You can buy it at MAROOT 1st floor in front of Toyama Station! 3 Toyama craft products perfect as souvenirs

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We would like to introduce you to ``Marx'' located in ``MAROOT'' in front of Toyama Station and its recommended products.

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Toyama Station complex commercial facility "MAROOT"

MAROOT, located in front of Toyama Station, is a commercial complex in front of JR Toyama Station. There used to be a commercial facility called "Maruto Department Store" in front of Toyama Station, and it was loved by locals as a symbol of war-damage recovery and the roots of the Toyama Station Building.

MAROOT has a variety of shops, including fashion, shoes, accessories, sweets and food, cafes and restaurants, cosmetics and beauty, services, and clinics.

Specific shop lists and floor guides can be found on the official TOYAMA STATION CITY website. This facility is convenient for shopping and dining around Toyama Station.

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MAROOT 1st floor Toyama sake bar “Bar de Mitomi”

Toyama's sake bar ``Bar de Mitomi'', located on the 1st floor of MAROOT, offers a variety of sake from Toyama Prefecture, as well as cocktails using sake and pairings with delicious dishes.

Additionally, we carry about 30 to 40 types of Toyama sake, which you can purchase as souvenirs or gifts.

Our signature menu, ``Bitomi Plate,'' is a finger food plate featuring Toyama's specialties.

This product, which includes bite-sized foods such as pintxos, goes perfectly with sake!

Enjoy a moving experience with Toyama's gourmet food and sake at Bar de Mitomi.

Introducing the secret behind the deliciousness of Toyama's new specialty "Toyama Oden"!

MAROOT 1st floor share shop “Marx”

The share shop "Marx" located in front of "Bar de Mitomi" on the 1st floor of MAROOT is a space where various companies, organizations, and individuals can participate. A number of fixtures have been installed inside Marx, each of which serves as a shared shop where vendors can display and sell their products for a set period of time.

``Marx'' means the intersection of ``Toyama of the past'' and ``Toyama of the future,'' and is a shop that connects you with shops, products, companies, and people that you could not have encountered before.

Our goal is to create new value by shining a light on the intersections of tradition and the future, online and real, and people.

At ``Marx,'' product explanations are provided by sales staff, and products are purchased through mobile ordering.

By scanning the QR code of the desired product and adding the product to the shopping cart on your smartphone, you can check out at the cash register. Additionally, Marx only accepts cashless payments, so you can easily visit the store and shop without having to carry cash.

You can buy it at “Marx”! 3 Toyama craft products perfect as souvenirs

Among the products sold at Marx, Toyama Prefecture's crafts are highly recommended as souvenirs due to their beauty and functionality.

Toyama Prefecture is home to a wide variety of traditional crafts, including Takaoka copperware, which has a history of over 400 years, Takaoka lacquerware, which has been designated as a national traditional craft, and Yao washi paper, which has the warmth of handmade paper, and Etchu washi paper, which is made by Gokayama washi paper. there is. These crafts are carefully handmade one by one based on a long history and traditional techniques.

Toyama Prefecture's crafts reflect Toyama's nature and culture. You can feel the charm of Toyama through these crafts.

This time, we will introduce three recommended craft products from Toyama that can be purchased at "Marx"!

1.Takenaka Copperware TRI Sake Utensil Series

The Takenaka Copperware TRI Sake Utensil Series is tin tableware manufactured in Takaoka City, Toyama Prefecture. Characterized by their triangular design, they include tableware such as trivets, chopstick rests, and napkin rings, as well as sake cups such as choko cups, sake cups, katakuchi, and flat sake cups.

Tin has high thermal conductivity and is said to make cold drinks taste even better. You can also enjoy the taste and aroma of alcohol depending on whether you drink it from the corner or from the side.

The Takenaka Copperware TRI Sake Cup Series is a stylish and fashionable sake cup that not only makes your drinks delicious, but also creates a fun look on your table.

2. Nousaku Nousaku sake vessels

Nousaku products, which represent Toyama's traditional foundry industry, are extremely popular for their beauty and functionality. We are collaborating on Nousaku's products as a new initiative, incorporating seasonal appeals and proposals.

Nousaku's sake vessels, which bring out the best in Japanese sake, are loved by many people for their beauty and designs that take advantage of the properties of tin.

3. Nousaku NAJIMI tumbler & stirrer

Nousaku NAJIMI tumbler is a tin tumbler manufactured by Nousaku, a foundry manufacturer in Takaoka City, Toyama Prefecture.

Tin has a strong ionic effect and is said to remove the unpleasant taste of alcohol and make it mellow. This tumbler has an indentation in the thumb area to make it easier to hold, and the wide mouth makes it perfect for dipping into water or rocking. Because it has high thermal conductivity, cold drinks taste even better when chilled in the refrigerator.

The Nousaku NAJIMI tumbler has a simple and stylish design that not only makes your drinks delicious, but also decorates your table top.

Great as a souvenir from Toyama sightseeing!

What did you think! If you come to Toyama for sightseeing, please stop by!

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