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Setouchi Minato no Yado

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Setouchi Minato no Yado is an accommodation facility that only accepts one group per day, located halfway up the stone steps leading to Senkoji Temple. You can choose from two buildings: the Shimai Residence Western-style building and the Izumo Residence. Enjoy a trip that captures the culture, hist...

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Spend your time like you live

Shimai Western-style Residence

While the exterior of the Shimai Residence remains as it was in the early Showa period, the interior has retained its historical beams and pillars, creating a relaxing space that blends Japanese and Western styles, and the present and past. From the balcony on the second floor, you can look out directly across to Mukojima and the Onomichi Strait.

Please come and enjoy a relaxing time with your precious family and friends, chatting and enjoying the Setouchi lifestyle.

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Izumo Mansion

This place was a branch office where officials were stationed to trade salt, cotton, and other items from the Izumo and Matsue domains.

At some point, people began calling it "Izumo Yashiki."

In this Japanese house believed to have been built during the Edo period, you can spend some quality time experiencing the traditional crafts and culture of the area while thinking about the interactions between people from long ago.

*Guests must be 13 years of age or older to stay.

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A food experience where you can encounter ingredients from Setouchi

The kitchen in your room is equipped with cooking utensils, tableware, a refrigerator, a rice cooker, a microwave, etc., so you can cook as you like.

We offer a set of ingredients that you can prepare yourself using seasonal locally sourced ingredients and seasonings prepared in your room.

We also offer breakfast delivery using fresh vegetables and fruits.

At the dining area of ​​"LOG" located on the same premises, you can enjoy meals supervised by chef Ai Hosokawa.

Please enjoy our course menu, which uses all seasonal ingredients to bring out their flavor to the fullest.

* LOG Dining is available for guests aged 13 and over.

Setouchi Minato Inn

A Minato Inn with a long history

Feel the tranquil atmosphere of this town that continues to this day

Enjoy a relaxed life like you're living here

The days flow in Setouchi

A casual moment

Please enjoy your stay.

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"Shindo Apartment" was born in 1963 as an advanced mountainside apartment located halfway up Mt. Senkoji. In this place where traces of history and culture remain, the apartment that has warmly observed the lives of the people has been reborn as ``LOG - Lantern Onomichi Garden'' while retaining its warmth, lighting up the mountaintops of Onomichi. . LOG is a place where people who live here and people who stroll around town intersect. On the way to Senkoji Temple, you can spend your time as you please from morning until dusk, as a travel inn overlooking the town of Onomichi, or as a park where you can freely enjoy the cafe and garden. Living according to the calendar... Enjoy the blessings of the land without wasting it. Try to do what you can in your daily life with your own hands. LOG is a place and project that explores the richness of life. Praxis・・・ Also, repeat it By conducting the verification yourself, Bringing energy to manufacturing. This approach is the most important element of the project. Lantern Onomichi Garden... At night, soft lights like lanterns are lit, gently illuminating the town. This is the town's oasis and gathering place.

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