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Get Pokémon, Sanrio and Ghibli Souvenirs from Tokyo Station's Character Street!

Get Pokémon, Sanrio and Ghibli Souvenirs from Tokyo Station's Character Street!

Translated by Lester Somera

Written by Anna

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The Tokyo Character Street in Tokyo Station is a one-stop shopping area, with more than 30 shops featuring goods designed after your favorite anime characters!

There are plenty of famous anime characters in Japan, such as Pokémon, Hello Kitty and the Studio Ghibli characters, to name a few. Goods featuring these characters are standard souvenirs for visitors to Japan. However, since the official stores for each of these characters are scattered throughout Japan, it is quite difficult to go around and visit all of them.

I want to buy all my character goods at one place!

With those people in mind, today we would like to introduce the Tokyo Character Street, where items designed after all the famous anime characters are gathered together.

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What is the Tokyo Character Street?


The Tokyo Character Street, which specializes in anime character goods, is located in an exceptionally convenient spot two minutes away from Tokyo Station’s Yaesu exit, inside First Avenue Tokyo Station. The street is lined with more than 20 shops selling goods from famous anime, official goods from Japanese TV channels, and more.

Our Recommended Selection!!

Let’s get right into it and introduce three shops on the Tokyo Character Street which are particularly popular with overseas visitors.

1. Donguri Kyōwakoku


First, there is this impressive shop decorated with luxurious trees - Donguri Kyōwakoku, which deals in goods from Studio Ghibli.


The interior is full of Ghibli goods, starting with items from My Neighbor Totoro. Lots of people buy souvenirs not just for themselves, but as gifts for family and friends. Apparently, the shop is very popular among visitors from all over Asia.


These hand puppets are particularly popular. Featuring characters from movies such as “Spirited Away” and “Princess Mononoke,” the hand puppets are sold in sets of five, as well as individually.

Through splendid modeling, these little puppets have surprisingly rich facial expressions! They are so cute that customers will have the impulse to not stop at five, but buy all of them in one shot.


Movies from Studio Ghibli are played in the store, and it has a very playful atmosphere, with decorations like brooms and radios from the actual films. On the day we visited, there were many customers taking photos here.

At the Tokyo Character Street, the staff works tirelessly not just to sell goods, but to help customers make great memories. For this reason, various photo spots are laid out so that people take the best pictures possible.

2. The Hello Kitty Shop


Next, we will introduce the Hello Kitty Shop, which deals in Sanrio character goods. The interior is lined with cute items that will add extra fun to your daily life before you know it. The shop is not just popular with women; there are plenty of male customers, too.


All sorts of Sanrio character goods are on sale here, but Hello Kitty is the top seller, to say the least. We recommend checking out goods that are particularly evocative of Japan, such as folding fans and kimono-clad Kitty dolls.


The shop has plenty of other Sanrio character goods on sale, including My Melody and Pom Pom Purin, which should delight people who are fans of characters besides Kitty!


The Hello Kitty Shop is also fully stocked with limited-edition series items that can only be bought at Tokyo Station. Kitty against the station backdrop is really cute, isn’t she?

3. The Pokémon Store


Finally, we will introduce the Pokémon Store. The Pokémon Center sells more than 2500 kinds of carefully-selected goods.


This is the Pokémon trading card game, which is popular even overseas. Reasonably priced and easy to give to friends, a pack of cards is perfect as a souvenir gift.


The apparel items have recently experienced a surge in popularity. The various items available include T-shirts, parkas, socks and more. Above all, wearable goods seem to be the favorite items of visitors from overseas.


This is the incredibly popular Pikachu stuffed toy, exclusive to Tokyo Station. This is only available here and nowhere else, so if you buy one to bring home, you can show it off to all your friends!!


Finally, we’d like to draw your attention to the feet of the deluxe-sized stationmaster Pikachu, the symbol of the store. Actually, the signature of Junichi Masuda - an influential figure in the Pokémon world - is hidden underfoot. When you visit the store, try to find it for yourself.
© 2016 Pokémon.
© 1995-2016 Nintendo/Creatures Inc. /GAME FREAK inc.

Accessing the Character Street from the Ticket Gates

Tokyo Station is extremely vast, and there are several exits. It’s not unusual for first-time visitors to get lost, so to close out the article, we will explain how to get to Tokyo Character Street.


First, head for the Yaesu exit, and look for the underground ticket gates.


Proceed out the ticket gates, go straight ahead, and this cross will appear underfoot. Follow the sign, and turn left.


Proceed straight down this path, and Tokyo Character Street will soon come into view.

Tokyo Character Street is easy to access, and you can buy all your popular character souvenirs in one shot. There are plenty of other shops we didn’t have time to introduce, like the Weekly Shōnen Jump Official Shop and the Ultraman Goods Shop, all jostling for your attention.

When you visit Tokyo, you could say that this is definitely a place you need to check out.

Tokyo Character Street

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