Opening March 23rd! Let's eat okonomiyaki at "Micchan Sohonten Orizuru Tower Store"

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Hiroshima has a variety of delicacies such as oysters, dry tantan noodles, and conger eel rice, but the most classic is okonomiyaki. At the historic okonomiyaki restaurant "Micchan Souhonten," you can enjoy authentic Hiroshima okonomiyaki. This time, we will introduce "Micchan Souhonten Orizuru Towe...

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"Micchan Souhonten" where you can enjoy Hiroshima specialties at Orizuru Tower

First, I will give you some basic information about "Mitchan Sohonten."

A famous okonomiyaki restaurant! What is Mitchan Souhonten?

"Micchan Souhonten" is a long-established okonomiyaki restaurant founded in 1950 and is the origin of Hiroshima okonomiyaki.

As Hiroshima rebuilt from a burnt wasteland after the war, okonomiyaki has had a varied history.

Today's classic okonomiyaki, including the creation of okonomiyaki sauce, the combination of ingredients, the inclusion of soba noodles, and the style of eating it with a spatula, all began at "Micchan Souhonten."

Micchan Souhonten's Commitment

The father of Hiroshima okonomiyaki and the man who established it as Hiroshima soul food was Mitsuo Ise. The okonomiyaki at Mitchan Souhonten is full of his particular attention to detail.

With the motto of "Okonomiyaki that you can eat every day without getting bored," they are thorough in everything from how they cut the batter and ingredients, how they grill it, to the sauces they use. They continue to preserve Hiroshima okonomiyaki without changing the traditional style.

What's on the menu at Mitchan Souhonten?

We will introduce the menu of "Micchan Sohonten," the originator of Hiroshima okonomiyaki.


The standard dish at "Micchan Souhonten" is "Soba Meat and Egg." You can eat it as is, or customize it to your liking by adding toppings such as squid, shrimp, and kimchi.

Other popular dishes include "Udon Meat and Egg," which uses udon instead of soba, and "Oyster Soba Meat and Egg," which contains oysters. If you want to fill up, the special menu with plenty of ingredients is recommended.


Teppanyaki is also popular at "Micchan Souhonten." The teppanyaki of Koune, a Hiroshima specialty, is definitely worth trying at least once. You can also enjoy A5-ranked Hiroshima beef sirloin steak, and other dishes made with ingredients from Hiroshima Prefecture, such as oysters and conger eels. There is also a wide selection of alcoholic beverages, so trying them with the teppanyaki is another way to enjoy the restaurant.

Enjoy the Orizuru Tower with your friends!

Here, we will introduce the charm of Orizuru Tower, where the Mitchan Souhonten store is located.

Enjoy a panoramic view of Hiroshima city from the rooftop observation deck! Hiroshima Hills

The rooftop of Orizuru Tower is an observation space. The wooden deck is surrounded by mesh, allowing you to enjoy the view of Hiroshima, including the Atomic Bomb Dome and Peace Park, while feeling the breeze and the sounds of Hiroshima. There is also a takeout cafe, so you can enjoy some okonomiyaki while taking in the view.

There are plenty of other areas to enjoy!

At the Orizuru Square, there are popular spots such as the "Orizuru Wall" where you can throw folded origami cranes, and "Kurukurukuuru", a 70m long spiral slide where you can slide down while spinning around. There is also a shop inside the building, so you will have no trouble buying souvenirs.

How do I get to Orizuru Tower?

We will explain how to get to this fascinating Orizuru Tower.

how to access

Orizuru Tower is located right next to the Atomic Bomb Dome. From Hiroshima Station, take the Hiroshima Electric Railway (Miyajima Line or Eba Line) and get off at Genbaku Dome-mae Station, and you'll see it right in front of you. It takes about 20 minutes from Hiroshima Station to Orizuru Tower. You can also get there by car, but there is no parking lot, so please use a paid parking lot in the area.

Where is Mitchan Souhonten located in Orizuru Tower?

"Micchan Souhonten" can be found immediately to the right after entering the first floor entrance of "Orizuru Tower". The restaurant has 74 seats, but it is expected to be busy at lunchtime. It is best to go early, or get takeout and enjoy it on the rooftop observation deck.

Let's go check out the new store "Micchan Sohonten Orizuru Tower Store"!

"Micchan Sohonten Orizuru Tower Branch" is located inside "Orizuru Tower", Hiroshima's newest tourist spot. It is close to the Atomic Bomb Dome and Peace Park, making it easy to access. Why not try Hiroshima-style okonomiyaki at "Micchan Sohonten Orizuru Tower Branch"? If you visit Hiroshima, be sure to stop by.

"Micchan Sohonten Orizuru Tower Store"

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After the war, okonomiyaki became popular here in Hiroshima. The founder of our company, Mitsuo Inune, is the originator of Hiroshima's okonomiyaki and popularized it throughout the region. Okonomiyaki sauce, cabbage, buckwheat noodles, and eating with a spatula, these Hiroshima-style dishes were all devised by Mitsuo.

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