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A super convenient service for sightseeing in Fukuoka! ! Travel light and empty-handed by using the same-day luggage delivery service between the airport and the hotel!

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We will transport your suitcases and baggage from Fukuoka Airport to your hotel on the same day. Prices start from 550 yen per piece. Fukuoka is a city where you can sightsee empty-handed. Please feel free to use it.

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``Kago Pass'' is a convenient service that delivers your luggage from Fukuoka Airport to your hotel in Fukuoka City (Chuo Ward and Hakata Ward) on the same day for just one coin (550 yen including tax), which is cheaper than a coin locker.

What do you do with your suitcases and baggage when you go on business trips or sightseeing?

Is it kept in a locker at a station or airport?

Or do you have to go to the hotel where you are staying and leave it there?

If you leave it in a locker, you have to go back there to retrieve it, right?

Even if you leave your items at a hotel, don't you waste time and effort going back to the hotel?

With the theme of "creating time for business trips and sightseeing," we offer an unprecedented service unique to Fukuoka that allows you to travel empty-handed from the airport.

Kagopass, which is advocating a "new style of business trips and travel," has set up a permanent counter at Fukuoka Airport, and all counter staff and delivery drivers, in order to make Fukuoka a city where you can travel empty-handed for business trips and sightseeing. This is done by our own staff. Currently, the service started in January 2022, and many visitors to Fukuoka use it every day, with comments on social media saying, ``It's very convenient, very cheap, and very good value.'' When you pick up your checked baggage, you will be presented with a Kago Pass original eco bag, which contains information on Fukuoka gourmet food, coupons (discount tickets), souvenir information, etc., and has become a hot topic as a great value. ing. Additionally, the number of hotels in Fukuoka City that allow delivery and affiliated hotels that also offer airport delivery is steadily increasing. In 2022, the era of traveling without carrying luggage has arrived. Please try using it when you come to Fukuoka.

[Cargo Pass Fukuoka Airport Domestic Terminal] Fukuoka Airport Domestic Terminal B1F, 767-1 Shimousui, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture (Next to Nishi-Nippon City Bank)

[How to use]・Web advance reservation

・Same-day reception After arriving at Fukuoka Airport, simply leave your luggage at the Cargo Pass counter on the B1F of the domestic terminal by 2:00 p.m. The procedure takes 1 minute.

Just write your name, hotel name, and phone number. Your luggage will be delivered to your hotel between 16:00 and 18:00 on the day of your stay.

Additionally, if you are using a Kagopass affiliated hotel, you can also have your luggage delivered from the hotel to the airport.

On the day of your stay, just leave your luggage at the hotel front desk by 10am. The procedure takes 1 minute. Hand it over at the basket pass counter after 2:00 pm.

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CARGO PASS is a service that delivers your suitcases and baggage from Fukuoka Airport to your hotel on the same day. You can leave your luggage at the airport and go sightseeing.

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