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5 Spectacular Places To See The Autumn Leaves Near Tokyo

5 Spectacular Places To See The Autumn Leaves Near Tokyo

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If you visit Japan in autumn, you shouldn't miss viewing the colors of the fall. Let's go out from the center of Tokyo and discover the beautiful fall foliage in nature. This article features 5 fall foliage destinations in Eastern Japan.

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Written by Eri Okubo

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Let's Enjoy the Wonderful Autumn Colors Near Tokyo!

Once autumn arrives, leaves change their color to yellow and red, allowing us to admire the view created by the beautiful autumn foliage. For instance, the best destinations to see the autumn leaves in the heart of Tokyo are Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden, Yoyogi Park, Rikugien Garden and Meiji jingu Gaien Park. It is really stunning to view autumn leaves in the center of Tokyo!

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However, it is also fascinating to enjoy the colors of the fall colors in a mountainous area. We would like to introduce five scenic spots with beautiful fall foliage spots in Eastern Japan (the Kanto region) in this article.

1. Hatonosu Valley in Okutama, Tokyo

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Image from JNTO

Okutama area, located in the western part of Tokyo, offers a fabulous natural landscape. A 4 kilometer-long trail from JR Okutama station is available and you will enjoy magnificent nature on a hike which will let you forget that you are in Tokyo.

Kanto Koyo photo03

Image courtesy of Okutama Town tourism industry Division

Hatonosu Valley offers a breathtaking scenery. It is actually said to be the most amazing destination to see the autumn colors in the Okutama area. The fall foliage, the impressive valley and the clear stream flowing quietly which you can watch from a suspension bridge create a sensational landscapes.

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2. Mount Takao, Tokyo

Kanto Koyo photo04

Mount Takao is just about one hour away from Shinjuku station. There are several hiking trails provided which allows everybody, from beginners to advanced hikers, to have fun. Hike up the mountain and admire the stunning colors of the fall, then try Mount Takao's specialty, Tororo soba (buckwheat noodles topped with grated Japanese or Chinese yams) - this is the best way to enjoy your trip to Mount Takao! While hiking back to the foot of the mountain, why not make a stop at the hot spring "furoppy", where you can relax after the challenging hike.

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3. Sankeien Garden in Kanagawa

Kanto Koyo photo05

Image courtesy of JNTO

Sankeien Garden is a Japanese style garden opened in 1906. There are historical buildings gathered from various places in Japan such as Kyoto and Kamakura in the garden. Their sight is very relaxing and pleasant. Sankeien Garden is the best place to admire the foliage of maple and ginkgo trees and historical buildings while being close to the port city of Yokohama. Three restaurants are offered inside the garden. After enjoying the fall foliage to the fullest, why not enjoy some delicious Japanese food?

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4. Nakatsukyo Gorge in Saitama

Kanto Koyo photo01

Image courtesy of Chichibu Tourism Association Otaki Branch

Nakatsukyo Gorge is an area located along the Nakatsu River. The combination of the 100 meter high cliffs and the colorful fall foliage will definitely astonish you. During the season of the autumn leaves, there is a festival called Oku-chichibu Otaki Autumn Festival. Various lively events can be enjoyed during this time, such as the maple leaves light up at night and shows of local performing arts.

5. Lake Kameyama

Kanto Koyo photo06

Image courtesy of Kimitsu City Tourism Association Kameyama Branch

Lake Kameyama is the largest artificial lake in Chiba prefecture. It is a popular scenic spot as visitors can enjoy fishing and sightseeing from boats on the river itself.

Kanto Koyo photo05

Image courtesy of Kimitsu City Tourism Association Kameyama Branch

Sightseeing boats allow visitors to enjoy a fall foliage cruise. You can get to view the amazing colors of the maple trees reflecting on the surface of the lake, which is one of the unique ways to enjoy the autumn scenery. This activity is getting more popular year by year. If you would like to give it a try, we highly recommend booking the cruise in advance.

It is really enjoyable admiring the autumn leaves in Tokyo, but how about discovering the beauty of the autumn colors in areas outside of the city?

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