries.

*The direct sales office is closed on Tuesdays.

Strawberry garden Iwatsuru Farm

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Kinokawa City in Wakayama Prefecture is adjacent to Osaka, and the name of the city is derived from the first-class river "Kinokawa" that flows east to west through the center of the city. The main industry is agriculture, and fruits such as strawberries, peaches, figs, persimmons, kiwis, and hassaku are harvested throughout the year. Many people love their characteristic fruits, such as the first-class brand "Arakawa peach'' and its farm "Hundred thousand peach trees'', and the black colored "Kinokawa persimmon''. It is also blessed with sightseeing, such as one of Japan's leading paragliding landing sites and Kishi Station, home to the world's most famous cat stationmaster. The Kinokawa Fruits Tourism Bureau sells specialty fruit products, as well as tourism products such as fruit picking experiences. Please feel free to contact us.

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