“Hokuriku Shinkansen Extension” Trivia #2: One month left. Check out the location of “Tsuruga”!

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We decided to look into the "Hokuriku Shinkansen" from the perspective of "5W1H". The second part is “Where and which section is going to be open?”

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Where and which section is going to be open?

The phrase "between Kanazawa and Tsuruga" may be heard quite often recently, but I guess some of you may be wondering, "sorry, but where in Fukui Prefecture is Tsuruga?"

Tsuruga City is located in the southwestern part of Fukui Prefecture, facing Tsuruga Bay on the Sea of ​​Japan. Popular tourist attractions include "Nihonkai Sakana Machi", a huge fish market where seafood from Fukui Prefecture, and "Kehi Shrine", famous as a power spot. "Mizushima Island" beach, famous for its its high transparency, is known as "Hawaii of Hokuriku".  In Tsuruga City, the "Shinkansen Tsuruga Opening Town Development Promotion Council" was established in April 2020 in preparation for the opening of the Hokuriku Shinkansen Tsuruga. In preparation for the opening, a special website to solicit PR videos for Tsuruga titled "Discover Tsuruga!" have been set up, and support projects in collaboration with high schools in Tsuruga City are coming as well.
Click here for the special site "Discover Tsuruga!"

Now, let's check where exactly is between Kanazawa and Tsuruga and which stations it stops at. Starting from Kanazawa, the stations in Ishikawa Prefecture are Komatsu and Kaga Onsen, and in Fukui Prefecture they are Awara Onsen, Fukui, Echizen Takefu, and Tsuruga. "Kagayaki", which runs directly from Tokyo to Tsuruga, runs nine round trips a day, of which the fastest type stops only at Fukui Station, with five round trips, and one at Komatsu, Kaga Onsen, Awara Onsen, and Echizen Takefu. There are 4 types of round trips where local trains stop. "Hakutaka" makes five round trips a day, stopping at all stations between Kanazawa and Tsuruga. What a good news that we can now go to Fukui Prefecture without having to change trains, as the sections that used to be traveled by limited express will be replaced by the Shinkansen.

On the other hand, you need to be a little careful between Hokuriku and Kansai. Before the Tsuruga extension, the limited express Thunderbird ran all the way to Kanazawa, but after the extension, it will only go as far as Tsuruga. Therefore, when going to Osaka, you will need to transfer to Thunderbird at Tsuruga Station. If you are coming to Hokuriku from Osaka or Kyoto, you can take the Tsurugi train from Tsuruga Station to Kanazawa or Toyama. This "Tsurugi" runs 25 round trips a day.


So, what did you think of the second part? Please look forward to next time♪

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