Japan's largest scale with a different world feeling! Thorough explanation of the charm and how to enjoy "Echizen Daibutsu"

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Daishiyama Seidaiji Temple , located in Katsuyama City, Fukui Prefecture, is located on a site about five times the size of Tokyo Dome. There are spots full of highlights such as Japan's largest Echizen Daibutsu, Japan's tallest five-storied pagoda, and a Japanese garden where you can feel the four ...


This time, we would like to introduce you to the Daishiyama Kiyomizu- Echizen Daibutsu, which has two of the tallest buildings in Japan on its premises. There is also a Japanese garden on the site of five Tokyo Domes, and you can enjoy the seasonal atmosphere such as cherry blossoms, fresh green, and autumn leaves. There are also spots that have become popular on social media, such as Instagram and Twitter, where you can take pictures of the building. Please refer to this article when visiting Echizen Daibutsu.

What is Daishiyama Seidaiji Temple Echizen Daibutsu?

Daishiyama Seidaiji Temple, located in Katsuyama Prefecture, is a temple belonging to the Seidaiji Temple of the Rinzai sect of Buddhism. It covers an area of about 22 hectares, which is about five times the size of Tokyo Dome. The Echizen Daibutsu on the premises was built by Mr. Kiyoshi Tada on May 28, 1987, modeled on the seated statue of Ryumon Hosenji Temple in Luoyang City, People's Republic of China. The image height is about 17m. It is said to be the tallest Daibutsu in Japan among the Daibutsu enshrined in the building.

Access to Echizen Daibutsu(by public transportation (weekdays, weekends), private car)

◆By public transportation

Weekdays: Take the Echizen Railway Katsuyama Eiheiji Line from JR Fukui Station and get off at the last stop, Katsuyama Station (about 55 minutes) ⇒ Take the Katsuyama City Community Bus Heisenji Line and get off at Echizen Daibutsu(about 19 minutes)

Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays: Take the Echizen Railway Katsuyama Eiheiji Line from JR Fukui Station and get off at the last stop, Katsuyama Station (about 55 minutes) ⇒ Take the city sightseeing bus Dinagon in the direction of Heisenji and get off at Echizen Daibutsu(about 9 minutes)

◆ Private car

Approximately 10 minutes from the Katsuyama IC on the Chubu Jukan Expressway from the Katsuyama Kita IC on the Hokuriku Expressway

Detailed article "Comparison of how to get to Echizen Daibutsu"


Origin of the Echizen Daibutsu

The Echizen Daibutsu was built on May 28, 1987 by Mr. Kiyoshi Tada, the founder of Mutual Taxi, a local businessman. The founder, Mr. Kiyoshi Tada, moved from Katsuyama City to Osaka and established a taxi group representing Osaka in his lifetime. It is said that, as one way of "giving back to his hometown," he invested about 38 billion yen in his hometown of Katsuyama to build the Echizen Daibutsu.

For this reason, the Echizen Daibutsu is also known as the 'Success Daibutsu' because Kiyoshi Tada made a fortune in his lifetime. If you want to get ahead in life or make your business successful, please come and visit us!

How to worship

  1. Parking There is a free parking lot that can accommodate 400 cars. A large bus parking lot is also available.
  1. Visiting hours Regular season: 8:00-17:00 (admission until 16:00) Winter: 9:00-16:00 (admission until 15:30)
  1. No regular holiday (temporarily closed in winter)
  1. Entrance fee: Adults 500 yen (groups 400 yen) / High school, junior high school and elementary school students 300 yen (groups 200 yen) There is a reception in front of the main gate after passing through Monzenmachi, so please pay the admission fee there.
  1. Goshuin 300 yen You can receive it at the reception.

Highlight 1: The tallest Daibutsu in Japan! "Birushana Nyorai"

Echizen Daibutsu is officially called Birushana Nyorai , and is modeled after the seated statue of Longmen Hosenji Temple in Luoyang, China.

With a height of 17m, it is 2m taller than the Great Buddha of Nara !

The total height is 28m when the 3m lotus base overlaps the 2m stone base. In addition, the halo on the back is 23m, creating a powerful and overwhelming scale. Please enjoy the overwhelming scale that will make you look up!

Highlight 2: Group of stone Buddhas enshrined on the wall

The Daibutsu-den Hall, which houses the principal image of the Great Buddha, has 1,281 stone Buddha statues enshrined on the entire wall . The sight of the towers lining up to the ceiling has become a popular Instagram spot as it makes you feel as if you have wandered into another world.

How about taking a photo that can only be taken here with the stone Buddhas in the background?

Highlight ③ The view is the best! Japan's tallest five-storied pagoda

Did you know that the five-storied pagoda at Daishiyama Seidaiji Temple is the tallest five-storied pagoda in Japan?

The five-storied pagoda of Toji Temple in Kyoto is famous, but its height is about 55m, which is the tallest wooden structure in Japan. The five-storied pagoda of Daishiyama Seidaiji Temple is 75m high , and is built 20m higher.

Although it is tall, there is an elevator inside, so even people in wheelchairs or those who are not confident in their legs can climb it without worry.

The elevator can go up to the 4th floor, and the top floor, the 5th floor, can be reached by climbing the stairs. The top floor is the 5th floor, but you can enjoy a great view even on the 4th floor.

Why don't you climb the five-storied pagoda and enjoy the panoramic view of Katsuyama city?

*Please note that climbing is not possible during the winter season.

Highlight 4: “Japanese garden” with beautiful seasonal scenery

There is a Japanese garden on the way to the five-storied pagoda from the Great Buddha Hall where the principal image of Buddha is located.

Cherry blossoms, autumn leaves, ginkgo trees, etc. are planted in the park, and you can enjoy various tastes according to the change of the four seasons.

The recommended season is early April when the cherry blossoms are in bloom. Please enjoy the contrast of cherry blossoms blooming in a majestic atmosphere.

Nishikigoi also swim in the vast pond. You can buy koi food at the reception, so please buy it.

Why not take a leisurely stroll through the Japanese garden while enjoying the four seasons?

Highlight ⑤ The corridor extending to the left and right is photogenic


After passing the Daimon, there are corridors on both sides, so even if it rains or snows, you can go to the Great Buddha Hall without an umbrella. The corridor uses 152 extremely valuable Taiwanese cypress trees that are over 1,500 years old .

By all means, please try heading to the main hall while passing through the imposing Taiwanese cypress pillars.

*Please note that green cloth is put up to prevent snow during the winter season.

Barrier-free! Even wheelchair users can visit the Great Buddha Hall

Daishiyama Seidaiji Temple Echizen Daibutsu is also barrier-free, so customers with strollers and wheelchairs can move to the Great Buddha Hall with peace of mind.

  1. Wheelchair-accessible restroom○
  1. Compatible with slopes○
  1. Diaper changing table○

When you come to Katsuyama City, be sure to visit “Daishiyama Seidaiji Temple Echizen Daibutsu”!

This time, we introduced the charm and how to enjoy the Daishiyama Seidaiji Temple Echizen Daibutsu.

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