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35th Happiest Celebration At Tokyo Disneyland! A Must-See Special Event!

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Tokyo Disney Resort 35th Happiest Celebration is an event held until March 25, 2019. From January 11 to March 25 is the grand finale of the festivities! We introduce event highlights going on at Tokyo Disneyland.

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A Special Limited-Time Event

In commemoration of the 35th anniversary of its opening, the special Tokyo Disney Resort 35th "Happiest Celebration!" is currently being held until March 25, 2019 (Mon.) at Tokyo Disneyland.

From January 11 to March 25, 2019, the resort is welcoming the grand finale of the event with special versions of the parade, merchandise, and food. The anniversary event has become even more exciting!

This article introduces the event and what you can enjoy during this limited time!

A Must-See! The Afternoon Parade “Dreaming Up!”


The afternoon parade features Mickey Mouse as the host on an extravagant float with Pluto. Next, you will hear “Dream's Door” playing to help guide guests to a fantasy world.


Goofy is the first guide into the world of dreams. A parade of popular Disney characters singing and dancing energetically follow Goofy.


Make sure to look for Baymax! This is the first time "Big Hero 6" characters are featured in a Disneyland parade. The powerful Baymax flies on top of the float with Hiro, the main character, riding on the robot's back.

A Special Version of the Parade!


During the Grand Finale event, the parade stops during the procession to give guests an opportunity to dance along with the parade's theme song with Disney characters!

Cast members will teach you the choreography before the parade starts. We recommend finding a spot early to take part in the choreography practice.

Popular characters such as Minnie Mouse, Chip and Dale, and Winnie the Pooh also guide guests into the dream world. This is a must see parade for those visiting Tokyo Disneyland during the event period!

Adorable and Delicious Food at the Grand Finale

Filling Roast Chicken

Grandma Sara’s Kitchen serves a special meal set to commemorate the Grand Finale event.


The special set consists of roast chicken as the main dish with a curry-flavored vegetable cream sauce. The set comes with shortcake and a drink for 1,580 yen including tax.

The roast chicken is tender and juicy. Eat the shortcake with the mixed berry sauce to enjoy the sweet and sour flavors.

A Special Menu with Adorable Souvenirs


Sweetheart Café offers two special desserts.

The first is the Strawberry Cup Dessert with Souvenir Cup (780 yen including tax), pictured on the right. The second is the Mille Crepe with Souvenir Plate (780 yen including tax) on the left.

The cup and plate are decorated with an illustration of the Disney characters heading towards the dream world. You’ll want to bring these souvenirs home and use them!

Looking for a Snack? Try this Pizza!


Captain Hook’s Galley has a limited-edition special meal set. Pizza Small World is a meal made only find at this restaurant and comes with a drink for 760 yen including tax.

This pizza is inspired by loco moco, local Hawaiian cuisine. It is topped with small hamburger patties, eggs, and vegetables. We recommend you have a slice when you’re feeling a bit hungry after going on the rides or after watching the parade.

For an additional 1,000 yen (including tax), you can order the souvenir lunch case (pictured above behind the pizza slice) inspired by the “It’s a Small World" attraction. The colorful design is adorable and will make you want to carry it around everywhere.

An Array of 35th Anniversary Merchandise!

Grand Finale Goods


New limited edition goods to celebrate the grand finale! Here are chocolates in a tree-shaped cannister (1,300 yen including tax). You can enjoy three flavor combinations: white and milk chocolate, strawberry and milk chocolate, and caramel and milk chocolate.

The packaging featuring Mickey Mouse in different outfits is adorable and will make you want to give it out as souvenirs to your friends.


An item that is especially popular with people who love cute designs is this pouch (2,200 yen including tax). This is perfect for using as a makeup bag and carrying around! How about getting one for yourself?

Popular Plush Doll Keychains


Character plush doll keychains in their 35th-anniversary outfits are very popular.

Look first for the Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse Plush Doll Keychains (1,900 yen including tax per each doll). They’re dazzling in their 35th-anniversary outfits, aren’t they?


There are also adorable Chip and Dale Plush Doll Keychains with twirling hats. This set is 2,900 yen including tax.

For details on other 35th-anniversary limited edition goods, check out What To Buy? A Guide To Tokyo Disney Resort’s 35th Anniversary Goods.

Celebration Street at the Magical Night World Bazaar


Picture courtesy of ©Disney
The streets of World Bazaar are transformed into Celebration Street to celebrate the park’s anniversary. The 10-meter tall Celebration Tower is a must-see, as are the project mappings projected on the walls of the shops.

The projection mappings are new and just for the grand finale! The 35th-anniversary logo and Disney characters such as Mickey Mouse are projected onto the walls with music and lights.


Picture courtesy of ©Disney

There are also special streamers fluttering in the air you can see during certain times. Everyone can spectacularly celebrate the anniversary with this event. Check the times for the production and be sure to pay a visit to the area!

Perfect Photo Spots and Park Decorations


There are also exciting photo spots for the 35th anniversary at Tokyo Disneyland! What about taking photos during the 35th anniversary in front of the iconic Cinderella Castle?


You can find statues of Mickey Mouse in various costumes throughout the park during the event.

At these spots, you’ll hear Mickey Mouse’s cheerful voice when you go near the statue with the limited edition Happiest Memory Maker (2,300 yen including tax)! Although it is in Japanese, it will feel as if you’re taking a stroll with Mickey Mouse inside the park if you hold it while walking.

The Happiest Memory Maker can also be used at Tokyo DisneySea.


There is also a decoration that warmly welcomes guests in the flower garden located right near the entrance of the park. It looks as if the red carpet is extending into the park.

Chocolate Crunch-Themed Shop Open for a Limited Time!


This sweet snack is a souvenir in Japan that has become synonmous with Tokyo Disneyland. The Pastry Palace, a shop in World Bazaar, is turned into a chocolate crunch-themed shop from April 15, 2018 to March 25, 2019.

The concept of this shop is a chocolate contest. Donald Duck and his family are in charge of this shop. Chocolate crunch is for sale in addition to a lineup of goods like Donald Duck Plush Doll Keychains in themed costumes, cups, and other merchandise.


A popular choice is the All-You-Can-Fit Chocolate Crunch! Choose your container from between two choices and fill it with your favorite flavors. There are six kinds of chocolate crunch. You’ll also be able to select your can lid and ribbon, making it a souvenir just for you!

For details, please read Create "Chocolate Crunch" Souvenirs At Tokyo Disneyland!

Enjoy the Happiest Celebration! Fun No Matter How Many Times You Go!

Tokyo Disney Resort is always filled with a fantastical atmosphere no matter when you visit. The resort is even more magical during the 35th anniversary. This is a great opportunity not only for Disney fans but also people who rarely have a chance to visit.

Tokyo Disneyland isn’t the only park celebrating. There is also an exclusive Tokyo DisneySea Program you can experience. We recommend taking two days to enjoy both parks.

The Tokyo Disney Resort 35th Anniversary “Happiest Celebration!” Grand Finale lasts for around two months. Make a visit and immerse yourself into a dream world.

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