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Sending Trackable Packages From Japan Via Express Mail Service

Sending Trackable Packages From Japan Via Express Mail Service

Translated by Lester Somera

Written by Mayu

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If you can't fit everything in your suitcase, go to any Japanese post office and send a package via EMS. You can even send items that require refrigeration!

Send Packages from Japan

Japan Post’s service is one of the best in the world. Packages very rarely get lost, and a domestic package usually only takes up to two or three days to arrive.

If you use EMS in Japan, you can cheaply send parcels internationally. EMS can track your packages, so it’s convenient when sending souvenirs back to your home country.

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How to Use EMS

Packages sent using EMS, which is short for Express Mail Service, are given the highest priority in international mail, so EMS deliveries are faster than other types of international mail. Furthermore, it offers lower prices than non-Japan Post businesses which handle international mail.

Where EMS Delivers

EMS delivers to 120 countries worldwide, including America, Europe, China, Korea and Oceania. EMS services deliver to almost every country that has many travelers who visit Japan.

Check this site for more information about what countries are within the delivery radius.

What You Can Send Via EMS

You can send up to 30 kg of documents and standard food items via EMS. You cannot send paper money or flammable items. A complete list of restrictions is available here.

How To Use EMS

To send a package via EMS, first:

・Get an EMS envelope from a post office if you’re sending documents or small items.
*EMS envelopes are free.

・For larger items, you will need to place them in a cardboard box and get an EMS label affixed to the package.

The label needs:

・The sender’s name and address, and the recipient’s name and address.
・A numbered and itemized list of the contents, and their approximate value.

Fill these in and give your package to the staff. They’ll let you know the cost of shipping, which you can then pay at the counter.

EMS Prices

EMS shipping destinations are split into four regions, and shipping prices are determined by region and weight.

・Oceania - North America - Central America - Middle East
・South America - Africa

For example, if you want to send a 1 kg package to Taiwan, which is part of the Asia region, you’ll have to pay 2100 yen (for 1 kg).

If you want to send a 1 kg package to the US, which is part of the North America region, you’ll have to pay 2900 yen (for 1 kg).

If you want to send a 1 kg package to France, part of the Europe region, you’ll have to pay 3200 yen (for 1 kg).

Incidentally, these are the prices for sending a 10 kg package to each region.

Asia……10,500 yen
Oceania……14,500 yen
Europe……16,600 yen
South America - Africa……27,700 yen

The further away from Japan the destination, the more the price creeps up.

EMS Tracking

EMS packages can be tracked.
By going to the Delivery Status Confirmation page on Japan Post’s website and entering the 13-digit confirmation code, you can check on your package.

The confirmation code is the 13-digit number you receive at the service counter after you pay for shipping.

EMS Can Also Ship Refrigerated Packages

By using Cool EMS, you can internationally ship items which require refrigeration, like fruit and seafood.

There are two kinds of Cool EMS: refrigerated, which can cool up to 15 kg at 0 to 10℃, and frozen, which can cool up to 10 kg at -15℃ and below.

However, Cool EMS shipping is restricted to certain countries, including Taiwan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Vietnam and France. Cool EMS packages are sent out every Tuesday, so if you want to keep a package cold, take it to the post office on Tuesday.

EMS Compensation

If you send a package via EMS and it is received damaged or deficient, you can make a reimbursement claim.

If the value of your package is under 20,000 yen, there is no additional charge.

For every 20,000 yen after that, you can pay another 50 yen per 20,000 yen to raise the amount of money that the claim will cover.

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The information presented in this article is based on the time it was written. Note that there may be changes in the merchandise, services, and prices that have occurred after this article was published. Please contact the facility or facilities in this article directly before visiting.

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