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Aso in early summer: Here are some highlights on Mount Aso around April and May!

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[Late April] Fresh greenery at Kusasenrigahama

In March, the Aso mountain area and Kusasenrigahama Beach were burned black by field burning.

At the end of April, the land will change into a green grassland.

Field burning is carried out by hand to maintain the grasslands of Aso.

Grasslands are necessary for grazing and feeding cattle and horses, and they help maintain Aso's beautiful scenery.

In the grasslands of Aso, you can see spring flowers such as spring gentian and violet.

Horse riding experiences are also available at Kusasenrihama. (The experience will be canceled in the event of bad weather.)

After work, the horses can be seen lazily grazing in the grassland.

Please be careful not to get too close or touch the horses as you may be bitten!

[Mid-late May] A carpet of Miyamakirishi flowers covers the entire Aso mountain range

In early summer, the mountains around Eboshi-dake and Naka-dake crater are covered with

Miyamakirishi flowers are in full bloom.

Miyamakirishi is an evergreen shrub of the Ericaceae family that blooms in volcanic areas such as the mountains and plateaus of Kyushu.

It has strong resistance to volcanic gases and volcanic soil.

It was discovered in 1909 by botanist Tomitaro Makino, who visited the Kirishima Mountains on his honeymoon.

The name "Miyama Kirishima" comes from the fact that it is an azalea that blooms in the deep mountains.

During this time, when Miyamakirishi flowers bloom all over the place, hiking enthusiasts from all over Japan visit the area.

The sight of pink Miyamakirishi flowers spreading across the entirety of Mount Aso is truly breathtaking.

Miyamakirishi flowers can be seen around Mt. Eboshi every year from early May to the end of the month.

Kusasenri Observatory

If you climb the stairs next to the Aso Volcano Museum, you will arrive at the Kusasenri Observatory.

This is Kusasenrigahama and Eboshidake.

You can enjoy a 360-degree view of the surrounding scenery of Mt. Aso, including Mt. Kishima and Mt. Nakadake.

Yonezuka, on the Aso city side.

On a clear day, you can see the Ariake Sea and even Unzen in Nagasaki.

You can also see the smoke from the Nakadake crater from the observation deck.

There are explanations on the signs, so be sure to learn more about Aso.

On a nice day, just strolling around Kusasenrigahama is a pleasant experience.

This Kusasenrigahama Beach is a popular tourist spot in Aso.

In a crater about 1 km in diameter formed about 30,000 years ago,

It is a double crater that created a crater about 400m wide.

Visit to the crater of Mt. Nakadake in Aso

Currently, the eruption alert level is 2 and entry is prohibited within 1km of the crater.

It is not possible to visit the crater (as of April 16, 2024).

For more information on visiting the crater, please click here.

It is not possible to view the crater, but it is possible to go by car or bus to the parking lot on top of Mount Aso.

It is also possible to climb Mt. Nakadake and Mt. Takadake from the Sarayama route.

For more details, please visit the Aso City website.

To Aso, where you can feel the living earth

Please come and visit us!

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Mount Aso is an active volcano that represents Japan. Depending on the direction of the wind, there may be restrictions on entering the area around the crater, or it may not be possible to tour the crater depending on the weather, but our museum has two cameras installed on the Nakadake crater wall and a crater wide screen that allows you to observe the crater situation in real time. there is. You can also listen to the sounds of the crater at the same time, so you can enjoy an immersive crater tour. In addition, the museum's permanent exhibitions include exhibits on the origin, topography, and geology of Aso Volcano, volcanoes in Japan and around the world, volcanic activity at Mt. Nakadake, the relationship between grasslands and people, flora and fauna, and more. You can watch movies about people's lives.

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