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[Sendai Traditional Crafts] Recommended as souvenirs

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Sendai is a popular town for gourmet trips. In addition to sweets and beef tongue, you'll want to take home some wonderful souvenirs that will remain! We would like to introduce three items that are famous as traditional crafts for your souvenirs consideration.

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Traditional crafts of Sendai

We have selected traditional crafts that you should definitely pick up for memories and souvenirs of your trip.

In addition to its famous beef tongue and Zunda, Sendai also has delicious sweets and Japanese sake that are popular as souvenirs.

The traditional crafts that were developed by the people who lived in the castle town of the Sendai clan are also unique. When you visit Sendai, be sure to take a look at the carefully selected items that shine with traditional techniques that have been passed down since the Edo period.


Tamamushinuri nuri postcard - A stylish design with a unique glossy surface and a line of Sendai specialties that shine in gold.<br>
Tamamushinuri nuri postcard - A stylish design with a unique glossy surface and a line of Sendai specialties that shine in gold.

"The Tamamushinuri'' named after tamamushi (shiny beetle)'s rich color tone and luster that resembles the wings of which. (From the Miyagi Prefecture website “Miyagi Traditional Crafts/ Tamamushinuri”)

There are tableware such as glasses, stationery such as bookmarks and pens, and everyday items such as coasters and mirrors, so you can choose the one that best suits your needs. Postcards are great to display, and they don't take up much space even if you buy a lot of them, so they're perfect for any occasion, so they're perfect as souvenirs.

Tsutsumi Tsutsumi dolls/Sendai Hariko

Sendai Hariko Cat Masamune With a sharp expression, it seems like he will watch over you until your wish comes true.<br>
Sendai Hariko Cat Masamune With a sharp expression, it seems like he will watch over you until your wish comes true.

Tsutsumi dolls and Sendai Hariko, whose history dates back to the Edo period, are Miyagi's traditional crafts that are impressive with their bright colors and cute shapes. Some of the clay molds of Tsutsumi dolls are valuable and have been designated as cultural properties, and these days they are rare because the number of manufacturers is limited.

"Tsutsumi dolls, which are said to have originated from Tsutsumi ware from around 1688 to 1704 (Edo/Genroku period), form two major origins along with Kyoto's Fushimi dolls, and are considered to be the pinnacle of local dolls. (From the Miyagi Prefecture website “Miyagi Traditional Crafts/ Tsutsumi dolls”)

"Matsukawa Daruma, the mainstream of Sendai Hariko, is a gorgeous craft with uniform coloring and expression, and is popular as a lucky charm. Sendai Hariko also includes other products such as black masks and papier mache toys. (From the Miyagi Prefecture website “Miyagi Traditional Crafts/Sendai Hariko”)

Familiar motifs such as lovely cats, designs unique to Miyagi/Sendai, and the zodiac are perfect for souvenirs.


“Sendaihira is a well-known as high-quality silk fabric produced only by Sendaihira, which is soft in the vertical direction, has tension in the horizontal direction, and is highly durable, and is highly praised by those who are familiar with the performing arts and traditional martial arts. (From the Miyagi Prefecture website “Miyagi Traditional Crafts/ Sendaihira”)

It is said that it began in the Edo period, when a weaver in charge of the Sendai domain began producing hakama and other items. The technology has been designated as an important intangible cultural property.

The supple and beautiful woven patterns unique to Sendaihira can be enjoyed not only as hakama fabric, but also as business card holders, neck straps, and neckties, which are recommended as souvenirs. Since it can be used for a long time, it is a great gift to give to someone special.

Spots where you can learn about Sendai's traditional crafts

The Sendai City History and Folklore Museum exhibits materials about Sendai's traditional crafts and people's lives.

Recommended souvenir shopping spots near Sendai Station

In addition to the products from each manufacturer, the department stores near Sendai Station have a wide selection of Tohoku crafts and other souvenirs in addition to the items introduced this time, so you can enjoy shopping. All of the crafts introduced this time are handmade, so please take a look at the patterns and facial expressions before making your choice.

S-PAL Sendai : Directly connected to Sendai Station

Sendai PARCO : Right next to the west exit of Sendai Station

Sendai Mitsukoshi : Get off at Kotodai Koen Station on the Sendai Municipal Subway Namboku Line (South Exit 2) / Approximately 15 minutes walk from Sendai Station

Fujisaki : Get off at Aoba-dori Ichibancho Station on the Sendai Municipal Subway Tozai Line (North Exit 2) / Approximately 10 minutes walk from Sendai Station

Sendai Kokusai Hotel is conveniently located for easy access to souvenir shopping, about 5 minutes walk from Sendai Station! It is recommended because you can easily go to department stores and shopping arcades.

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Conveniently located within walking distance of Sendai Station and the downtown area, it has a quiet atmosphere while retaining a strong urban atmosphere. The breakfast buffet, where you can enjoy handmade items and ingredients carefully selected by the chef from all over Miyagi Prefecture, is also very popular. The restaurant zone on the 5th floor includes the French restaurant "L'osier D'or," the Chinese restaurant "Suirin," and the Japanese restaurant "Sendai Nadaman." We also have multiple meeting rooms, including a banquet hall that can accommodate up to 1,300 people, and we look forward to serving you as a stage that can be used at any time.

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