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6 Perfect Disney Gifts For Loved Ones On Every Occasion

Which Disney goods would be the perfect choice for that someone special? Read about 7 original goods you can find at Tokyo Disney Resort that would make the ideal gift for anniversaries, marriage proposals, and other important occasions.


Buy Some Disney Goods for That Someone Special

For special anniversaries, or for proposing and professing your love – there can be many reasons to visit Tokyo Disney Resort with that special someone.

But how about preparing a lovely Disney gift for that very important day?

Here we will introduce some of the loveliest presents you can find at Tokyo Disney Resort - you might want to pick one up in advance as a surprise, or choose one together to remember your day by. Win the heart of your loved one with one of them!

1. The “Safe-Choice” Gift – Accessories


First up on our list are accessories - a  well-bought and greatly loved gift. Accessories shaped like Mickey are truly special items you can find only at Tokyo Disney Resort.

You can buy these gifts at many shops, such as Tokyo Disneyland’s Glass Slipper shop, Tokyo DisneySea’s Agrabah Marketplace, and other shops. Take your pick from among many wonderful items such as necklaces and earrings, and surprise your partner with a gift that’ll best suit their tastes.

The prices usually vary around 3000 yen per piece (all of the prices listed below are after tax).


This necklace is a type of a pair-necklace, two halves meant to create a heart. You can get your hands on this lovely piece at Tokyo Disneyland’s Harrington’s Jewelry and Watches, Tokyo DisneySea’s Kiss de Girl Fashions, and other shops, for 6000 yen.

Shops Where You Can Buy Accessories

Tokyo Disneyland:
The Glass Slipper (the Cinderella’s Castle), Harrington’s Jewelry and Watches (the World Bazaar), etc.
Tokyo DisneySea:
The Agrabah Marketplace (the Arabian Coast), Kiss de Girl Fashions (the Mermaid Lagoon), etc.

2. The “Special-Occasion” Gift – Glass Art


Beautiful glass art is sure to bring joy to anyone’s heart if received as a present.

This extraordinary gift is available for purchase at two of the shops we introduced earlier – the Glass Slipper shop and the Agrabah Marketplace. Staff are always present at the shop, so you can even get your name or other words engraved in some of the glass pieces (380 yen per word). How about preparing an exquisite gift for an exquisite occasion?


For a more casual celebration, take a look at the compact mirrors. There are plenty of different character-based motifs, such as Mickey and Minnie Mouse, and you can get one for 2800 yen.


Yes, you’re looking at the real glass slipper! You can even use it when proposing, and if given at the Cinderella’s Castle, it is sure to make a perfect memory for the chosen one. The price for the small sized slipper is 1650 yen.

Shops Where You Can Buy Glass Art

Tokyo Disneyland:
The Glass Slipper (the Cinderella’s Castle)
Tokyo DisneySea:
The Agrabah Marketplace (the Arabian Coast)

3. The “Memento-Style” Decorative Gift – Photo Frames


Next on our list is a stylish and refined glass photo frame. Among numerous Tokyo Disneyland- and Tokyo DisneySea-only designs, you can also look for some event-related, special edition products – one is bound to dazzle you with its beauty.

With the option to have the name or the date of your very special day engraved on the item, this product makes an ideal gift for the exceptional occasions such as wedding anniversaries, especially if both you and your spouse are Disney fans. You can get one frame for around 3460 yen.

Shops Where You Can Buy Photo Frames

Tokyo Disneyland:
The Glass Slipper (the Cinderella’s Castle) and other stores
Tokyo DisneySea:
The Agrabah Marketplace (the Arabian Coast) and other stores

4. The “Everyday-Purpose” Gift – Smartphone Cases


Although there are countless smart phone cases available for sale at Tokyo Disney Resort, the ones that got our attention are of a different kind. These phone cases are perhaps more unique and lovable because you can make them your own original gifts by having your name or the date put on them. The cases are all quite cheery and colorful designs, which will make your heart dance with joy whether as a treat for yourself or as a gift for someone special.


You can have up to eight letters engraved on the plate you can see in the left bottom corner. The case also has a mirror and a card holder, so it comes in handy as an everyday item too. These cases are only available for iPhone 6, 6s, 7, and 8, and cost 3500 yen each.

Shops Where You Can Buy Original Smartphone Cases

Tokyo Disneyland:
The Frontier Woodcraft (Westernland)
Tokyo DisneySea:
The Lost River Outfitters (the Lost River Delta)

5. The “All-Time-Favorite” Gift – Stuffed Toys


If your partner is fond of stuffed toys, have you thought about surprising them with a Disney character toy?

Although there are various character toys you can buy, Duffy seems to be the most loved one among them all. They are mostly sold at Tokyo DisneySea, and the prices start at 3900 yen for a small sized toy.

Shops Where You Can Buy Stuffed Toys

Tokyo Disneyland:
The Grand Emporium (the World Bazaar) and other stores
Tokyo DisneySea:
Stuffed toy Duffy can be bought at McDuck’s Department Store (the American Waterfront) and other stores

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6. The “Casual” Gift – Mugs


If you’re searching for a casual, homey gift, perhaps the best choice would be a mug. Our recommendation would be a super-cute Chip ‘n’ Dale mug with a mushroom-shaped lid. It’s both lovely and useful for beverages, soups and other liquid dishes, as it preserves the temperature for a long period of time. The one you can see in the photograph can be yours for 2000 yen.

Shops Where You Can Buy Mugs

Tokyo Disneyland:
The Home Store (the World Bazaar) and other stores
Tokyo DisneySea:
The Venetian Carnival Market (the Mediterranean Harbor) etc.

Have Fun Selecting Gifts!

There are scores of wonderful, original goods to be found at the Tokyo Disney Resort, including special edition or even limited edition items, beyond those introduced in this article. We hope you find the perfect one for that important person, and create more wonderful memories with them!

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