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Transportation from Narita Airport to Tokyo: 5 Recommended Routes

Transportation from Narita Airport to Tokyo: 5 Recommended Routes

Translated by UCHACA

Written by Kazuki Tsuchido

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Narita Airport is seeing more and more travelers each day. Most of them are asking the same question: how do you get from the airport to Tokyo? We introduce here six ways you can use! Compare them and choose the most convenient one!

With an increase in the number of low-cost carriers recently, Narita Airport is seeing more and more travelers each day than ever before.

At first many might think that Narita Airport isn't as convenient as Haneda Airport, but there are actually many different routes available from this travel hub to downtown Tokyo. Today let's take a look at 5 of the most convenient routes.

1. The Narita Express

The Narita Express (N'EX) is one of the limited express trains used to go to Narita Airport. The N'EX takes you from Narita Airport to Tokyo station in only an hour. The N'EX provides access from Narita Airport to major stations in the downtown area, including Shibuya, Shinjuku, Hachioji and Yokohama without any transfers. It costs about 3000 yen (from Tokyo to Narita Airport).

All seats require prior reservation (which may be done online), so you are guaranteed to have a seat which is equipped with a large tray and an electrical outlet. Each car also has a large storage space where you can store your luggage with dial locks.

2. The Keisei Skyliner

This limited train is also known as The N'EX. The Skyliner provides non-stop service to Nippori Station, which offers easy connections onto JR lines, as well as Ueno. Moreover, The Skyliner offers the shortest travel time (only 36 minutes) from Narita Airport to Nippori Station. It costs about 2500 yen which is 500 yen cheaper than The N'EX. The train's interior is also comfortable and safe.

In Narita Airport, you can buy a ticket at the counter at the arrival hall or at the ticket vending machine at B1 in Terminal 1 and Terminal 2.

The counter for "The N'EX " is red and the "The Keisei Skyliner" is blue so you can find them easily.

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Keisei Skyliner Transfer between Narita and Tokyo

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