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Tokyo DisneySea - 7 Snacks Perfect For Walking And Eating!

Tokyo DisneySea - 7 Snacks Perfect For Walking And Eating!

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Munching on snacks while walking around is a good way to enjoy Tokyo Disney Resort. Today we'll introduce Tokyo DisneySea's top snacks. From cute looking snacks, to gyoza dogs that go perfectly with beer, all the way to the flavorful Churros.

Translated by Greg

Written by Kousuke DEKI

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Tokyo DisneySea - Snacks Made for Eating While Walking!

One of the pleasures of Tokyo Disney Resort is snacking on different treats as you walk around.

You can purchase these snacks at one of the many food carts, and they can often be your best friend when waiting for an attraction or when you're feeling a little hungry.

In today's article we'll introduce seven perfect snacks and sweets for munching on as you explore Tokyo DisneySea. They also include snacks limited only to Tokyo DisneySea, so let's enjoy a walking-eating tour that can only be had here!

1. Chandu's Tail


First up is this snack which has a rather curious shape. Can you recognize what this shape is?

It's a tail! This is a replica of Chandu's tail. Chandu is the baby tiger appearing in Sinbad's Storybook Voyage, an Arabian Coast attraction. It almost feels like a waste to eat such a colorful and cute-shaped snack.

Seen in the above photo, the Spring tail (filled with cheese and chicken curry) is only available for a limited time, until June 6th, 2018. With a spongy and chewy texture, the spicy curry inside rises to the surface and sharpens your appetite. I ate the whole thing in an instant!

Sold at: Sultan's Oasis (Arabian Coast) *Available only at Tokyo DisneySea

Price: 500 yen (including tax)

2. Ukiwaman (Life Preserver-Shaped Bun)


True to its name, this Ukiwaman is shaped like a life preserver, and sold at Seaside Snacks.

Soft and chewy, it's filled with plump and juicy shrimp, and other seafood ingredients. When you bite into it, a smile will naturally come across your face.

Next to the food cart there's an seating area that faces the river, so you can enjoy eating your snack as you leisurely watch the boats pass by.

Sold at: Seaside Snacks (Port Discovery) *Available only at Tokyo DisneySea

Price: 500 yen (including tax)

3. Pork Rice Roll


Next we feature something for those who have heartier appetites. This stick-type onigiri (rice balls) consists of rice wrapped up in pork that's been flavored with a sweet and salty shoyu (soy sauce).

We recommend this for times when lunch didn't quite fill you up and you're still feeling a bit hungry, or when you're in line waiting for an attraction. It has a full bodied flavor making it the perfect accompaniment to beer and other spirits.

Sold at: Liberty Landing Diner (American Waterfront)

Price: 500 yen (including tax)

4. Gyoza Dog


This is a Chinese-style snack. It has an inside filling consisting of pork that is reminiscent of gyoza dumplings. When you pick it up, it's so big that it sticks out of your hand, making this a filling treat.

While eating, you'll naturally feel like having a drink, which it makes it even better when you learn that beer is also sold at this shop. Paired up with a tasty beer, you'll soon be in a state of bliss.

Sold at: Nautilus Galley (Mysterious Island) *Available only at Tokyo DisneySea

Price: 500 yen (including tax)

5. Churros


Mention Tokyo Disney Resort's favorite sweet and churros quickly come to mind. They are available in various flavors such as cinnamon, but only at DisneySea will you find these orange flavored churros, sold at Nemo and Friends (photo above).

With a white and orange striped pattern just like Nemo, this is a very bright and cute snack! The refreshing orange fragrance and crispy, crunchy texture is also quite enjoyable.

Sold at: Horizon Bay Restaurant (Terrace seats) *Orange flavor available only at Tokyo DisneySea

Price: 350 yen (including tax)

6. Little Green Men Mochi Dumplings


These rather unique looking sweets are modeled on the famous Little Green Men (Squeeze Toy Aliens) from Toy Story.

The chilled, chewy mochi rice cakes, which look like little toys, are filled with a choice of three different creams: chocolate cream, strawberry cream or custard cream.

Sold at: Mamma Biscotti Bakery (Mediterranean Harbor) *Available only at Tokyo DisneySea

Price: 360 yen (including tax)

*Will be sold from April 10-September 1, 2018, after which they'll no longer be available.

7. Mickey Ice Pop


An absolute must during the hot summer months is, of course, an ice pop! An ice pop is a cute, Mickey Mouse-shaped frozen dessert (sherbet).

It comes in either a tropical fruit or raspberry flavor (pictured above is raspberry), and both have a refreshing taste. Having one of these after a meal is the ideal way to cleanse your palate.

Sold at: Tropic Al's (Lost River Delta), Open Sesame (Arabian Coast)

Price: 310 yen (including tax)

Let's Enjoy Eating While Walking Around!

Tokyo DisneySea is filled with many kinds of cute looking snacks and sweets. Eating some of them while walking around will surely put you in a cheerful mood!

Some snacks are not on sale at certain times of the year, so before coming to DisneySea please check their menus by referring to their official homepage.

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