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Kamakura's 6 Best Autumn Leaves Spots In 2021 - Temples, Parks, And More

Kamakura is a popular sightseeing spot throughout the year, and is a must-visit in fall, when the trees turn red and gold. This article introduces six great foliage spots in Japan's ancient capital, from famous temples to the Great Buddha, and tips on when to enjoy the scenery.


Enjoy the Fall Foliage in Kamakura

Across Japan, there are many places where you can enjoy the beautiful foliage in autumn. The ancient city of Kamakura is an ideal destination to take in the stunning red, orange, and gold leaves. Accessible from Tokyo in around one hour, it makes a perfect day trip form the capital.
Kamakura on the warmer side in compared to Tokyo; due to the temperature and weather, the best months to see the foliage are usually November and December. Read on to learn about six recommended places in Kamakura, and when and how to enjoy the colorful autumn leaves!

*Due to COVID-19, travel restrictions may still be in place in Japan during the fall season. Please check for information on local policies when planning your trip.

1. Tsurugaoka Hachimangu Shrine

Kamakura's 6 Best Autumn Leaves Spots In 2021 - Temples, Parks, And More

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Throughout the year, many come to visit Tsurugaoka Hachimangu Shrine. One of the travel highlights of Kamakura, this is a great spot to enjoy the autumn scenery when the leaves begin to change color. It is also conveniently located just a ten minute walk from Kamakura Station. This is a perfect spot for those looking to casually enjoy the foliage in Japan.

The best time to see the leaves at Tsuragaoka Hachimangu is from the end of November to the beginning of December.

2. Great Buddha of Kotokuin Temple

Giant Buddha Kotokuin

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The Great Buddha, or Daibutsu of Kotokuin Temple is a must-visit when in Kamakura. The centuries-old Buddha statue and temple are stunning year-round, but especially gorgeous in the fall. Red and gold foliage paint the temple grounds and surround the statue. The beautiful scene will take your breath when seen in-person.

The comfortable fall temperatures in Kamakura also make it a great time for a stroll through the surrounding nature, traditional shops, and historical significance of the area.

You can see the fall foliage at Kotokuin Temple from mid-November to early December.

To get to Kotokuin Temple, take the Enoshima Electric Railway to Hase Station. There will be signs directing you to the temple and Buddha statue.

3. Hokokuji Temple

Hokokuji Temple

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ssKnown for its bamboo forest, the grounds of Hokokuji Temple transform in fall with red and yellow colors. Take a stroll through this serene temple and take in the traditional buildings, garden, and bamboo while enjoying the pleasant autumn weather.

The delicate fall colors peeking through the lush green bamboo are especially stunning. Also, be sure to look for the deeply-hued magenta camellia that blooms during this season to further stimulate your senses.

Fall colors here are best enjoyed from late November to early December.

Hokokuji Temple is located near Jomyoji Temple. It is easiest accessed via Keikyu bus from Kamakura Station. Ride the #23 or #24 bus bound for Kanazawa Hakkejima Station and get off at Jomyoji Temple, then look for signs for Hokokuji Temple.

4. Meigetsuin Temple

Kamakura's 6 Best Autumn Leaves Spots In 2021 - Temples, Parks, And More

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Meigetsuin Temple is a part of the Rinzai school of Zen Buddhism and is widely known as one of the top three hydrangea viewing spots in Kamakura. In fact, this temple is often referred to as the "hydrangea temple" for the beautiful flowers on the temple grounds. It is also gorgeous in fall and a popular spot for foliage viewing.

During autumn, the highlight of this temple is the view from the main hall. Visitors can enjoy this fantastic view of the autumn leaves framed by an unusual circular window. This is a sight you shouldn't miss out when visiting during the autumn season.

The best time to see the leaves at Meigetsuin Temple is at the end of November to the beginning of December.

5. Hasedera Temple

Kamakura's 6 Best Autumn Leaves Spots In 2021 - Temples, Parks, And More

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Hasedera Temple is another famous temple in Kamakura, also known for its hydrangeas and seasonal scenery.

During the autumn season, the crimson and golden-hued leaves cover the trees, and the scene is lit up after sundown. Go either during the day or in the evening for the stunning and dynamic fall scenery.

The best time to see the leaves at Hasedera Temple is from the end of November to the beginning of December.

6. Genjiyama Park

Genjiyama Park

Genjiyama Park is a short walk from Kamakura Station, and a favorite spot of nature lovers. Also home to many cherry blossom trees, this park draws many visitors in both spring and fall.
But that's not all; in the summer, the hydrangeas go into bloom. Genjiyama Park is a great place to witness the changes in seasonal scenery, and the red leaves in the late fall are undoubtedly the highlight of this area. Why not have a picnic on a sunny day, or even go on a hike throughout the park?

The best time to see the leaves in Genjiyama Park is at the end of November to the beginning of December.

Visit Kamakura in the Autumn

As you can see, Kamakura's temples are especially picturesque during the autumn season. In addition to the spots we've covered in this article, there are plenty of wonderful other destinations, such as Jochiji Temple and Engakuji Temple, to see the foliage. Kamakura itself is a beautiful city and a great spot to enjoy seasonal views.

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