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Tokyo Disneyland Summer 2019: Tanabata Days and Toy Story 4

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Make the most out of summer with events at Tokyo Disney Resort! This article covers Disney Tanabata Days, an event celebrating the summer Japanese tradition that ended on July 7, 2019, and a "Toy Story 4-" related event with one-of-a-kind goods and limited menus held until September 1, 2019.

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Have Fun with Two Summer Tokyo Disney Events

At Tokyo Disney Resort, Disney Tanabata Days was held until July 7, 2019. Based on the legend of Tanabata, Mickey and Minnie Mouse—dressed as Hikoboshi (the star Altair) and Orihime (Vega), respectively—greeted guests alongside other Disney characters dressed in traditional clothing.

Another special event, Funtime with Toy Story 4, is held until September 1, 2019. This event is related to the movie "Toy Story 4," which was released this summer.

The following is an on-site report of the theme park's festivities along with recommendations on how to enjoy these events.

Making a Wish with Mickey and Minnie

Tokyo Disneyland Tanabata Days and Toy Story 4

As many Japanese annually make wishes during Tanabata, the Wishing Place appeared at the World Bazaar inside Tokyo Disneyland.

A large decoration featuring Mickey and Minnie, dressed as Hikoboshi and Orihime, surrounded by bamboo stalks, created a Japanese atmosphere.

Tokyo Disneyland 2019: Tanabata Days and Toy Story 4

Visitors wrote their wishes on a Mickey-shaped card. Nearby, wishes made by other Disney characters could be seen on display as well.

Tokyo Disneyland Tanabata Days and Toy Story 4

At night, the World Bazaar was illuminated by a gorgeous projection mapping display as guests enjoyed the Tanabata-themed music which filled the air after sunset.

Tokyo Disneyland Tanabata Days and Toy Story 4

Decorated by fantastic lights that appeared like magic, the World Bazaar resembled the Milky Way with Disney characters disguised as constellations. The scenery created a long-lasting memory of the enchanted visit.

Tanabata Greeting

Tokyo Disneyland Tanabata Days and Toy Story 4

With the Tanabata music playing in the background, Mickey and Minnie dressed as Hikoboshi and Orihime appeared on a rickshaw while greeting park guests. Other Disney characters, some riding floats, also joined in.

Tokyo Disneyland Tanabata Days and Toy Story 4

The Disney princesses danced to celebrate Tanabata.

Tokyo Disneyland Tanabata Days and Toy Story 4

Minnie, adorning a Tanabata-themed dress, resembled a princess! A photograph of Minnie against the backdrop of Cinderella Castle looked even more romantic.

Limited-Edition Tanabata Merchandise

Tokyo Disneyland Tanabata Days and Toy Story 4

About forty items related to Disney's Tanabata Days were also on sale.

Many park visitors were enchanted by the adorable stuffed Mickey and Minnie plushes, dressed as Hikoboshi and Orihime, priced at 1,800 yen per doll (including tax). A star-shaped stuffed doll and an interior light of Chip and Dale, priced at 2,800 yen each (including tax), were also popular.

Tokyo Disneyland Tanabata Days and Toy Story 4

Photograph courtesy of © Disney

During the event, limited items designed with a Japanese aesthetic were also on sale. Earrings (650 yen), folding fans (2,200 yen), yukatas, and mini-sized towels would all come in handy on a trip in Japan (All prices include tax).

Tokyo Disneyland Tanabata Days and Toy Story 4

The picture above shows a soap bubble machine, a popular item with children. It creates colorful bubbles and can be used as a light during the nighttime parade. The price is 2,500 yen, including tax.

Special Tanabata Menu Choices

Tokyo Disneyland Tanabata Days and Toy Story 4

Nothing beats carbonated drink on a hot summer day. The sparkling jelly drink, which contains grape jelly and carbonated water, will make you forget about the sweltering temperature.

The yellow drops are made of soft, jiggly collagen ingredients. The two kinds of jellies not only make this adorable drink fun to look at, but also had a delicious textures (priced at 380 yen).

Tokyo Disneyland Tanabata Days and Toy Story 4

The vivid, purple-colored jelly is a refreshing treat. The texture of the grape-flavored jelly and the mousse on top is perfect for a hot summer day. A cute limited edition cup sold during the Tanabata period could also be purchased with the jelly (750 yen, including tax).

Tokyo Disneyland Tanabata Days and Toy Story 4

Another special item was peach-flavored kakigori (shave ice) and blue jelly. It will quench your thirst and help you beat the summer heat.

The star-shaped topping, along with the soft-serve ice cream, created a starry night-like image that was simply adorable (priced at 550 yen, including tax).

Toy Story 4 Special Event

Tokyo Disneyland Tanabata Days and Toy Story 4

One of the photo spots inside Tokyo DisneySea.

"Toy Story 4," a movie Disney fans have long been awaiting, was released in Japan on July 2019.

To commemorate the movie's release, a special event, Funtime with Toy Story 4, is held until September 1, 2019, at both Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea.

Special Event Food and Drinks

Tokyo Disneyland Tanabata Days and Toy Story 4

© Disney

The Eastside Cafe at Tokyo Disneyland serves the Chef's Special (2,480 yen, including tax). It comes with different items, like smoked salmon and carrot salad served with a simple orange sauce.

The main dish is a tomato cream sauce pasta with shrimp and crab. The set also comes with a piece of bread to satisfy a healthy appetite. The dessert is a yogurt-flavored vanilla raspberry mousse.

Tokyo Disneyland Tanabata Days and Toy Story 4

A kit for making Forky, a new character in "Toy Story 4," is handed out with an order of the Chef's Special at both Tokyo Disneyland and Sea.

Forky can be set on a table, with a lump of clay at the base. A wide variety of expressions can be made using the stickers included in the kit. (The dish in the background is a limited menu item at Tokyo DisneySea, priced at 1,580 yen, including tax.)

Tokyo Disneyland Tanabata Days and Toy Story 4

© Disney

Unlike other drinks, the melon soda, a popular beverage, is served with strawberry jelly. The soda is 400 yen, and a limited edition coaster can be purchased for an additional 500 yen.

The coaster looks a puzzle piece with a Toy Story motif. It would look adorable on the dining table.

Tokyo Disneyland Tanabata Days and Toy Story 4

The lemon-soda smoothie (500 yen including tax), arranged in the image of Andy's room from the movies, is served with strawberry jelly and lemon-soda drops at the bottom. A scoop of ice cream drizzled in mango sauce tops the drink.

The smoothie tastes sweet but is also refreshing. This drink is a great choice for children.

toy story 4 mini-snack case

A limited edition mini-snack case with a new design is also available for purchase, along with a key ring of either the Aliens, Hamm, or Forky. The characters are all adorable.

You can attach the case to your bag just in case you get hungry. The case comes with gummy candies and is priced at 850 yen.

Toy Story Photo Spots

Funtimes with Toy Story 4

There are also multiple photo spots in the park related to "Toy Story 4." At Tokyo Disneyland, visitors can take part in a special program called Look for Forky for free. Try and find Forky, who will be hiding inside the park.

Look for Forky

He is hiding in different spots throughout the park, so be on the lookout!

Toy Story 4 Limited Edition Items

Toy Story 4 Limited Edition Items

Cookies: 800 yen; Stuffed Doll: 1,600 yen; Cap: 2,800 yen; Stickers: 900 yen (All prices include tax.)

A total of 50 Toy Story movie memorabilia such as cardholders, baseball caps, Forky dolls, cookies, stationery, and limited-edition Tomica models are on sale during the event.

They can only be purchased at Tokyo Disney Resort, so don't forget take a look if you have the chance to visit.

Enjoy Tokyo Disneyland Resort in Summer

Tokyo Disneyland Tanabata

During the Tanabata event, many guests came to the park dressed in yukata (lightweight kimono), which further adds to the Japanese atmosphere.

In 2019, the inclusion of the special event Funtime with Toy Story 4 also creates a new type of excitement to enjoy at Tokyo Disney Resort. Be sure not to miss a visit to the parks in summer!

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