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Enjoy hot pot and sake at the kotatsu! Yokohama winter tradition “Sakedokoro Nabeya 2024”

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Enjoy hot pot and sake at the kotatsu... “Sakedokoro Nabegoya 2024”, filled with winter happiness, will be held at Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse from Saturday, January 13th to Sunday, January 28th, 2024! You can enjoy local hotpots and sake from all over the country in a retro Showa-era space. Staff...

Latest update :

◆“Ippai Nabe” where you can enjoy local hot pots from all over the country

First of all, for those of you who are foodies (like me), I recommend the ``Ippai Nabe'' where you can enjoy local hotpot!

In 2024, we will open a total of 18 stores. I'm confused as to which one to choose!

I will introduce some recommended hot pots.

There are a total of 19 local hotpot stores (18 Ippai nabe stores)<br>
There are a total of 19 local hotpot stores (18 Ippai nabe stores)
``One cup hot pot'' that whets your appetite<br>
``One cup hot pot'' that whets your appetite

The first entry was Ishikari monkfish hotpot from Hokkaido. This is the king of fish hotpots, made by adding Yokozuna monkfish to Ishikari hotpot, which is full of Hokkaido seafood. You can fully enjoy the taste of Hokkaido's winter!

The second bowl was Hiroshima's oyster dote nabe. You can enjoy miso-flavored dote nabe made with plump oysters from Hiroshima Prefecture! Oyster lovers will love it!

From Nagano is a warm kimchi hotpot made with Nagano prefecture wagyu beef and Chinese cabbage. You can forget about the cold and enjoy the warm kimchi hotpot, which is luxuriously made with A5 rank Japanese black beef from Nagano Prefecture and Chinese cabbage.

From Fukuoka, you can enjoy Hakata-cooked gyoza. This is a Hakata specialty hotpot made with soup made from pork bones and chicken bones, and the gyoza and vegetables cooked in the soup are irresistible. "It's delicious!"

◆“Sakedokoro Nabegoya” has 5 stores opening for the first time!

Next, we will introduce the store that is opening for the first time!

The first and second stores are "Kakigoya Nofuzo'' and "Rikyu'', which are representative of Miyagi prefecture.

Nofuuzo's ``Gout Hot Pot'' filled with oysters is sure to bring you happiness even though it's guilty. Our recommended sake is "Yamawa for Oyster Junmai Ginjo.''

Mr. Rikyu can enjoy "Gyutan Suki Toro Nabe'', which is the currently trending "Thickened Hot Pot''!

The recommended sake for pairing is "Junmai Ginjo Urakasumi No.12''.

Oyster Hut Nofuzo<br>
Oyster Hut Nofuzo

The third store is "Hakata Punch Nishiyama'' from Fukuoka Prefecture. The recommended sake to pair with the featured dish, "Seafood pot with oysters and shrimp in chin soup'' is "Kitaya Daiginjo Gin no Hitomi''.

The fourth store is Ryukyu Sakaba Haisai from Okinawa Prefecture.

The recommended pairing for Shima Oden this time is not awamori, but "Reimei,'' made by the prefecture's only brewery, "Taiseki Sake Brewery.'' The dry flavor brings out the flavor.

Hakata Punch Nishiyama<br>
Hakata Punch Nishiyama
Ryukyu Bar Haisai<br>
Ryukyu Bar Haisai

Finally, the fifth store is "Tohoku Matsuri-ya'' from Yamagata Prefecture. You can enjoy "Tohoku's traditional Yamagata Imoni'' and the recommended sake "Kudokijou Junmai Ginjo''.

Tohoku Festival Shop<br>
Tohoku Festival Shop

◆Revival after 4 years! "Cooking pot''

Also, what we would like to recommend to everyone is the "Tsukuri Nabe" area, which has been revived for the first time in four years this year!

There are a total of four types of hotpot sets, including a rich umami miso hotpot, beef hotpot, and salt oden hotpot, all of which allow you to enjoy Kanagawa prefecture ingredients. There is a kotatsu on the tatami floor, where you can relax and enjoy the view of the port.

I don't like cold places, but I thought, "Winter is nice too.''

You can enjoy the ``Making hot pot'' area while looking out at the port.<br>
You can enjoy the ``Making hot pot'' area while looking out at the port.
There are 4 types of hot pots using ingredients from Kanagawa Prefecture!<br>
There are 4 types of hot pots using ingredients from Kanagawa Prefecture!

Enjoy Kanagawa sake along with ingredients from Kanagawa in the hotpot area. “Salt Oden Hot Pot” made with vegetables from Oiso is paired with “Kikuyu Junmai Nigori Sake”!

The "Koku Umami Miso Hot Pot'' made with "Hama Pork'' grown in Yokohama is the best.

salt oden hotpot<br>
salt oden hotpot
Rich miso hot pot and Shonan Ginjo sake<br>
Rich miso hot pot and Shonan Ginjo sake

Shonan Ginjo sake, which has a refreshing aroma and sharp taste, goes well with miso hotpot.

We also recommend "Make-nabe'' where you can enjoy freshly made hotpot and gourmet food from Kanagawa Prefecture!

freshly made hotpot<br>
freshly made hotpot
Kotatsu futon cover is original with logo<br>
Kotatsu futon cover is original with logo

◆Not just hotpot! Accompaniments to go with sake are also available from all over the country.

At each of the stores that have opened from all over the country, you can enjoy meals other than hotpot!

Each store sells local gourmet food, not just hot pot.

With a menu like this, you can enjoy your second or third party at the hot pot hut venue!

A selection of local sake dishes<br>
A selection of local sake dishes
Hinai chicken gizzard garlic miso and Hakata grilled mentaiko<br>
Hinai chicken gizzard garlic miso and Hakata grilled mentaiko

◆More than 150 types of sake!

There is a wide selection of Japanese sake, so you may be confused, but in such a case, ask for the best recommendation from each store! Enjoying the best pairing starts from the moment you choose.

There is no right answer, so find your favorite combination with sake, hotpot, and side dishes!

Local sake recommended by each store<br>
Local sake recommended by each store
A wide selection of sake from Kanagawa Prefecture<br>
A wide selection of sake from Kanagawa Prefecture

◆Enjoy with the “Small Drinking Set” at a great value!

We also sell set tickets for sake and hot pot. Enjoy sake at a great price with an original sake cup! There are two types of set prices!

①3 glasses of sake + original choko = 1,900 yen

②3 glasses of sake + 3 cups of hot pot + original choko = 2,900 yen

At both locations, you can choose from 38 types of sake and 19 hotpot restaurants, and enjoy your own pairing. You can pair them from the same production area, or find a sake that goes well with the hotpot you want to eat, or just for today, let's become a self-made hotpot magistrate...!

Limited quantities will be sold, so first come, first served!

Comes with an original choko spout so you can take home memories with you.<br>
Comes with an original choko spout so you can take home memories with you.
*The pot in the photo is a single item.


*The pot in the photo is a single item. "Choinabe'' is mini size.


What did you think.

This year, the 8th time, the venue will be approximately twice the size of previous years, making it the largest ever with 19 stores opening. Whether you want to enjoy it on a date with your lover or go out drinking with friends, come visit Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse for a food festival that will warm your heart and body in the cold winter!

Liquor Nabeya 2024<br>
Liquor Nabeya 2024

[Event details]

■Period: January 13th (Sat) - 28th (Sun), 2024

■Time: Weekdays 12:00-21:00/Saturdays and Sundays 11:00-21:00 *Last order 30 minutes before closing

■Venue: Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse event plaza special tent

■Access: 6 minutes walk from Minato Mirai Line "Bashamichi" Station, "Nihon Odori" Station 15 minutes walk from JR Keihin-Tohoku/Negishi Line/Yokohama Municipal Subway Blue Line "Kannai" Station, "Sakuragicho" Station

■Admission fee: Free *Beverage and product sales fees are separate

Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse Building 2 Information TEL: 045-227-2002 (Main)

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