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Holiday trip for adults ~ Overlooking Izunuma ~

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Izunuma and Uchinuma swamps are located in Kurihara City. Around these swamps, which are adjacent to each other like brothers, there are attractive facilities and stores that cannot be experienced anywhere else. One of them, ``Cafe Korpokkur,'' is a jazz cafe built on a small hill. In Japan, a new c...

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Cafe Koropokkuru

Cafe Koropokkuru is a modern arrangement of the Japanese jazz cafe, and opened in the spring of 2016 on a hill near Izunuma. The concept is ``a place where you can enjoy jazz and relax.'' It's great to be able to enjoy music and coffee at the same time, but it's also very appealing to be able to see the rich nature of Izunuma from the restaurant's terrace seats!

A woman is enjoying a free, ``adult holiday trip'' by herself, aiming for the ``Izunuma-Uchinuma Lotus Festival.'' I couldn't believe that there was such a wonderful cafe just a minute or two away by car from the Lotus Festival Venue (Wakayanagi Venue), where I had just been, and I couldn't help but look surprised.

``Cafe Koropokkuru. In the Ainu language, it's a dwarf god who lives under a cloth. ”

I immediately entered the store while staring at the hand-carved wooden signboard.

As soon as you enter the store, you can't help but feel like stepping into a small live music venue in a foreign land. Warm fireplace-like lighting further enlivens the atmosphere, and special speakers and lighting equipment peek out from the ceiling. On the surrounding walls, there are posters of famous artists, vintage records, and even trumpets! Elements of jazz are scattered throughout, so much so that you can't help but forget to take a seat and just stare at it.

The owner of the cafe is such a big music fan that he designed some of the speakers installed in the cafe himself. In the same way, he is particular about the beans and brewing methods for the coffee he serves in the store. You can feel the owner's desire to create a place where you can enjoy authentic coffee, not just a jazz cafe.

``I have about 8,000 CDs...about 1,000 records. If you include other sound sources, there are about 10,000 records. ”

While brewing coffee, the owner casually explained about the records and CDs in the store. The music in the store ranges from modern jazz from the late 50s to the 60s, as well as songs by artists from Europe and New York, USA. If you have a song you would like played in the store, you can request it and enjoy authentic coffee while listening to your favorite song.

When you sit in a chair by the window of the store and look out, you will see the beautiful Izunuma with its sparkling water surface. The sight of wild birds flying smoothly across the blue sky and the lush plants surrounding the marsh. The view from this window is like a painting, and just looking at it while waiting for your ordered coffee to arrive gives you a strangely luxurious feeling.

The aroma of coffee carefully brewed by the owner fills the space, and the soothing sounds of jazz gently fill your soul. It's great to travel with friends and family, but the real thrill of a holiday trip for adults is being able to be alone and lose track of time and lose track of your thoughts.

As I was feeling the joy welling up from deep within my heart, I heard the gentle voice of my husband.

``Omachi-sama. After all, delicious coffee takes a little time. ”

After saying that, the owner smiled and quietly placed the freshly brewed coffee down for me. The coffee has a sweet, deep, and high-quality aroma that gently rises from the coffee. The coffee beans in the store are delivered directly from Cafe Bernini, a home-roasted coffee shop located in Itabashi Ward, Tokyo. The flavors carefully selected by the host are as deep as the world of jazz.

Intoxicated by the aroma of coffee and jazz, I find myself reading the newspaper or lingering with my favorite book even after finishing my coffee. There seems to be a sense of security here where you can surrender to the leisurely flow of time without feeling rushed.

Cafe Koropokkuru is a jazz cafe located on a small hill in Izunuma. With a cup of coffee, the sound of jazz, and the scenery of Izunuma, it's like a scene from a movie, and it's a wonderful time that you can enjoy on a holiday trip for adults.

``I'll come again,'' I said to myself as I wished for the same view from the window.

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The city is located in the northwestern part of Miyagi Prefecture, and the entire city is part of the Kurikoma Geopark. Mount Kurikoma, with an altitude of 1,626m, located at the northwestern edge of the city, is designated as a quasi-national park, and is famous nationwide for its fall foliage, "Kami no Carpet". In addition, Izunuma and Uchinuma, which are located in the southeast, are registered wetlands under the Ramsar Convention, and are visited by many migratory birds such as lotuses in summer and white-fronted geese and swans in winter. In addition, the three major parks of Geopark Visitor Center, Hosokura Mine Park, and Kuriden Museum, hot springs, local sake, rural scenery, and old folk houses are all attractive places for relaxing Kurihara time.

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