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Tokyo DisneySea's Christmas Event: Christmas Wishes 2017 Edition!

Tokyo DisneySea's Christmas Event: Christmas Wishes 2017 Edition!

Chiba 2017.11.14

In this article we introduce Tokyo DisneySea's 2017 Christmas event, "Christmas Wishes". Visitors will enjoy DisneySea-exclusive Christmas lights and decorations, as well as parades, where even Santa Claus comes to visit.

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At Tokyo DisneySea, a limited time special Christmas event will be held only from Wednesday November 8th to Monday December 25th, 2017.

The theme of their 2017 event is "A Christmas Wish ".In this article, we will introduce the special shows featuring Disney characters, plus fantastic night entertainment and romantic events taking place during this holiday season.

For basic information on Tokyo DisneySea please see A Beginner's Guide To Tokyo DisneySea.

Disney Friends Sing and Dance in "A Perfect Christmas"

perfect christmas

Throughout this event, the Perfect Christmas show is held three times a day every day. During this event you can see your beloved Disney friends unveil how they like to spend Christmas, all the while experiencing the joys of Christmas with your family and friends.

perfect christmas mickey mouse

The Disney friends dance and sing along to Christmas songs, and share their feelings about Christmas by decorating the tree, exchanging presents, making snowmen, and doing much more.

The addition of the new feature, Snow Direction, in 2017 is simply gorgeous.

perfect christmas chip and dale

"Playing in the snow is the best part of this season!" say Chip and Dale, and snow-themed dancers will appear. The snow really begins to fly, and a fun-filled Christmas atmosphere takes over.

This lively show doesn't have any of the cold of winter to it. And if you dance along with the characters, both your body and heart will be warmed right up.

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