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Zushi, A Kanagawa Beach Resort Near Tokyo: Travel, Hotels, And Dining

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Zushi is a city in Tokyo's neighbor, Kanagawa prefecture, where you will find many incredible beaches, gorgeous natural sights and amazing summer festivals. Read on for more information on this mini resort area!

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Zushi is a coastal town found in Tokyo's neighboring prefecture, Kanagawa. A mere two hours by train takes you from Tokyo to Zushi's suburbs, where beaches like Zushi and Isshiki are located and marine sports are incredibly popular. As soon as the weekend starts, you're sure to see people here wind-surfing, sea-kayaking and more out in Zushi.

Marinas like Hayama Marina and Riviera Zushi Marina are here as well. Yacht and crusier owners gather in Zushi, making this also a fashionable resort area too. Today let's take a closer look at the many charming points Zushi has to offer.

Table of Contents:

1. Accessing Zushi Station
2. Transportation in Zushi
3. Zushi Area Guide
4. 22 Recommended Spots
5. Events in Zushi
6. Hotels in Zushi
7. Zushi Restaurants & Souvenirs
8. The Climate, What to Wear & Summary

How to Reach Zushi Station

Zushi, A Kanagawa Beach Resort Near Tokyo: Travel, Hotels, And Dining

Here is how to reach Zushi Station from the domestic airports and major train stations in Japan.

From Tokyo Station

Our recommendation is to take the Yokosuka line from Tokyo Station. There aren't any transfers and you will arrive at Zushi Station in an hour. The total fare is 920 yen.

From Shinjuku or Shibuya Station

Shinjuku or Shibuya Station (Shonan-Shinjuku Line) to Ofuna Station (Yokosuka Line) to Zushi Station

If you are traveling from Shinjuku or Shibuya Station, we recommend taking the Shonan-Shinjuku Line to Ofuna Station, then changing to the Yokosuka Line and get off at Zushi. The total fare is 920 yen.

It depends on the day of the week, but about 1-2 times an hour there is a Shonan-Shinjuku Line train that travels directly to Zushi Station; if you can catch this train, you need not transfer at all on your trip.

From Haneda Airport

From the domestic terminal of Haneda airport, take the Keikyu Kuuko Airport Express heading to Kanazawa Bunko to Yokohama Station. At Yokohama Station,transfer to the JR Yokosuka Line train bound for Zushi or the Shonan-Shinjuku Line train bound for Zushi. Both routes will take roughly one hour and cost 820 yen.

From Narita Airport

From Narita Airport, take the Narita Express train to Ofuna Station. The fare for a standard seat costs 4620 yen. From Ofuna Station to Zushi Station it is only three stations, so take either the Shonan-Shinjuku Line or Yokosuka Line, both bound for Zushi; the fare will be 170 yen.

The total cost for this route is 4790 yen, and it will take about 1 hour and 40 minutes.

It is possible to use the Japan Rail Pass on the Narita Express as well. If you are planning on taking the shinkansen for some long distance travel while in Japan, then prior to your flight to Japan, you should apply for a Japan Rail Pass.

For more information on the Japan Rail Pass, please refer to this article: Tailor-Made Holidays in Japan with Japan Rail Pass

Transportation in Zushi

Zushi, A Kanagawa Beach Resort Near Tokyo: Travel, Hotels, And Dining

While in Zushi the bus is very helpful; if you are planning on visiting Zushi Beach you can actually walk there, but if you want to see Isshiki or Morito beaches or other areas, the bus is our best recommendation.

JR (Yokosuka Line, Shonan-Shinjuku Line)

These lines are the important ties that connect the people of Zushi,Yokohama and Tokyo together.。


From Zushi Station there are buses that will take you to Shonan Kokusaimura, Hayama Isshiki Beach, Kinugasa Station and other places.If you wish to go sightseeing the suburbs of Zushi, these buses focused on sightseeing spots are the most convenient option.

Taxi and Rental Car

In front of Zushi Station there is a taxi rotary and a rental car shop as well. If you are more interested in traveling at your own pace and want to avoid having to wait for the bus, then these are your best options.

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Zushi Area Guide

Zushi, A Kanagawa Beach Resort Near Tokyo: Travel, Hotels, And Dining

The Zushi area has many sightseeing areas: Zushi Station, Hayama and Shonan Kokusaimura, among others. Now let's take a closer look at these places.

Around Zushi Station

Around Zushi Station you will find the Shonan Ginza Shopping Street and the Yanagisa-dori Shopping Street, which are the city's best shopping and dining spots. Here you will find izakaya and restaurants selling dishes made with locally grown produce and freshly caught seafood, sweets shops, general goods stores and more.

Around Zushi Beach

Zushi Beach is home to plenty of resort spots where you can really relax, such as Hiroyama Park and Zushi Marina. These areas are bustling with people out to enjoy marine sports on the weekends.
For more information on this area, please refer to the following article: Mini Resorts Just Outside Tokyo - 6 Beaches In Kanagawa And Chiba.


A fact even known to Japanese children, Hayama is where you will find Hayama Goyotei, the Imperial Holiday Residence. This area is well-known and loved by celebrities as the most popular summer home area in the Kanto region. The outskirts of Hayama are overflowing with stylish places, like Isshiki Beach, Hayama Shiosai Park and Chojagasaki, Morito Daimyojin, Hayama Marina and others.

Shonan Kokusaimura

Shonan Kokusaimura, also known as Shonan Village, is a multi-functional area, with hotels, apartments, business training institutions, lecture halls and more all in one location. From their elevation, you can watch as Sagami Bay stretches out before your eyes, and even see Mt. Fuji, Hakone, Tanzawa and the Izu Peninsula in the distance. Their location in Hayama also makes it possible to sightsee in Kamakura and Enoshima as well.

22 Recommended Spots in Zushi

Here we have collected all of the top sightseeing spots in Zushi. First, we will start with historic landmarks, temples and shrines.

1. Roka Memorial Park

This park, "Roka kinen koen" in Japanese, was constructed as a memorial to the Meiji era literary master, Tokutomi Roka, who had a connection to this area. It is an amazing park to enjoy the fall colors in.

Address: Kanagawa, Zushi, Sakurayama 8-chome 2274 1
Website: Roka Kinen Park

2. Zushi Kyoto Shiryokan

This is the museum found in Roka Memorial Park. Within this museum, built during the Taisho period, you will find writings by people related to Zushi, historical furniture and other items that were used or found in the Zushi area on display.

Address: Kanagawa, Zushi, Sakurayama 8-chome 2300
Website: Zushi Kyodoshi Ryokan

3. Nagoekiri Doshi

These are the ruins of the road that formerly connect Zushi and the Eastern Capital, Minami Tobu, Kamakura during the Edo period. Although this highway is no longer used by people, the stone monuments, watchtower and other traces of that time stand as historical ruins creating the perfect place to go exploring.

Address: Kanagawa, Zushi, Kotsubo
Website: Nagoekiri Doshi

4. Namikofudo

This is a small temple found near Zushi Beach, which was the setting for Tokutomi Roka's novel, "Hototogisu" (Lesser Cuckoo). A stone monument to the hototogisu was erected just in front of the ocean here.

Address: Kanagawa, Zushi, Shinjuku 5-5-5
Website: Namikofudo

5. Jinmuji Temple

Called one of Kanagawa's top 50 picturesque places, this is a very elegant temple. Starting from the large gate, Romon, the Yakushido and Kyakudenhoshuden halls are two of the many highlights of this temple.

Address: Kanagawa, Zushi, Numama 2-chome 1402

6. Ikegoiseki Shirokan

This is a museum where you will find many of the artifacts that have been discovered in this area dating from the Yayoi period (c. 300 BC -300 AD) all the way to the modern era on display. A must for history fans, here you can see items such as fossils from the Calyptogena soyoae, a species of gigantic sea clam, dating back nearly 50 000 years.

Address: Kanagawa, Zushi, Ikego Inside the US Armed Forces housing district
Website: Ikegoiseki Shirokan

7. Morito Jinja

Morito Shrine was established 800 years ago and provided for by the celebrated warrior Minamoto no Yoritomo. Shiokagura, a special form of Shinto music and dance, meant to pray for safety at sea and good catches is performed here, and the Sansankute Basamishiki, a horseback archery rite passed down since the Kamakura period (1185-1333 CE) as well as other festivals take place all year long at this shrine.

Address: Kanagawa, Miura, Hayama, Horiuchi 21025
Website: Morito Jinja

When in the Zushi area, you just have to stop by the beach. Now let's take a look at our recommended beaches.

8. Zushi Beach

This beach was the setting for the short novel, "Taiyou no Kisetsu" (Season of the Sun), written by Tokyo's former prefectural governor, Ishihara Shintaro. At that time, it was such a hit that a commemorative plaque reading 'Taiyou no Kisetsu' was installed on Zushi Beach. In the summer there are numerous beach houses established here, making it a great place for young people and families to hang out.

Address: Kanagawa, Zushi, Shinjuku 2-9-33
Website: Zushi Beach

9. Isshiki Beach

Isshiki Beach is where you will find plenty of trendy beach houses and beach bars come the summer. Selected as one of the top 88 beaches with pure waters, this is where you will find very safe swimming areas and a beautiful natural landscape. The waves are calm, which makes this an excellent place for kids to play in the waters too.

For more information on this beach, please take a look at this article: Mini Resorts Just Outside Tokyo - 6 Beaches In Kanagawa And Chiba.

Address: Kanagawa, Miura, Hayama, Isshiki 2

10. Morito Beach

This beach is found on the edge of Morito Shrine and is said to be the widest sandy beach in Hayama. There are viewing points here where you can see all the way to Enoshima and even Mt. Fuji. Although you can take part in marine sports here, in order to protect the natural environment, barbecues and the like are prohibited on this beach.

Address: Kanagawa, Miura, Hayama, Horiuchi

11. Chojagasaki Beach

This beach is found on the boundary between Yokosuka and Hayama. With a small peninsula jutting out into the ocean here, Chojagasaki is known as an excellent place to view the sunset from.

Address: Kanagawa, Miura, Hayama, Shimoyamaguchi

With places like the Riviera Zushi Marina and Hiroyama Park on its outskirts, the Zushi and Hayama areas are also where you will find plenty of places with a stylish air to them.

12. Riviera Zushi Marina

This marina has resort apartments, wedding halls and reception spaces and plenty of restaurants to choose from in it. With the ocean, palm trees, and white stone walled apartments lining the road, you just might think you've stumbled into a tropical beach resort here. This is a sightseeing spot where you can enjoy a completely different atmosphere than that found in Zushi proper.

Address: Kanagawa, Zushi, Kotsubo 5-23-9
Website: Riviera Zushi Marina

13. Hayama Marina

Hayama Marina is a marina with a 50 year old history; here you will also find restaurants and shops established. A further attraction to this marina is that it also commands amazing views of Enoshima and Mt. Fuji.

Address: Kanagawa, Miura, Hayama, Horiuchi 50-2
Website: Hayama Marina

14. Hiroyama Park

Hiroyama Park is a park and sightseeing spot in Zushi that has incredible views of Enoshima, Mt. Fuji and Zushi Marina. Inside the park there is a small animal area with monkeys, peafowl, rabbits, chickens and other creatures too.

Address: Kanagawa, Zushi, Shinjuku 5-4-1
Website: Hiroyama Park

15. Hayama Shiosai Park

This park was established on the grounds of the former Imperial residence which has since been demolished. Within the park you can enjoy Fukei no Taki, a Japanese-style garden with a waterfall.

Address: Kanagawa, Miura, Hayama, Isshiki 2123
Website: Hayama Shiosai Park

16. Hayama Shiosai Museum

Found in the grounds of Hayama Shiosai Park, at this museum you can see displays on the different fish, seaweed, shellfish and crustaceans that live in the waters around Hayama. The Emperor Showa collection and deep sea creatures exhibits are also must-see exhibitions.

Address: Kanagawa, Miura, Hayama, Isshiki 2123
Website: Hayama Shiosai Museum

17. Osaki Park

Osaki Park is located just a short distance from Hiroyama Park and is best known for its views of Mt. Fuji, Enoshima, Kotsubo Harbor and Zushi Marina.

Address: Kanagawa, Zushi, Kotsubo 4-chome 739
Website: Osaki Park

18. Nangokami no Yama Park

If you would like to walk through a lushly green park, then Nangokami no Yama Park is the place for you. A public park, there are also baseball grounds and tennis courts available here.

Address: Kanagawa, Miura, Hayama, Nagoe 1888 1
Website: Nangokami no Yama Park

19. Akiya no Tateishi

Akiya Tateishi Beach is where you will find strangely shaped rocks jutting out from the ocean. This is another spot with gorgeous views of the sunset.

Address: Kanagawa, Yokosuka, Akiya 3-5
Website: Akiya no Tateishi

21. Hananoki Park

This park has about 15,000 individual azaleas growing in it; from the last two weeks of April every year, this park bursts into bloom.

Address: Kanagawa, Miura, Hayama, Horiuchi 2145
Website: Hananoki Park

22. Shonan Kokusaimura Green Park

This is where you will find 70,000 azaleas growing; it was chosen as one of the top 100 flower viewing spots in Kanagawa.

Address: Kanagawa, Miura, Hayama, Kamiyamiguchi 1560-91
Website: Shonan Kokusaimura Green Park

Marine Sports Available at Zushi's Beaches

Zushi, A Kanagawa Beach Resort Near Tokyo: Travel, Hotels, And Dining

In Zushi's coastal waters marine sports like surfing, wind-surfing, paddle surfing, sea-kayaking, diving and others can be enjoyed. Recently there have been a number of people doing fly-boarding here as well.

Events in Zushi

Zushi, A Kanagawa Beach Resort Near Tokyo: Travel, Hotels, And Dining

Now let's take a look at some of the seasonal events that take place in Zushi.

January: Kotsubo Mikan Throwing

In order to pray for good hauls and safety on the sea for the year, fishermen and women gather on the beach and throw mikan oranges into the sea during this festival.

June: Zushi Beach Fireworks Festival

An incredible fireworks festival, this one has the distinction of being one of the first in the summer season. The sight and sounds of the fireworks paired with music make this a spectacle not to be missed.

August: Shoryo Okuri

This event is one where, while Buddhist monks recite sutras, the citizens of the area place Toro lanterns on boats and send them out to sea.

November: Zushi Beach Yabusame

This event is performed in remembrance of the Kamakura period (1185-1333 CE). Yabusame refers to the art of archers on horseback demonstrating their talents, while there are parades of children dressed in brilliant period costumes and of samurai through the city.

Hotels in Zushi

Although are only 2-3 business hotels in the Zushi and Hayama area, there are plenty of resort hotels to choose from.
At many of these hotels, two of the most popular being the Hayama Hotel Otowanomori and Kotsubo Beach Linca, a one-night stay will cost about 30,000 yen or so. Zushi's resort hotels are fully equipped and have excellent hospitality and reputations, which make them ideal places to stay - stays such as this are sure to add to your great travel memories of the area.

Hayama Hotel Otowanomori
Address: Kanagawa, Yokosuka, Akiya 5596-1
Website: Otowanomori

Kotsubo Beach Linca
Address: Kanagawa, Zushi, Kotsubo 5-8-3
Website: Kotsubo Beach Linca

Accommodation Reservations:>

Restaurants in Zushi

Zushi, A Kanagawa Beach Resort Near Tokyo: Travel, Hotels, And Dining

In Zushi, we can't recommend enough trying the wonderful locally caught seafood. The amazing fresh fish and seafood caught off Hayama and Kotsubo harbors can be best enjoyed at the restaurants and izakaya pubs in the area.

Other than seafood, La Maree De Chaya and Riviera Grand Blue are two well-established French restaurants loved by both the locals and tourists to the area as well.

And, at The Gazebo, you can enjoy authentic fish and chips made in the shop; this is another shop that is beloved by locals both young and old.

La Maree De Chaya
Address: Kanagawa, Miura, Hayama, Horiuchi 24-2
Website: La Maree De Chaya

Riviera Gran Blue
Address: Kanagawa, Zushi, Kotsubo 5-23-16
Website: Riviera Gran Blue

The Gazebo
Address: Kanagawa, Hayama, Horiuchi 387
Website: The Gazebo

Souvenirs from Zushi

For souvenirs of the area, Hayama Beer, made in the image of Hayama, and the handmade donuts from Misaki Donuts are perfect.。

Hayama Beer
Website: Hayama Beer

Misaki Donuts Zushi Shop
Address: Zushi 6-5-1 White & Grey 5 1F
Website: Misaki Donuts

And, there is also Beach Muffin, a shop selling healthy sweets - they even have vegetarian-friendly items available here. For more about Beach Muffin, take a look at this article: The Store With Two Faces, "Beach Muffin"!.

Beach Muffin
Address: Kanagawa, Zushi, Sakurayama 8-3-22
Website: Beach Muffin

Zushi's Climate and What to Wear

Zushi, A Kanagawa Beach Resort Near Tokyo: Travel, Hotels, And Dining

The climate in the Zushi and Hayama area is comparatively warm. The UV level in Zushi is particularly high in the summer, so we strongly recommend bringing hats, sunglasses and sunscreen if you visit in the summer. In the winter it is rather cold here; down coats, warm hats and gloves to protect against the cold are important to remember.

In Summary: to Enjoy Sightseeing in Zushi

Zushi, A Kanagawa Beach Resort Near Tokyo: Travel, Hotels, And Dining

In Zushi, you will find yourself walking to many different places, so wearing sneakers or other comfortable shoes to walk in would be ideal.

Zushi and Hayama are well known as relatively safe areas with good senses of public order, however, there are many black kites (a bird of prey) that live in this region that may attack, so please be aware of this point. They mainly can be found around the beaches where they have learned to wait about to eat the food left over by people; there have been many instances of these birds swooping in and stealing food from people. If you are planning on enjoying a treat as you walk about, please keep an eye out for any black kites.

If you just keep the above points in mind, you are sure to thoroughly enjoy your sightseeing adventures in Zushi and Hayama.
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