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Anna And Elsa's Frozen Fantasy At Tokyo Disneyland - Until March 2018!

Anna And Elsa's Frozen Fantasy At Tokyo Disneyland - Until March 2018!

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A must see for 'Frozen' fans! This article introduces the highlights of the special winter event "Anna and Elsa's Frozen Fantasy", going on until March 19th, 2018, as well as tips to fully enjoy Tokyo Disneyland.

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Perfect for SNS! A Cute Special Set With an Olaf Shaped Bun

anna and elsa frozen fantasy olaf

At the Sweet Heart Cafe, located to the right when exiting World Bazaar, you'll find a really cute special set (990 yen with tax) featuring a bun shaped like Olaf's face.

The bun shaped like Olaf's face is filled with a savory corn cream. This comes with an orange bun shaped like Olaf's carrot nose, a grape jelly, and a drink. For your drink, you can choose whatever you like from the cafe menu. Each bun has a slightly different expression on its face, so make sure to find one that makes you smile!

For an extra 870 yen, you can get a souvenir lunch case to take home from this set as well.

Find Winter Limited Souvenirs for Your Loved Ones!

There are of course plenty of 'Frozen' themed souvenirs to choose from during this winter event. You might want to pick some up to enjoy while at the park and to take that Disneyland atmosphere back home with you.

Chocolate Covered Kaki no Tane Snacks

anna and else frozen fantasy snacks

A popular snack, Kaki no Tane are a type of senbei, and these special edition ones have been dipped in chocolate and white chocolate. A bag with ten individual packages costs 800 yen with tax.

On top of the package you get a cute souvenir clip featuring Olaf and the Snowgies, which makes this a great item to give to family or friends.

Small Stuffed Olaf Toys

anna and elsa frozen fantasy olaf

Here's a cute small toy and pin of Olaf sniff a flower. These are 1600 yen with tax each. Other than these Olaf toys, there are also ones of Anna, Elsa, and many other characters too you can choose from.

A Stuffed Snowgie

anna and elsa frozen fantasy olaf

These adorable grinning stuffed Snowgies are just 1900 yen with tax. If you decorate with several of them together in a room, you're sure to find yourself feeling bright and cheery.

Secrets to Enjoying Winters at Tokyo Disneyland to the Fullest

Clothing Items

tokyo disney the world of frozen

Tokyo Disneyland is located on the seacoast which means it is very cold when windy in the winter. Especially if you wish to enjoy the nighttime show, you want to be aware of the appropriate attire to bring with you.

Wear a thick coat and scarf around your neck to prevent catching a cold and so that you don't have bad memories of being unable to fully enjoy your time at the park because of the cold weather. Gloves are a must as well.

Wagons, like in the picture above, and souvenir shops sell cute scarves and gloves. It would be great to buy Disney goods to prevent the cold and to give yourself a useful souvenir as well.

anna and elsa's frozen fantasy

Here are mittens with Chip and Dale on the back. Not only are they warm, they're also really cute. These are 2400 yen with tax.

anna and elsa's frozen fantasy

This Winne the Pooh shaped blanket is 2200 yen with tax. Unfolded, this useful blanket has a hood attached, so it can be worn like a poncho or bolero wrap, or rolled up tight and used as a cushion. There are also Mickey, Minnie, Donald Duck, and Daisy Duck versions available.

Finding the right souvenir for yourself, especially if it's one that is season limited, is another great way to enjoy Disney goods after you've left the park as well.


To prepare for the bitter cold, disposable kairo, or self-heating packs, are recommended. You can also get kairo at convenience stores and drug stores.

Also, if you want to sit down to enjoy the parade, it is a good idea to bring a thick ground sheet with you. However, many people line up to watch the parade, so please be kind and share your spot and enjoy with everyone.

A Place You Can Enjoy Again and Again!

anna and elsa's frozen fantasy

Tokyo Disneyland holds various events every season. Even though you may have been there once, you can make new discoveries and enjoy a totally different atmosphere when visiting in another season. A place where you can be as happy as you like, and enjoy yourself to your heart's content, no matter how many times you visit. This is Tokyo Disneyland.

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