[Haneda] Are you looking to elevate your daily meals with your favorite "chopsticks and Japanese tableware"?

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Interested in finding the perfect souvenir to add a touch of luxury to your everyday life? In this article, we're spotlighting "si gu sa" a souvenir shop nestled in Haneda Airport Garden that offers remarkable souvenirs.

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Japanese culture has always appreciated the beauty in everyday actions, a concept known as "shosa."
From the way of the samurai (Bushido) to the art of tea ceremony (Sado) and flower arrangement (Kado), the Japanese have deeply revered the elegance in these actions, cultivating a rich sense of aesthetics. This culture of respect and harmony, a commitment to honoring others while introspecting, remains a valued part of Japanese life today.
With growing global interest in Japan, this culture that cherishes "shosa" continues to captivate many.

Why not bring a little beauty into your daily life by incorporating these Japanese practices into your meals?

We're excited to introduce you to "si gu sa" a store dedicated to offering beautifully designed chopsticks and Japanese tableware, essentials for anyone looking to enjoy their meals the Japanese way.

1. About the Store

Located in the Haneda Sando area of Haneda Airport Garden, the "si gu sa" store specializes in chopsticks and Japanese tableware.
Adorned with exquisite decorations, the store showcases the traditional beauty of Japan.
Inside, the vibrant array of chopsticks and tableware captivates the attention of many who pass by, making it an ideal spot to find Japanese traditional souvenirs for yourself or your loved ones.

Basic Information

・Address: 2F Haneda Airport Garden, 2-7-1 Haneda Airport, Ota-ku, Tokyo 180-0013, Japan
・Tel: 03-5579-7741
・Business Hours: 10:00 AM to 8:00 PM (*Please note that business hours and holidays follow the schedule of Haneda Airport Garden.)

2. Top 3 Most Popular Products

1. Rim Bowl

Crafted from natural clay, this bowl features a soft and smooth texture that stands out.
Its size is just right, making it versatile for various occasions.
Many customers opt to buy it along with a separately sold spoon and fork, making it an excellent gift choice for someone special.

2. Small Dog Plate

Adorably charming, each of these dog plates showcases a slightly different expression, endearing them to all who see them.
The Miniature Schnauzer and Shiba Inu designs are especially popular among our customers.

3. Brass Plates

These metal plates blend seamlessly into everyday life.
They offer the unique pleasure of witnessing the patina that develops with time, reflecting years of use and love.

3. Manager's Top 3 Recommendations

1. Yakusugi Cedar Chopsticks and Rests

Crafted from the wood of Yakusugi cedar, a tree recognized as part of a World Heritage site, these chopsticks are extraordinarily valuable.
The wood, now virtually unobtainable due to a ban on its auction, makes these items exceptionally rare.

Yakusugi cedar, known for its slow growth, density, resin richness, and decay resistance, features finely detailed grain patterns.
Using these chopsticks, one can appreciate the strength, delicacy, and beauty inherent in Yakusugi cedar.

2. Aritayaki Porcelain Chopstick Rests

These unique chopstick rests are made from broken pieces of Aritayaki porcelain, each with kintsugi (gold joinery) repairs, resulting in a varied array of patterns and sizes.
They invite you to find a chopstick rest that is uniquely yours.

3. Yamanaka Lacquer Chopsticks

Infused with pearls and other materials, these lacquered chopsticks from Yamanaka boast a luxurious texture and sheen that catch the eye.
They are perfect for enhancing the experience of special occasions, such as anniversaries.

Name Engraving

Personalize your chopsticks with a name engraving.
Transform a pair of chopsticks into a unique item in the world by engraving your name or that of someone dear to you.

Additional Charge: 550 yen (tax included) per pair for hiragana, katakana, uppercase alphabet, and numbers
 (Finished the same day / 10 minutes per pair)

For Kanji, both uppercase and lowercase alphabet, and cursive script: 1,320 yen (tax included) per pair
(Delivery time: 2 weeks)


Wrapping in a beautiful furoshiki cloth is a favored choice among those seeking to add an elegant touch to their gifts.
 Why not elevate your special souvenir to something even more extraordinary with this traditional Japanese wrapping technique?

Additional Charge: 880 yen (including tax)

4. Exclusive Offer for Readers of this Article

As a special offer exclusively for readers of this article, the shop is providing complimentary name engraving on chopsticks for up to two pairs, a service normally priced at 550 yen (for hiragana, katakana, uppercase alphabet, and numbers).

If you'd like to take advantage of this offer, please inform the store staff that you saw this on MATCHA.

*Offer valid until December 31, 2024

Don't miss this excellent chance to enhance your visit.

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