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[Chiba, Tateyama] A romantic spot perfect for a marriage proposal: "Lovers' Sanctuary"

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Lover's Sanctuaries are places that have been certified by the NPO Regional Revitalization Support Center as "romantic spots suitable for proposals," and there are over 100 locations nationwide. Tateyama has been certified as a "Lover's Sanctuary: A town where you can see Mt. Fuji from Kagamigaura,"...

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Recommended spot 1: Shiroyama Park

The Tateyama Castle "Hakkenden Museum" stands tall on the top of Shiroyama, and the view from the hillside with a great view is spectacular! It is also famous as a flower park, and is a popular place of relaxation for cherry blossom viewers during the cherry blossom season in late March. There is also a lawn plaza, a children's park, and a city museum, making it one of Tateyama City's most popular stopover spots.

Recommended spot 2: Tateyama Sunset Pier

Tateyama Sunset Pier is the longest pier in Japan, stretching 500m from the coastline. Various ships dock here throughout the year. It is also a popular spot for viewing the beautiful sunset.

Recommended spot 3: Susaki Lighthouse

A 15m-tall lighthouse located on the western tip of the Boso Peninsula. It is a scenic spot from which you can see Mount Fuji, Izu Oshima, the Miura Peninsula, and more.

Moritaya Shoten

At Moritaya Shoten, located next to the stairs leading to the Susaki Lighthouse, you can eat heart-shaped dengaku and tokoroten garnished with heart-shaped agar. The agar used in the tokoroten is 100% locally produced and homemade!

Lover's Sanctuary Bench

There are three benches at Hojo Beach, and the middle one has a lowered center, so that two people sitting on it naturally snuggle up to each other. On clear days, you can see Mt. Fuji across the sea from this spot!

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Tateyama City, Chiba Prefecture is a city rich in nature, influenced by the Kuroshio Current, with a mild climate where flowers bloom even in winter, a varied coastline designated as Minamiboso Quasi-National Park, lush fields and mountains, and fresh seafood from the mountains. It's a town. It is also a town steeped in history and romance, with historic sites related to the Satomi clan, a feudal lord from the Sengoku period, who served as the model for Nanso Satomi Hakkenden. Escape the hustle and bustle of the city and spend a relaxing and relaxing time in Tateyama, located at the southern tip of Chiba Prefecture, just 100 kilometers from Tokyo.

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