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Let's Meet Duffy's New Friend Stella Lou At Tokyo DisneySea!

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Have you heard? Duffy's friend Stella Lou has arrived at Tokyo DisneySea! Let's go and meet this cute lavender bunny, and check out the fabulous Stella Lou souvenirs.

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Who's Duffy's New Friend Stella Lou?


On March 23rd, a new friend joined everyone at Tokyo DisneySea. Her name is Stella Lou, and she's a friend of the popular bear Duffy. Stella Lou is a lavender bunny girl who dreams of becoming a dancer.

Actually, this is the first time that another of Duffy's friends has appeared in two and a half years, since Gelatoni the cat came around. Shelly Mae and Gelatoni are her friends too, and Japan's Disney fans just can't wait to meet Stella Lou too!

If you pick up some Stella Lou souvenirs, you're sure to have everyone asking "Where did you find this?" when you return home!

How Can I Meet Stella Lou at DisneySea?


At Tokyo DisneySea, a special event called "Stella Lou's Greeting Drive" to celebrate her arrival is being held until August 31st.
You can meet Stella Lou, who is riding about in a car with Mickey and Duffy, in the American Waterfront area 1-3 times a day!


During this time, posters featuring Stella Lou and Duffy are on display in the American Waterfront area, and some great photo spots are available too. There are also plenty of goods, Stella Lou lavender colored sweets, burgers and more to enjoy as well.

This is a must-see event for those interested in Stella Lou and fans of Duffy too!

Take a Peek at Some of the Special Stella Lou Souvenirs!

Recommendation No.1: Stella Lou Stuffed Toy


While visiting Tokyo DisneySea, you're sure to see people walking about the park carrying Duffy and Stella Lou stuffed toys!

You can, of course, purchase your own to take home after enjoying your day in the park, but many people like to pick them up right away and take commemorative photos of Stella Lou with them as they have fun around DisneySea (3900 yen, with tax).

**The costume is sold separately.

Recommendation No.2 : Stella Lou Coin Case


Carrying a Stella Lou coin case is another sight you'll see in the park. There are also Duffy and Gelatoni versions, so if you come to Tokyo DisneySea with friends, you can all wear your favorite characters too (1700 yen, with tax).

Recommendation No.3: Stella Lou Stuffed Toy Strap


If you want to keep your Stella Lou with you always, then a stuffed toy strap is perfect for you! You can attach it to anything, which means Stella Lou can easily come with you to school or work (1300 yen, with tax).


Also, for those who would like to take Stella Lou with them when they head out, in addition to the cute straps, we also recommend the drink bottles and three color ballpoint pens you see in the above photo. By changing your everyday goods to Stella Lou ones, you're sure to feel happier every day!

Right: Drink bottle 3200 yen (with tax). Left: Three-color ballpoint pen 1600 yen (with tax).

Perfect Sweets for Souvenirs and a Limited-time Only Menu!

Chocolates and Cookies


If you'd like to give someone Stella Lou sweets, what do you think of these?

On the left are Assorted Chocolates (1200 yen, with tax); this is an assortment of cute chocolates featuring Stella Lou and Duffy motifs. On the right are Assorted Cookies (1000 yen, with tax), which also feature Stella Lou and Duffy designs.

Both come in a cute tin that you can keep and use even after the chocolates or cookies are gone.

Limited-time Only Menu


This fun, limited-time menu is only available to those who come to the park.

On the left is the New York Deli Recommended Set. This set features a Stella Lou lunch bag, with a chicken, shrimp and avocado sandwich on a purple bun, plus a drink and soup. The lunch bag is yours and can be used afterwards as a lunch bag or as small side bag. This set is only available until August 31st (2110 yen, with tax).

The strawberry mousse with a souvenir cup set is on the right. The cute, purple mousse, which comes with a mug you can take home, makes for a truly memorable dessert! This is also a limited-time only set, available until August 31st (920 yen, with tax).

The amazing Stella Lou inspired treats and the chance to meet Stella Lou herself introduced in this article are limited-time only events, so if you would like to meet Stella Lou yourself, use this article as your guide and hurry to Tokyo DisneySea before it's too late!

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