[2024 Edition] About 2 hours by Shinkansen from Tokyo Station! A summary of how to get to Yonezawa City, Yamagata Prefecture!

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Yonezawa City in Yamagata Prefecture, which can be accessed from Tokyo Station in about 2 hours, is a tourist destination where you can enjoy nature, gourmet food, and hot springs. There are various means of transportation to get to Yonezawa City, including the Shinkansen, express buses, and airplan...

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What is the appeal of Yonezawa City, Yamagata Prefecture? ~Nature, history, gourmet food, and more~

Yonezawa City flourished as a castle town during the Edo period. Even today, you can feel the history and culture of that time alive at Matsugasaki Park, where Uesugi Shrine and the moat remain. Another attraction is that the temperature difference throughout the year is large, allowing you to experience the unique characteristics of each season, with summer being more summery and winter being more wintery. The autumn leaves and winter snowscapes are particularly spectacular. You can also enjoy Yonezawa's unique gourmet food, such as local specialties Yonezawa beef, vegetables, and Yonezawa ramen.

①A natural environment where you can enjoy the distinct seasons of cherry blossoms, autumn leaves, and snow

Yonezawa experiences large temperature differences throughout the year, and the characteristics of each of the four seasons can be clearly felt. Please enjoy the changing nature of Yonezawa with every visit.

2. Yonezawa as a castle town

Yonezawa has a long history as a castle town, and you will often hear the names of warlords from the Sengoku period, such as Uesugi Kenshin and Naoe Kanetsugu. Uesugi Shrine and Matsugasaki Park still retain traces of those times, and are a source of comfort for the locals.

3. Diverse Yonezawa gourmet food: Yonezawa beef, ramen, sake, and more

Yonezawa is blessed with a rich climate and nature, and offers a wide range of gourmet foods.

・Yonezawa beef

Yonezawa beef, one of Japan's leading wagyu beef, is a must-try food. Besides enjoying it at a restaurant, we also recommend enjoying it easily in an ekiben (boxed lunch box).

・Yonezawa ramen

Compared to ramen from other regions, Yonezawa ramen is characterized by its light soy sauce soup and medium-thin, curly noodles.

・Yonezawa carp

Yonezawa carp, which has a 200-year history, is raised for three years to give it firm flesh and a taste without any muddy smell. It is popular in a variety of dishes, including fried, sashimi, and simmered dishes.

·Japanese sake

Using rice and water from Yonezawa, sake brewed in the harsh winter cold has a mellow, rich flavor. This historic brewery offers factory tours and sake tastings.

4. The gateway to travel in Tohoku - easy access to Ginzan Onsen and Zao

Yonezawa is located in an area with easy access to neighboring areas, so we recommend a trip around Tohoku with Yonezawa as the center. Depending on the purpose of your trip, you can also extend your trip to Niigata Prefecture or Fukushima Prefecture, such as Zao and Ginzan Onsen, where you can enjoy unique scenery.

We recommend taking the Shinkansen to access Yonezawa!

We recommend taking the Shinkansen from Tokyo Station!

The easiest way to get to Yonezawa is by Shinkansen from Tokyo Station (or Ueno Station) . If you take the Yamagata Shinkansen Tsubasa , you can reach Yonezawa Station in just two hours without having to transfer .

・About purchasing tickets

If you live in Japan , you can make reservations at the "Midori no Madoguchi" (Green Window) located inside the station or through the online service " Eki-net ." However, all seats on the Tsubasa are reserved, so we recommend making arrangements in advance. The fare for a reserved seat in the regular car is 10,330 yen per adult one way (as of April 2024).

②If you are coming from overseas , you can purchase the pass online before you come to Japan. (For more information, please see: https://japanrailpass.net/en/

Access from major airports

Please see below for access from Haneda Airport, Narita Airport, and Sendai Airport.

①Haneda Airport or Narita Airport

From each airport, take the monorail or train to Tokyo Station. Although the number of services is limited, you can also use the limousine bus that goes directly from the airport to Tokyo Station. From Tokyo, it is convenient to travel by Shinkansen.

Please see each website for information on frequency and times.

Haneda Airport Portal Site: Japanese / English

Airport Bus Tokyo-Narita Portal Site: Japanese / English

②Sendai Airport

From the airport, you can take trains, buses, rental cars, etc.

Please check the timetables for each transportation option.

Sendai Airport Portal Site: Japanese / English

If you want to make the most of your time, try the night bus.

For those who want to save time and travel easily, we recommend the night bus. The bus departs from Tokyo Station at around 11pm , so you can head to Yonezawa after enjoying sightseeing in Tokyo. The ride takes about 7 to 8 hours, and you will arrive in Yonezawa at around 6am the next morning.

WILLER Express: Japanese and English

Tohoku Express Bus: Japanese / English

* Bus companies are just an example.

Transportation within Yonezawa City

To get around the city, you can use rental cars, bicycles, trains, buses, taxis, etc. However, public transportation has limited frequency, so it is best to check the timetable before using it.

We recommend renting a car

If you want to travel around Yonezawa and other spots, we recommend renting a car . There are several rental car companies in front of the station, so you can get around as soon as you arrive at the station. Advance reservations and credit card payments are also possible, so please check the procedures for each company when using.

・Nippon Rent-a-Car Yonezawa Station Office

TEL: 0238-24-4363 https://www.nipponrentacar.co.jp/

・Nissan Rental Car Yonezawa Station Branch

TEL: 0238-37-8223 https://nissan-rentacar.com/

・Toyota Rental Car Yonezawa Station Branch

TEL: 0238-26-0100 https://rent.toyota.co.jp/

・ORIX Rent a Car Yonezawa Station Branch

TEL:0238-40-1476 https://www.x-hokuto.com/

・JR station rental car

TEL:0238-22-8161 https://www.ekiren.co.jp/

E-bikes are extremely maneuverable!

E-bikes are available for rental at three locations: JR Yonezawa Station, Yonezawa Roadside Station, and the Nagomi-tei Garden of the Uesugi Count's Residence. E-bikes are sports bicycles with an electrically assisted function, making it easy to ride up hills.

The following website also introduces cycle courses based on purpose and distance, so please take a look.

About e-bike rental

Other public transport options

You can also use trains, buses, and taxis from Yonezawa Station. However, trains and buses run less frequently than in the city , so please check the timetables when using them.

[Train] JR East Yonezawa Station Timetable Japanese / English

[Bus] Route map and timetable

Find the transportation method that suits you best and enjoy sightseeing in Yonezawa!

As we've mentioned so far, the most convenient way to get to Yonezawa is by Shinkansen . Please choose your mode of transportation based on your travel schedule and budget.

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Even within the Tohoku region, the city of Yonezawa is home to many important samurai heritage sites. It's a highly accessible tourist destination in the Tohoku region, about two hours by Shinkansen from Tokyo. Try wearing armor and kimono, take part in a battle, or visit temples and shrines. Why not relive the stories of the lives of Japan's samurai in Yonezawa?

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