Experience the Magical Sea of Clouds and Japan's Tallest Buddha: The Ultimate Guide to Echizen Great Buddha

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Katsuyama City in Fukui Prefecture is home to the Daishiyama Kiyomizu- Echizen Great Buddha, famous as the tallest Buddha in Japan. You can also see the tallest five-story pagoda in Japan and the Japanese garden, where you can enjoy seasonal scenery such as cherry blossoms, fresh greenery, and autum...

Latest update :

Special viewing of the sea of ​​clouds begins at the Daishizan Seidaiji temple of Echizen Great Buddha

Every year from April to late November, special viewing of the sea of ​​clouds is held every day from 8:00 to 9:00 and in the evenings from 16:00 to 17:00.
You will be transported into a mysterious world, as if you have wandered into a space inhabited by hermits.

As soon as you step through the main gate, you will be greeted by a sea of ​​clouds.
A sea of ​​white clouds covers the entire area in front of the Great Buddha Hall.

As you walk into the sea of ​​clouds, the Great Buddha Hall, with its overwhelming presence, comes into view.
The space makes you feel as if you have wandered into a world inhabited by hermits.

Enjoy different views depending on the season and time of day

Special viewing of the sea of ​​clouds is available for one hour each from 8:00 to 9:00 and 16:00 to 17:00.

In the morning, you can enjoy the slow flow of time in the clear air.
In the evening, depending on the season and time of day, you can see the setting sun painting the five-story pagoda and the trees surrounding it orange.

We recommend visiting early in the morning right after the gates open.

Local staff recommend going right after the gates open around 8:00.

There are no people around and it is relatively windless, so you can see a beautiful sea of ​​clouds.
If you want to take beautiful photos, try to go in the morning.

Take photos that will look great on social media

The flow of the sea of ​​clouds changes depending on the wind direction and weather, so you can see different scenery at each moment. Try taking photos from various angles, such as the sea of ​​clouds seen from the Daibutsumon entrance and the sea of ​​clouds seen with the Daibutsu Hall behind you, to post on social media.

Detailed information

◆Special viewing time for the sea of ​​clouds


◆Special viewing fee for the sea of ​​clouds

Adults 1,000 yen Children 500 yen Sea of ​​Clouds special stamp 500 yen

Regular business information

◆ Visiting hours

*Winter: 9:00-16:00

◆ Admission fee

Adults 500 yen Children 300 yen Preschoolers free


Goshuin: 300 yen per stamp Goshuin book: 1200 yen per book Original Buddha goods, etc.

Special viewing limited "Special Unkai Goshuin" on sale

Those who come to the special viewing of the sea of ​​clouds can get a "special sea of ​​clouds version goshuin." Be sure to get your hands on this special goshuin, which features a sea of ​​clouds and the Echizen Great Buddha.

On sale for 500 yen each .

Please come and enjoy the special viewing of the Echizen Great Buddha Sea of ​​Clouds.

Until the end Thank you for reading.
Why not experience the majestic space that can only be experienced at the special viewing of the Echizen Great Buddha sea of ​​clouds?
You can enjoy different atmospheres depending on the season you visit, so you might make new discoveries every time you visit.

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Katsuyama City is located in the northeastern part of Fukui Prefecture. The city is located on a river terrace formed along the course of the Kuzuryu River, and is a rural city rich in water and greenery, with commerce and industry based on the local textile industry since the Meiji period, and agriculture and forestry having been thriving since ancient times. Our company is a DMO (tourism region development organization) that works with local communities to develop tourist areas. Katsuyama City is a treasure trove of attractive tourist content, including the Dinosaur Museum and Heisenji Temple! We provide detailed services to customers visiting Katsuyama , such as guided tours that allow many people to experience Katsuyama , the Geo Terminal in the parking lot of the Dinosaur Museum, and the operation of the "Dinosaur Valley Katsuyama" Roadside Station , which opened in June 2020. We are also actively challenging ourselves to create new businesses centered around tourism, aiming to revitalize the town of Katsuyama.

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