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Umi no Ie (Beach House) - Japanese Encyclopedia

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Beach houses, or "umi no ie," are incredibly popular summer spots that pop up along the shores of Japan. You'll find various services that are great for groups and families. Read on to learn how to use these beach houses on a hot summer's day!


Japan is a nation surrounded by the sea. It's no surprise that going to the beach is popular among those living here during the summer months. The sight of the vast expanses of sea and sky will fill you with freedom and excitement.

Beach houses, or "umi no ie," are small businesses located along the shore. As an essential element of Japan's beach culture, this article will introduce some of the services they offer.

What Can You Do at a Beach House?

Services provided by beach houses vary, so please keep this in mind while reading the article.

1. Food, Drink, and Rest Service

Umi no Ie (Beach House) - Japanese Encyclopedia

Being in the sun all day can make you thirsty and swimming in the ocean can work up an appetite. Fortunately, beach houses sell water, juice, and alcoholic beverages like beer. If you're feeling hungry, yakisoba, curry rice, and other light meals are also available when taking a break from the sun and sea.

2. Buying or Renting Swimming Goods

Umi no Ie (Beach House) - Japanese Encyclopedia

Parasols, beach beds, inner tubes, bathing suits are available at most beach houses. It's safe to say that anything required to fully enjoy the beach can be bought or rented here. Some even rent out boogie boards or bodyboards and other beach sport items.

3. Lockers and Shower Facilities

Umi no Ie (Beach House) - Japanese Encyclopedia

Most beaches are only accessible by car or train. If you prefer changing into your swimsuit at the beach, then look for a beach house with lockers. After swimming in the salty sea water and walking through sand, you probably will want to take a shower. In this case, looking for a beach house with lockers and shower facilities would be ideal for feeling refreshed and clean.

Not every beach house has these facilities, so please keep this in mind.

4. Additional Features

Umi no Ie (Beach House) - Japanese Encyclopedia

Beach houses are conveniently located on or nearby beaches. A single day at the beach might not be enough time for some visitors. Luckily, some beach houses have accommodations located nearby. There are even beach houses facilitating special events and live concerts.

Important Rules at Beach Houses

Japanese beach houses are the complete package with food and drinks, rental items, and goods for sale. However, there are a few rules that must be followed when visiting these establishments.

Umi no Ie (Beach House) - Japanese Encyclopedia

First, beach houses close when the swimming season ends. They are typically taken down from autumn and closed until summer the following year. On days of bad weather or few beach-goers, they may not open or close early.

While each beach has its own rules, many beach houses prohibit loud music, smoking, and drinking. These rules should be followed to avoid unnecessary trouble.

Where Can You Find Beach Houses?

Umi no Ie (Beach House) - Japanese Encyclopedia

Beach houses can be found all across Japan. Sagami Bay in Kanagawa Prefecture is one of Japan's top summer stops only an hour-long train ride from Tokyo. You'll find many popular beaches along the Shonan coastline. Now, we'd like to introduce two beach houses that are easily accessible.

1. Beach House Hamaiso

Umi no Ie (Beach House) - Japanese Encyclopedia

Photo shown for illustration purpose only.

This beach house at Southern Beach Chigasaki is a family establishment operating for over 100 years. In addition to serving food and drinks, they also have hot showers and family locker rooms.

2. Beach House Asia

Umi no Ie (Beach House) - Beach House

For illustrative purposes only.

This beach house at Chuo Beach in Kamakura City is where you can rent beach goods, have a BBQ, and use lockers and hot shower facilities.

In Conclusion

If you're visiting Japan during the sweltering summer, why not hit the beach and take a break at one of these seasonal hot spots?

The information presented in this article is based on the time it was written. Note that there may be changes in the merchandise, services, and prices that have occurred after this article was published. Please contact the facility or facilities in this article directly before visiting.