Kamakura Guide: How To Get Around, Sightseeing, Dining And More!

Kamakura Guide: How To Get Around, Sightseeing, Dining And More!

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Located an hour from Tokyo in Kanagawa Prefecture, Kamakura is home to the Great Buddha Hall and a myriad of other historic buildings. This comprehensive guide explains all you need to know to enjoy Kamakura to the fullest!

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Kamakura - The Old Capital in the East

Kamakura is a city in the southern part of Kanagawa Prefecture. More than eight centuries ago, it prospered as the seat of the Kamakura shogunate, back when samurai were the ruling class of Japan. Up until that point, Kyoto had been the nation’s capital, but the lord Minamoto no Yoritomo carried out his nation-building endeavors with Kamakura as the hub of the country, and the culture of Kamakura still remains in many temples and traditional arts.

Even in modern-day Kamakura, there are many temples that evoke the character of Kamakura’s time as the capital, as well as places to try zen meditation and participate in tea ceremonies. The city’s seafood dishes, popular among gourmets, use fresh young sardines from the nearby ocean. In addition, there are many cool cafes and a variety of stores, making Kamakura a tourist destination for men and women of all ages.

Table of Contents

1. Going To Kamakura
2. Getting Around Kamakura
3. Convenient Kamakura Tour Buses
4. Kamakura Area Guide
5. 20 Kamakura Sightseeing Spots
6. Recommended Kamakura Cafes
7. Kamakura Shopping Spots
8. A Model Itinerary For Kamakura
9. Kamakura Lodging
10. Kamakura Events and Nature
11. Kamakura Dining And Souvenirs
12. Kamakura Temperatures And What To Wear When Visiting

Getting To Kamakura Station

Getting To Kamakura From Ikebukuro, Shinjuku, Or Shibuya

To get to Kamakura from Ikebukuro, Shinjuku or Shibuya Station, your most convenient route is via the Shonan Shinjuku Line on a train bound for Zushi. From Ikebukuro, the journey is one hour and three minutes; from Shinjuku, it takes 57 minutes; from Shibuya, it takes 52. The fare is 920 yen from all three stations.

Be careful when taking the Shonan Shinjuku Line. If you get on a train bound for Kozu or Odawara, you’ll need to switch midway at Ofuna Station and transfer to the JR Yokosuka Line. You don’t need to transfer on trains bound for Zushi, Yokosuka or Kurihama.

Getting To Kamakura From Tokyo And Shinagawa

You can head directly to Kamakura Station from Tokyo Station, Ueno Station or Shinagawa Station via the Yokosuka Line. The fare from Tokyo Station is 920 yen (57 minutes), and from Shinagawa Station, it’s 720 yen (49 minutes).

For more information, check out our Visit The Great Buddha: How To Reach Kamakura From Tōkyō article.

Going From Narita Airport To Kamakura

Next we’ll talk about how to get from major airports to Kamakura Station. First, you’ll need to take the Narita Express to Ofuna Station. (110 minutes, 4,620 yen on a regular train). From Ofuna Station, transfer to the JR Shonan-Shinjuku Line (10 minutes, 160 yen).

Going From Haneda Airport To Kamakura

You need to head to Yokohama Station from Narita Station, so take the Keikyu Limousine Bus from the airport (30 minutes, 560 yen). From Yokohama Station, take either the Yokosuka Line or Shonan-Shinjuku Line to get to Kamakura Station (330 yen, 20 minutes).

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