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Enjoy History and Nature in Kamakura! 4 Unique Guesthouses for an Exciting Stay

Kamakura is a famous city known for its rich history, culture, and nature. Visit on a day trip, or stay overnight to fully take in the area. Let’s take a look at unique guesthouses for a fun Kamakura stay!

The Historical City of Kamakura

A one-hour train ride from Tokyo, Kamakura—best known as the ancient Japanese capital—is an area beloved by Yasunari Kawabata and other Japanese authors of the Showa period. This group of distinguished writers were nicknamed the "Kamakura Writers" after moving to the city.

In this article, we take a look at guesthouses in Kamakura where you can truly feel the historical and cultural ambience of the city.

1. IZA Kamakura Guest House & Bar – a Retro Western Home

IZA Kamakura Guest House & Bar Exterior

IZA Kamakura Guest House & Bar is a guesthouse remodeled from an old-fashion Western-style home. The guesthouse is quite unusual for a Kamakura accommodation, both inside and out. It’s conveniently located about two minutes from Enoden Hase Station on foot. The Kamakura Daibutsu (Great Buddha of Kamakura) is also just a ten minute walk away!

IZA Kamakura Guest House & Bar Dormitory

Guestrooms are available in double, twin, four-person private family room, or dormitory-style. The dormitories are six-person rooms with bunk beds. Both styles of room are clean and comfortable spaces.

IZA Kamakura Guest House & Bar Fireplace

There’s also an open space with an antique fireplace stove. This space is a bar and lounge where guests gather to drink and chat with one another. It’s the perfect environment to share the experiences from your trip!
Breakfast and dinner can be ordered for around 500 yen per person.

2. GUESTHOUSE Irodori Kamakura – Attentive Care and Hospitality

GUESTHOUSE Irodori Kamakura Exterior

Guesthouse Irodori Kamakura is a guesthouse opened by a “samurai warrior,” only a ten minute walk from JR Kamakura Station. Every day the owner, Mr. Takano, puts on his armor and transforms into a samurai warrior! He's a unique individual that puts his heart into welcoming guests.

This guesthouse is known for adopting many barrier-free designs. The building itself is a traditional Japanese structure, but is designed so that even people with physical disabilities are able to stay with ease.

GUESTHOUSE Irodori Kamakura Dormitory

These are the dormitory guestrooms. Private family rooms include futon, making for a traditional Japanese experience. One private room has tatami mat flooring, while the other has wooden flooring. Immerse yourself in the historical ambience of the building and make yourself at home!

GUESTHOUSE Irodori Kamakura Barrier-free Bathroom

The guest house's newest facility is the barrier-free bathroom. This specialized facility was installed by Mr. Takano, who previously worked in nursing care, and is more convenient to use than a standard washroom.

Several Kamakura attractions have stairs that can make them quite difficult for wheelchair users to enjoy. Mr. Takano provides support such as assisting guests in wheelchairs with sightseeing so that they’re able to enjoy it to the fullest!

3. GOOD MORNING ZAIMOKUZA – an Ocean View from a Beachfront House!


GOOD MORNING ZAIMOKUZA is a beachfront bed & breakfast! Just cross the road and you’ll be right on the beach.

Wakae Island—the ruins of an artificial harbor constructed during the Kamakura period—is clearly visible at low tide. Depending on the weather, you may be able to see Mt. Fuji and enjoy this amazing ocean view to the fullest.


Their guestrooms have several unique charms.

Stay with your pet in a loft guestroom, get a room with an ocean view of Zushi and Wakae Island, or choose a room with a view of Mt. Fuji! You’ll be excited for your stay as soon as you make your reservations!

GOOD MORNING ZAIMOKUZA Japanese-style Breakfast

In the morning, you can enjoy a Japanese-style breakfast complete with side dishes. Even the locals come to visit the guesthouse for breakfast, since you can purchase breakfast here without spending the night. You can look forward to mingling with the locals, too!

4. Kamakura Guest House – a Lodging with a Hearth

Kamakura Guest House Exterior

Kamakura Guest House is a little farther from central sightseeing areas. However, the guesthouse itself is located in a residential area where you can enjoy a closer connection with local life.

The building was originally a traditional Japanese restaurant. On the first floor, you’ll find a sunken hearth—a type of fireplace that was commonly used in Japan long ago—that creates the perfect atmosphere.

A small bar counter is set up at the back of the lounge, creating opportunities for guests and locals to mingle. There are also 24-hour supermarkets and convenience stores in the area that will be very convenient for your stay.

Kamakura Guest House Tatami Dormitory

The guesthouse’s dormitories are futon-style. The kitchen is free to use as well. How about cooking up some food as you interact and share your travel experiences with guests from various places?

Bicycles are available for rent at the guesthouse. It’s a ten minute bike ride from the guesthouse to the Kamakura Buddha. An elementary school and junior high school are located in the neighborhood, so please take care to watch out for children when bicycling.

Stay and Explore Kamakura’s Charms

Kamakura is one of many sightseeing destinations known for its historical structures and gorgeous scenery. Take it easy with a stay in the city and thoroughly experience charms only found in Kamakura.

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