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New And Popular Goods! Must Have February Souvenirs At Tokyo Disneyland!

New And Popular Goods! Must Have February Souvenirs At Tokyo Disneyland!

Translated by Sandy Lau

Written by MATCHA

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Limited time only shops have opened for the Lunar New Year season at Tokyo Disney Resort. The shops handle Tokyo Disney Resort-exclusive products, and are perfect places to find select souvenirs!

Limited Time Store & Goods In February!

Hina Dolls

Mickey & Minnie Mouse Hina Dolls (2200 yen plus tax)

Tokyo Disneyland is an amusement park visited by all. For a limited time until February 28th, 2018, a collection of souvenir merchandise only found in Japan will be displayed inside Party Gras Gifts to go with the Lunar New Year season.

New 2018 products as well as merchandise that can only be purchased at Tokyo Disneyland, like a kimono-clad Minnie Mouse plush doll, are all gathered in one place. If you’re looking for souvenirs, then we recommend this shop!

New in 2018! Cherry Blossom & Attraction Inspired Goods

1. Plush Doll Badge

Cherry Blossom Mickey Doll Badge

The super popular Mickey and Minnie Mouse Plush Doll Badges have released in a cherry blossom motif. One doll is 1800 yen plus tax.

Their cherry blossom-designed clothes and shoes are simply adorable. Their entire bodies are in a pink color scheme, making them especially irresistible for pink lovers.

2. Drink Bottle

Drink Bottle

This is a drink bottle depicts Minnie Mouse wearing a kimono with a cherry blossom ornament on her head. It is 1700 yen plus tax. A main feature of the bottle is that it can be opened in two ways - from the cap or from the middle as shown in the photo above.

3. Cherry Blossom Latte Sticks

Cherry Blossom Latte

Here are cherry blossom latte sticks that are characterized by a creamy, but light taste. It is 800 yen for a box of five sticks.

It’s easy to make. All you have to do is pour the cherry blossom latte powder into hot water or milk and you’re done! The latte is pink with a sweet fragrance that will gently waft into the air, so we recommend this product for when you want to feel a little bit glamorous.

4. Tumbler And Mug

Tumbler and Cup

This tumbler and mug uses a logo inspired by the attractions and symbols inside Tokyo Disneyland.

Its charm is in its poppy, but refined design. It can be used by anyone! The tumbler is 2600 yen while the mug is 1200 yen, both including tax.

5. Staple Souvenirs (Stickers, etc.)

Sticker, Nail Clippers, etc

Here are some products that use the same logo as the tumbler and mug. When you stick the sticker (300 yen plus tax) to the left of the photo onto your suitcase and the magnet (600 yen plus tax) in the middle of the photo on your refrigerator at home, it’ll always remind you of the fun memories from your trip.

Nail clippers (1200 yen plus tax), to the right of the photo, are extremely popular with tourists! It’s made in Japan and are very easy to clip your nails with.

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