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Beach tent sauna with aroma and music ~ in Nakajima, Matsuyama City, Ehime Prefecture ~ Held from May 18th (SAT) to 19th (SUN) 2024 ~

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Beyond Nakajima Beach lies a tranquil sea dotted with islands. The scenery unique to the Seto Inland Sea, along with the gentle waves, is soothing. Nakajima is known as the "Orange Island" because it produces the most delicious oranges. May is the season when the entire island is enveloped in the sc...

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What is the Beach Tent Sauna Event, where you can relax with aromas and music?

This community is located in Nakajima, Matsuyama City, Ehime Prefecture, and aims to revitalize the local area by combining art with the island's specialty, shima mikan oranges. We aim to create a community that can contribute to the sustainable development of the island, by creating an opportunity for people who are unfamiliar with Nakajima to learn about the island, and by helping people who have a connection to Nakajima to love it even more.

May is the season when the whole island is enveloped in the scent of mandarin orange flowers. This event is held in collaboration with the "Mandarin Orange Flower Music Festival." You can enjoy a tent sauna while listening to music on the calm beach of Setouchi.

The loyly tent sauna uses a generous amount of precious neroli from Nakajima! Neroli is a highly fragrant, high-quality essential oil extracted from bitter orange (cabusa) flowers. Enjoy the sweet, rich scent of neroli for a top-class relaxation experience.

Last year's tent sauna event

◆ Beach tent sauna event held on November 25-26 last year

The day started with morning beach yoga led by farmer and instructor Shimizu-san ( @yuyashimi ) 🧘
While we were getting ready, the sun rose and we were entranced by the pink world.

Morning sauna turns out to be the best🥳🥳🥳

We will be doing morning yoga again this time!
After yoga, relax in the tent sauna.

Event details

◆Event Schedule

Saturday, May 18
*Make your own original aroma spray *Aroma treatment (reservation required)
19:30 *Movie screening 21:00 SAUNA CLOSE

May 19th (Sunday)
*Morning Beach Yoga (reservations required)

~Make your own original aroma spray~
Making aroma spray using citrus aroma oil from Nakajima.
Learn about aromatherapy and create your own original spray.

~Aroma Treatment~
Aromatherapy treatment using citrus aroma oil from Nakajima.
Treatments are given on the areas of your choice, such as the shoulders, hands, and feet.

・May 18th (Sat) 11:00-16:30
・Himegahama Beach Cool Platform ・Treatment fee: 10 minutes from 1,000 yen

Therapist: Rika Sekiya (Aromage Garden)

Morning Beach Yoga
Morning yoga on the beach listening to the sounds of the waves.
Your instructor is a farmer from the island. Take a deep breath of the ocean scent and stretch your body.

・5/19(Sun) 07:00
・Himegahama Beach (In case of rain, the event will be held under a roof)
・Participation Fee: ¥1,000

Instructor: Yuya Shimizu (Shimizu Orchard)

Use of the tent sauna

・Terms of use:
◎ Customers who purchase one or more aroma products (from ¥1,500)
◎Those who participate in making aroma sprays
*Junior high school students and younger may enter for free
Towel, sandals, swimsuit or T-shirt shorts, etc.
There are changing rooms and showers at Hoshifuru Terrace (the large public bath can be used after 5pm for an additional fee)


To apply, please visit TicketMe.

Sign up here

Aroma Distillation Help Week 2024 Spring will be held from 5/11SAT to 17FRI!!!
Please check this out too!

Access to the event venue

Here is how to get to the event venue, Nakajima/Himegahama Beach.

・From Matsuyama City's ports to Nakajima
You can get to Nakajima by ferry or high-speed boat from Mitsuhama Port, Takahama Port, or Tourist Port in Matsuyama City. Disembark at Oura Port or Konoura Port. Check here for boat timetables and fares.

Ship timetable ~ Nakajima Kisen Co., Ltd. (
Ship fare table ~ Nakajima Kisen Co., Ltd. (

・Nakajima Island (Oura Port, Konoura Port ~ Himegahama Beach)
After arriving at Nakajima, you will travel by bus. Please board at each port and get off at Nagashi.

Access to Nakajima ~ Nakajima Kisen Co., Ltd. (

Official Link

■Meta Nakajima Community Official Website: TOP | Meta Nakajima Community Official Website (
■Official discord:
■Official Twitter:
■Opensea: nakajima-mikan-nft - Collection | OpenSea
■EC site: Meta Nakajima Community Online Shop (

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Nakajima, an isolated island belonging to Matsuyama City, Ehime Prefecture, is blessed with beautiful beaches and other rich nature, and is also known for its mandarin orange cultivation. This project uses NFTs and the metaverse to provide an experience as a resident of Nakajima. This time, we will be distributing 🍊Meta Nakajima Resident Card NFTs🍊 to participants of local events and contributors to community activities. We will continue to provide opportunities that condense the charm of Nakajima, such as an aroma distillation experience using mandarin oranges harvested locally and a sauna loyly experience using distilled water that you have distilled yourself. Let's work together as residents of Meta Nakajima, beyond online and offline! Meta Nakajima Community: Official website:

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