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If you want to stay in Sakai City, Fukui Prefecture, this is the place! 9 accommodation options by area/type

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Sakai City, Fukui Prefecture has a variety of accommodations, from inns to guesthouses and lodgings for rent. In this article, we will introduce some of the accommodation facilities. Enjoy the natural air and heal the fatigue of your trip at a hot spring or guesthouse.

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Recommended places to stay in Sakai City

There are many accommodation facilities in Sakai City. In this article, we will introduce each area, their high prices, high quality, and slightly unusual accommodations.

Ryokan in Mikuni area

1. Mikuni Ocean Resort & Hotel

Mikuni Ocean Resort & Hotel is a hotel located on a hill with all rooms overlooking the ocean and the sunset over the Sea of ​​Japan. Enjoy the hot springs in the large communal bath with special tatami mats that drain well.

2.Centurion Hotel Resort & Spa Technoport Fukui

Hokuriku Mikuni is a resort hotel located in Mikuni Town, Fukui Prefecture where you can enjoy Japanese, Western, and Chinese cuisine. This hotel is surrounded by nature and is perfect for swimming, fishing, and golf.It has a large indoor heated pool, the latest karaoke equipment, a game corner, and a large public bath called ``Amaterasu Radium Hot Springs.'' There is also a restaurant with a wide variety of menus, so you can spend the whole day without getting bored.

3. Kyukamura Echizen Mikuni

It is located on the coast, just a 5-minute drive from Tojinbo. The calm Ninohama coast stretches out in front of you, and beyond the lawn square you can see the deep blue Sea of ​​Japan. The chalk main building is 5 stories tall and stands against the backdrop of a stunning natural environment. The view from the atrium lobby is truly majestic.

Inns in Takeda area

Maruoka Onsen Takekurabe

Our hotel is located on the banks of the Takeda River Valley, which is rich in the beauty of the four seasons, and has an abundant amount of spring water. This is a gentle hot spring where everyone from small children to the elderly can safely bathe. Both leisurely and active people are welcome to come.

Luxury accommodation recommended for a luxurious stay

Sakai City also has high-quality, high-priced inns.


Boyorou is a culinary inn located in Mikuni Onsen, Fukui Prefecture, Hokuriku. We will guide you through a relaxing moment from a long-established inn founded in the Meiji era.

Safe for family and group trips! Whole house rental inn

If you are traveling with your family or a small group, how about staying at an inn like this? You can relax without worrying about other people.

Mikuni retirement place

A Japanese restaurant that serves a wide variety of Echizen crab dishes and local fish dishes. This is the birthplace of crab miso shabu, a crab dish that originated in Fukui Prefecture. The 2nd floor of the building can be reserved for completely private accommodation.

Morris Resort Sunset Villas at Tojinbo

A resort and scenic resort located in Mikuni-cho, Sakai City, Fukui Prefecture, in a quasi-national park, close to Tojinbo, a rental villa consisting of three buildings. Outdoors, there is a private pool and barrel sauna!

If you want to stay at a good price, we recommend this

prickly prickly

This is an experience-based accommodation facility located in a peaceful village forest in the Takeda area of ​​Sakai City. It was built in a renovated abandoned school building, and offers a variety of programs that can only be experienced in rural areas.

Guest House Shihokan

Guest House Shipokan is a small inn located inside Honda, a restaurant famous for its charcoal-grilled fish in Maruoka-cho, Sakai City, Fukui Prefecture. Enjoy a luxurious breakfast with our popular grilled fish and relax in our nostalgic Showa-era building.

Check out the rooms at “Shihoukan” now!
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Stay at Guest House Shihokan [Official] Restaurant Honda in Maruoka Town (Fukui Prefecture) / Sumigao Honda – [Official] Restaurant Honda in Maruoka Town (Fukui Prefecture) / Sumigao Honda with the famous charcoal-grilled fish set meal (ryoutei-

There are various other accommodation facilities in Sakai City.

The facilities introduced here are just a few. In addition, the accommodation fee is only a guideline, so please confirm it when making your reservation.

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