Enjoy Anna And Elsa's Frozen Fantasy At Tokyo Disneyland!

Enjoy Anna And Elsa's Frozen Fantasy At Tokyo Disneyland!

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A must see for 'Frozen' fans! This article introduces the highlights of the special winter event "Anna and Elsa's Frozen Fantasy", going on until March 17th, 2017, as well as tips to fully enjoy Tokyo Disneyland.

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Did you know that Tokyo Disneyland is holding a special winter event? The event's name is 'Anna and Elsa's Frozen Fantasy'.

You can only enjoy this event inspired by the world of the Disney movie 'Frozen' until March 17th! If you visit Japan during this time, you should check it out!

What Are the Highlights of 'Anna and Elsa's Frozen Fantasy'?

1. 'Frozen Forever' - This Magical Projection Will Amaze You!


Photo by (c) Disney 

This is the highlight of the night. 'Frozen Forever' is a castle projection onto Cinderella's Castle that is only possible in Tokyo Disneyland. Of course, the projection consists of various famous scenes themed around Anna and Elsa's childhood and family ties from the Disney movie 'Frozen'.

How about diving into the world of 'Frozen' while listening to memorable songs such as 'Let It Go' which echo throughout the park.

The central viewing area is only for those who have won the lottery. You can take part in the lottery at the Tomorrowland Hall or on the website. The amount of shows and showtimes is subject to change, so please check the 'Today' guide given with the map at the entrance for the details.

2. 'Frozen Fantasy Parade' - The Park Covered With Snow and Ice!


Photo by (c)Disney

The highlight of daytime is the 'Frozen Fantasy Parade'. This is also using the world of 'Frozen' as a theme, and characters such as Anna, Elsa, and Olaf will be there. Snow will even fall during the parade!

There will be a scene where everybody dances singing 'Let It Go' together, so you can enjoy this parade more if you practice the dance before you visit. Please also check with 'Today' for the number of shows and showtimes.

3. Photo Location - You Can Take a Photo With the Characters!


There are photo locations where you can take a photo with the characters from 'Frozen'. At the plaza in front of Cinderella's Castle, you can take photos with Anna and Elsa in the background and there is also the spot where you can take a photo with Sven getting aboard his sleigh in the Fantasy Land.


Elsewhere, there are Snowgies, little snowmen from the short movie around the park. It will be fun to search for them and take pictures!

Disney Resort Line is 'Frozen' Themed too!


Photo by (c)Disney

During the event, 'Anna and Elsa's Frozen Fantasy', the 'Disney Resort Line', which runs between JR Maihama station and Tokyo Disney Land, Tokyo Disney Sea, and the hotel area, will have an Anna and Elsa design!


Characters such as Anna, Elsa, and Olaf will welcome you onto the train.

Enjoy 'Anna and Elsa's Frozen Fantasy' With Costumes 


You can enjoy the event more if you wear the costumes of Anna or Elsa like this family visiting from Australia. The boy dressed as Olaf is very cute, isn't he!

Tips to Enjoy Tokyo Disney Land to Your Heart's Content in the Winter



Tokyo Disneyland is located on the seacoast which means it is very cold when windy in the winter. Especially if you wish to enjoy the nighttime show, you want to be aware of the appropriate attire to bring with you.

Wear a thick coat and scarf around your neck to prevent catching a cold and so that you don't have bad memories of being unable to fully enjoy your time at the park because of the cold weather. Gloves are a must as well.

Wagons, like in the picture above, and souvenir shops sell cute scarves and gloves. It would be great to buy Disney goods to prevent the cold and to give yourself a useful souvenir as well.


To prepare for the bitter cold, disposable kairo, or self-heating packs, are recommended. You can get kairo at convenience stores and drug stores.

Also, if you want to sit down to enjoy the parade, it is a good idea to bring a thick ground sheet with you. However, many people line up to watch the parade, so please be kind and share your spot and enjoy with everyone.

A Place You Can Enjoy Again and Again!


Tokyo Disneyland holds various events every season. Even though you may have been there once, you can make new discoveries and enjoy a totally different atmosphere when visiting in another season. The place lets you be as pleased as you can be, no matter how many times you visit. This is Tokyo Disneyland.

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