Enjoy a once-in-a-lifetime encounter through a “one-night-one-on-one” meal where you can enjoy luxury ingredients from Toyama.

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TOYAMATO Co., Ltd. will be holding an event in Tokyo called "Ichiya Ichie" where you can enjoy Toyama's ingredients luxuriously.

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Cooking is about “cooking the principles”

TOYAMATO Co., Ltd. will be holding an event in Tokyo called ``Ichiya Ichie,'' where you can enjoy the luxury of Toyama's ingredients.

Just like a tea ceremony, which is held with sincerity and sincerity between the host and the guest, thinking that it is a once-in-a-lifetime encounter, the ``ichiya ichie'' event is held only that night, with ingredients that can only be obtained at that time, and even the guests and location are carefully considered. An accumulation of special moments that can be enjoyed in different settings.

The Sea of ​​Japan was created when the Japanese archipelago split from the Asian continent about 25 million years ago. The unique topography of Toyama Bay and the Noto Peninsula, created by this rupture, has nurtured exquisite seafood and high-quality water. Cooking is something that involves ``cooking principles.'' There is a reason behind the combination of delicate techniques and carefully selected materials.

Please enjoy the essence of luxury in one night.

The stage in 2024 is “Namekawa City, Toyama Prefecture”

In 2024, we will focus on Namegawa City, Toyama Prefecture, and Kazuto Iguro, the owner of Namegawa's famous restaurant "Kosugi Sushi Nagomi", which was featured in the Michelin Guide Hokuriku 2021 Special Edition, will host a total of 4 one-night shows each season. We will deliver the meeting.

Toyama Prefecture is home to Toyama Bay, also known as a “natural fish tank,” and the majestic Tateyama Mountain Range.

Recently, Toyama has become so popular that people say that when you think of sushi, you think of it as Toyama.

Toyama, which is blessed with an abundance of seafood and mountain food grown over a height difference of approximately 4,000 meters, has its own discerning eye for ingredients that are unique to Toyama.

Main ingredients for the first session: firefly squid and white shrimp

The main ingredients for the first episode are firefly squid, a mystery of Toyama Bay, and white shrimp, a jewel of Toyama Bay.

We only use firefly squid caught in the deep sea of ​​Toyama Bay, and we bring it from Toyama in a state where it maintains its freshness in deep sea water. We offer a variety of ways to eat firefly squid, such as ikezukuri and shabu-shabu, and provide an experience that will change your preconceptions about firefly squid.

White shrimp live in areas other than Toyama Bay, but Toyama Bay is the only place where they are landed in large enough numbers to be viable as a fishery. Therefore, it is a pale transparent pink color that is highly rare and beautiful in appearance. With the cooperation of the Toyama Prefecture Fisheries Association, we will be serving freshly caught white shrimp as sushi, sashimi, and fried chicken.

Pairing with sake from Toyama

For pairing, Mizuki Tsuda, manager of Bar de Mitomi, has selected seasonal sake from Toyama that matches the dishes. Enjoy with your food.

Venue SABASU<br>

Finally, Namekawa City, Toyama Prefecture is also an area that was damaged by the 2020 Noto Peninsula Earthquake.

This year's Ichiya Ichie event uses ingredients from restaurants in Namekawa City. By participating in this event, you will also be able to directly support us.

Thank you for your cooperation in helping us recover as quickly as possible.

event information

"One night, one meeting"

□Date and time: 4.16 (Tue) / 4.17 (Wed) Every day from 19:00 / Reception from 18:45

*The event will start from 7:00 pm, so please join us without being late.

□Venue: SABASU (6-13-5 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo) https://maps.app.goo.gl/ikNdZEBNgULj3PzFA

□Price: ¥40,000 (tax included, sake pairing included)

*If you would like no sake pairing, there will be a 5,000 yen discount.

□Capacity: 20 people each time *First come first served

□Cooking: Kazuto Iguro (Kosugi Sushi Nagomi)

□Pairing: Mizuki Tsuda (Bar de Mitomi)

□Menu: Firefly squid shabu-shabu (freshly boiled), vinegared dishes made with seasonal ingredients such as white shrimp and firefly squid, sashimi, sushi, etc.

*Contents may change depending on purchasing status.

Kazuto Iguro (Kosugi Sushi Kazumi)<br>
Kazuto Iguro (Kosugi Sushi Kazumi)

Mr. Kazuto Iguro inherited the spirit and the store from the previous owner of Kosugi Sushi, which had been running for about 40 years, and previously trained at the same restaurant and continued his training at a sushi restaurant in Toyama City. He is particular about using local ingredients, and personally visits the Namegawa fishing port to assess his taste and carefully prepares the freshest, seasonal ingredients of the day. Michelin Guide Toyama 2021 “Michelin Plate” awarded.

□Payment will be made in advance by bank transfer to the following account.

・Sake pairing available: ¥40,000 (tax included)/person

・No sake pairing: ¥35,000 (tax included)/person

Hokuriku Bank Head Office Sales Department (101)

6131771 F) Toyamato

*If you require an invoice, please fill in the form below.

Please apply using the Google form using the link below.

Click here to apply for the event

From 3 days ago: 50%, From the day before: 100%

Sponsored by TOYAMATO Co., Ltd.

Tel) Takakuwa (Charlie): 070-4105-3397, Tsuda: 090-8966-2469

Mail) Takakuwa (Charlie): takakuwa@a-tom.jp, Tsuda: mitomi-tsuda@a-tom.jp

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Established by Shigeru Aoi, CEO of Atom Co., Ltd., which has a connection with Toyama, Kitanihon Shimbun, which represents Toyama, and Ayumu Ishikawa, a professional baseball player from Toyama. We are a team that connects something with Toyama and creates new businesses together with Toyama. If you define “regional revitalization” as creating a sustainable society by making use of the characteristics of each region in Japan to put a brake on the overconcentration of Tokyo, the “regional awakening” that Toyamato is aiming for is completely different. have a concept Instead of being led by the local government or government, many people with a love for Toyama will rediscover the charm of Toyama, take pride in it, and spread it around the world on their own initiative. Ultimately, the main character is “people”, and I believe that the diversity of people mixed together will enhance the appeal of Toyama.

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