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What To Buy? A Guide To Tokyo Disney Resort’s 35th Anniversary Goods

The special event Tokyo Disney Resort 35th “Happiest Celebration!” will be held at Tokyo Disney Resort until March 25th, 2019. Please be sure to check this article for what to get as there are tons of goods that you can only buy during this period!


A Great Selection of Fun Goods!

During the anniversary event Tokyo Disney Resort 35th “Happiest Celebration” there will be a lineup of several adorable goods that can’t be obtained at any other time except during this period. This event will be held until March 25, 2019.

In this article, we’ve carefully selected souvenirs to introduce that can be bought respectively at either Tokyo Disneyland or Tokyo DisneySea!

Souvenirs You Should Buy At Tokyo Disneyland

1. Character Dolls That Appear in “it’s a small world”

“it’s a small world”, a popular attraction that has existed since the park’s opening, was drastically renovated on April 15th, 2018. Dolls of the characters that were added to the attraction following its renovation are for sale at Kingdom Treasures, a shop near Cinderella’s Castle.

it's a small world

From left to right is Alice from the movie “Alice in Wonderland”, Ariel from “The Little Mermaid”, Elsa from “Frozen”, Rapunzel from “Tangled”, and Cinderella from “Cinderella”. Each doll is 3600 yen plus tax.

it's a small world

There are also small plush doll keychains. These are 1500 yen each plus tax. Their round eyes and blushing cheeks are super adorable, aren’t they?

2. A Standard Item! Popular Character Plush Doll Keychains

donald duck

During the event, plush doll keychains of popular characters wearing their event costumes will line the shop shelves. This time, characters such as Donald Duck and Daisy Duck appear wearing their 35th anniversary outfits. Each plush doll keychain is 1900 yen plus tax.

mickey mouse

There are not only plush dolls in event costumes, but also a plush doll keychain of Mickey Mouse in his first outfit consisting of a black tailcoat and red pants.

Check out details about other character plush doll keychains are introduced in “35th Happiest Celebration! Don’t Miss This Special Anniversary Event At Tokyo Disneyland!

3. Items Perfect for Snacks


Popcorn is found everywhere in the park. A 35th Anniversary Limited Bucket perfect for holding while walking around the park is now being sold. It also comes with a lid, so you don’t have to finish eating all your popcorn at once. This item is sold at popcorn wagons for 3200 yen plus tax.

with case

There are also Mini Snack Cases and Sweets Topping with Souvenir Cases (500 yen plus tax) that are adorable as key holders on your bag. The Mini Snack Case comes with gummy candies or colorful chocolates at 800 yen plus tax.

gummy candies

Please look carefully at the gummy candies when you eat them. Some will be printed with a Mickey Mouse design.

The Sweets Toppings are sold at Tomorrowland Terrace, the gummy candies can be found at various food vendors, and the colorful chocolates can be found at Huey, Dewey, and Louie’s Good Time Café. These products can also be found at Tokyo DisneySea.

4. Snacks for Friends


To the left of the photo is the Snack Bag filled with three types of snacks. It comes with barbecue corn chips, cheese corn snacks, and butter soy sauce flavored popcorn at 550 yen plus tax.

To the right of the photo are chocolates. It comes with three types of flavors with twelve pieces inside for 1000 yen plus tax. The chocolates are individually wrapped and also come with a Mickey design on them, making them great as a souvenir for group gathering with friends.


Other products include the Assorted Tea (1500 yen plus tax/24 bags), which comes with jasmine tea and black tea bags, and candy that can be enjoyed in five different flavors (600 yen plus tax/35 pieces).

The assorted tea come in cans printed with an impressive design featuring Mickey and Minnie Mouse with happy expressions.


Pictured above are Mickey-shaped cookies, priced at 950 yen plus tax with fifteen pieces inside. The cookies also come with stickers of Mickey Mouse in various costumes.

5. Coca Cola as a Novel Souvenir


There are even Coca Cola bottles for sale with the 35th anniversary design printed on them. This product is 800 yen plus tax, but the bottle is a limited-edition product that you can’t purchase anywhere else. How about buying a bottle as a souvenir?

6. Goods You’ll Want to Buy for Yourself


Here is a tumbler (2800 yen plus tax) and mug (1400 yen plus tax) with the history of Tokyo Disney Resort as its design. The bottom of the mug depicts Mickey Mouse wearing both his outfit at the time of Disney’s establishment and his 35th anniversary outfit.


This is a pouch (2900 yen plus tax) that feels good and fluffy to the touch. On the front is the first version of Mickey Mouse with his hand stretched outwards while the back features him wearing his 35th anniversary outfit moving towards the future.

7. Check Out the Limited Products at Pastry Palace!

There are also several limited-edition products at Pastry Palace, a special chocolate crunch-themed shop. The shop’s concept is a “chocolate competition hosted by Donald Duck and his family.

donald duck

Donald Duck has been transformed into a chef in his efforts to make works of art out of chocolate and is sold as a plush doll keychain. This item is 1900 yen plus tax.

ball pen

There are also stationery products made in the image of chocolate like this ball pen (1000 yen plus tax) that uses chocolate crunch, a typical Japanese souvenir, as an accessory.

For details on this special shop, please read the article Create "Chocolate Crunch" Souvenirs At Tokyo Disneyland!

Check Out Duffy From the Limited Goods at Tokyo DisneySea!

8. Duffy and Friends Plush Doll Keychains


Here are Duffy and Friends who, upon seeing Mickey Mouse becoming excited for the 35th anniversary, began to march around, exclaiming, “we want to do something fun!” If you gather these four straps (1800 yen plus tax/strap) together, you almost can hear the excited marching of Duffy and Friends.

9. Yummy Souvenirs and Brilliantly Packaged Sweets


We recommend the madeleines to the left of the photo (1600 yen plus tax/eight pieces) and assorted cookies to the right (1300 yen plus tax/sixteen pieces) as souvenirs. In addition to the adorable packaging, each sweet has been made in the shape of Duffy and Friends, which will delight your friends when you give these to them.

For those that want to take a look at other goods, please read: 35th Happiest Celebration! See The Water Show At Tokyo DisneySea!

Plenty of Excitement at Disney's 35th Anniversary Event

happiest memory maker

Have fun walking in the park with the Happiest Memory Maker (2300 yen plus tax).

Aside from what we’ve introduced in this article, there are many goods you’ll want to wear in the park, such as headbands of your favorite character, 35th anniversary designed T-shirts, and more. Visitors coming to this anniversary event will enjoy picking out souvenirs and the imagination put into the shows, attractions, and food at the Tokyo Disney Resort.

How about choosing the 35th anniversary at Tokyo Disney Resort as a page in your wonderful book of memories?

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