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Kanazawa is home to Kaga Mizuhiki, one of Japan's beautiful traditional crafts. The man who carries on this tradition is Tsuda Rokusuke, the fifth generation of "Kaga Mizuhiki Tsuda." He values ​​the refined communication style so characteristic of the Japanese, while also incorporating new ideas in...

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The message we want to convey through Mizuhiki

The traditional craft of Kaga Mizuhiki is not complete with Mizuhiki alone. The three basic elements of Mizuhiki Orikata are "wrapping" with washi paper, "tying" with Mizuhiki, and "writing" the reason for giving the gift, your feelings, and the name of the recipient.

The first Mizuhiki origami designs were all flat. Meanwhile, Tsuda Sokichi, the founder of Kaga Mizuhiki Tsuda, wanted to evolve Mizuhiki origami. He created 3D designs of turtles, pine, bamboo and plum with Mizuhiki, elevating it to a traditional craft. The more gorgeous the design, the more the recipient feels about the gift, even if it is the same gift.

A fusion of tradition and modernity

Colorful mizuhiki is now often used to create three-dimensional mizuhiki crafts. Nowadays, more and more people treat colorful mizuhiki like a handicraft and enjoy making small items and accessories as a hobby. Young people have few opportunities to come into contact with mizuhiki, and many may handle gift envelopes for the first time when a friend gets married. Kaga Mizuhiki Tsuda has launched the accessory brand "Knot" using Kaga Mizuhiki to provide an opportunity to experience mizuhiki, and is proposing the incorporation of traditional craft techniques into fashion.

The brand name "Knot" contains the meaning of "knot" and the negative meaning of "not." This expresses the contrast between the original use of Mizuhiki as a way to indirectly convey feelings by tying gift wrapping, and Mizuhiki as an accessory, which is different from its original use.

Ideas for a new generation

Kaga Mizuhiki is often used not only in accessories, but also in displays around town and in commercials. Even in these cases, Rokusuke says that instead of just creating three-dimensional Mizuhiki art, he always includes an explanation that helps people understand the essence of Mizuhiki. In a commercial for JT in 2016, the catchphrase was, "In life, there are far more feelings that cannot be expressed in words."

Why not let Kaga Mizuhiki speak for us on celebrations, engagement ceremonies, and other such occasions, as well as in everyday situations where we want to convey gratitude and joy?

Places where you can experience Kaga Mizuhiki

Kaga Mizuhiki Tsuda is located near Nishi Chaya District, an area that still retains the atmosphere of Kanazawa, and is a 20-minute walk from the hotel, or a 10-minute ride on the Kanazawa Castle Town Tour Bus. Experience classes require prior reservations, and you can make accessories, straps, chopstick wrappers, and more. If you bring a gift, you can have it decorated with original Mizuhiki art using Kaga Mizuhiki on the spot.

You can actually see and purchase gift envelopes, mizuhiki accessories, and mizuhiki for handicrafts, so why not stop by during your trip to Kanazawa?

Kaga Mizuhiki Tsuda

Phone number: 076-214-6363

Address: 1-1-36 Nomachi, Kanazawa City, Ishikawa Prefecture

Access: Kanazawa Flat Bus Nagamachi Route "Nomachi Hirokoji" bus stop, 1 minute walk

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